New York, NY – All American anthemic rockers Drowning Pool announced today that they will be parting ways with their current singer, Ryan McCombs. The hard working Texas band, who has worked with 3 singers in their 10 year career, issued the following statement:

“We have always been a band who has gained success despite having multiple singers…maybe we suffer from reverse ‘lead singer’s disease,” said C.J. Pierce. “Changing things up has not always been easy, but the band has become re-energized time and time again.  We are looking to find a new singer who will give both us and most importantly our fans, the new adrenaline shot they deserve.” He went on to say, “We do wish Ryan great success in his future endeavors.” McCombs, who had been part of the band since 2006, replaced singer Jason Jones, who joined Drowning Pool following the tragic passing of Dave Williams.

Drowning Pool turned the world into believers with their breakthrough single “Bodies” in 2001. Ten years, three singers and four albums later, they’re giving fans a new reason to believe.  “Feel Like I Do,” the lead single from their self-titled fourth studio release [Eleven Seven Music], became the band’s biggest radio hit to date, reaching No. 2 at Active Rock Radio, and remaining in the Top 5 for 12-weeks.  With 2009’s “37 Stitches” off of Full Circle reaching #4 at Active Rock and “Feel Like I Do,” the band had 2 consecutive Top 5 Active Rock smashes and cemented their place as one of the top hard rock acts today. The band’s sophomore album, Desensitized with second singer Jason Jones spawned a Top 10 hit with “Step Up.” Recent successes have paved the way for unique opportunities such as presenting the Lane Evans Mental Health Care Reform to then-senator Barack Obama on Capitol Hill, performing for our troops all over the world and partnering with organizations like The Wounded Warrior Project and the G.I. Film Festival.

Drowning Pool is currently looking to find a suitable replacement for McCombs.  In the meantime, they have already begun writing their 5th studio album in their hometown of Dallas.

Drowning Pool is: C.J. Pierce – guitar/ vocals, Stevie Benton – bass/vocals, and Mike Luce – drums/vocals. 


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 Written By: Joanna Glezakos

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to see The Love Machine live at The Historic Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto,it was a free show party celebrating the release of their new Vinyl. If you haven’t heard of this band or seen them yet, they are something you don’t want to miss. Playing to a full house of fans and friends this foursome has more explosive energy than a box of fireworks.

All Photography By: Joanna Glezakos For FridaeTV
All Photography By: Joanna Glezakos For FridaeTV

This creative group from Ottawa consists of Allan Gauthier, Sean Prescott, Jordan David and Mike Laing, their sound is just as uplifting as their lyrics. This great collaboration of musicians is what makes me want to go to shows, their performance was infectious and their music was great I couldn’t help but go home and listen to their tracks over again.

All Photography By: Joanna Glezakos For FridaeTV
All Photography By: Joanna Glezakos For FridaeTV

Since becoming a band in 2004 The Love Machine have become a force to be reckoned with and I hope to be seeing more of them very soon. If you want to know more of what these guys are about, stop by their website www.loveisonyourside.viinyl.com and read the first few sentences of their bio; “In a fast-paced world filled with chaos and uncertainty, stands The Love Machine – a band consisting of four hopefuls. Dreamers, some may call them, or optimists, as others may say. But in all reality, The Love Machine are a group of believers; genuine believers in love and a collective positivity.” 

The Love Machine will be playing in Toronto at the El Mocambo December 10th 2011 and in Ottawa, they have a Annual Holiday Party on the 23rd of December at Greenfields. Check them out!

If you want more of The Love Machine, you can download a song on the website or you can simply listen to the tunes on their Myspace.

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Photography By: Fridae Mattas

The iconic, Grammy-winning rock guitarist and songwriter SLASH has released his first-ever live solo album MADE IN STOKE 24/7/11. This summer, near the end of his 2010-2011 tour in support of his globally chart topping and critically acclaimed self-titled solo debut, SLASH returned to Stoke on Trent, England, where he was raised to record MADE IN STOKE 24/7/11. The double-disc CD, and a special-edition 2 CD+DVD package (featuring five bonus tracks and an exclusive interview with SLASH) is out now via Eagle Rock Entertainment buy it here here.

Fans can catch SLASH on VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show” on Saturday, November 19. Tune-in to watch SLASH, host Eddie Trunk with co-hosts Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson discuss the live album, his forthcoming second studio album (due in 2012, date TBA) and various topics on air this Saturday, November 19 at 11:00pm PT/ET 10:00pm CT on VH1 Classic: watch preview.

For over 20 years, SLASH has perfected the science of the six-string as an integral component of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver and as a hugely successful solo artist. Captured live at Victoria Hall on July, 24 2011 (24/7/11), MADE IN STOKE 24/7/11 is a stunning 21- song concert celebration of a legendary career. Joined by Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge on vocals, SLASH ripped through cuts culled from his Guns N’ Roses days, Velvet Revolver, Slash’s Snakepit, and his solo album, including the single “By The Sword.” His band line-up included bassist Todd Kerns, drummer Brent Fitz and guitarist Bobby Schneck. With favorites like “Back From Cali,” “Slither,” “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” and many more reverberating the crowd-filled rafters, this proved to be one rockin’ homecoming.

Here’s a Q&A with SLASH about the creation of live album and what is on tap next for him from Revolver magazine

On July 24 of this year, guitar legend Slash played Stoke-on-Trent, England, the day after his birthday. This concert held a special significance for him, because he was born in Hampstead (he was known as Saul Hudson before he was Slash) and he had grown up in the area until he turned 6. It’s fitting then that he played a career-spanning set, covering his work in Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, and his recent Slash CD, which he recorded for posterity’s sake on the just-released double-CD and DVD set Live: Made in Stoke-24/7/11. Dueling with the soaring vocals of Myles Kennedy, who splits his time between working with the guitarist and Alter Bridge, Slash sounds positively electric on the album, wailing on GN’R classics like “Nightrain” and Slash songs like “Back From Cali” alike. Proud of the concert, the axman spoke to Revolver about it and his live performance of the latter song.

REVOLVER: What did it mean to you to be playing in Stoke-on-Trent the day after your birthday?

SLASH It was cool. I’ve wanted to play in Stoke since Guns did its first U.K. tour back in 1988. Because it’s such a small place, it was never a choice destination for any of the promoters or agents. So this time around, since it was my own solo thing, I made sure Stoke was on there. It seemed like a fitting location to shoot the DVD. It was close to the end of the tour, so it made sense. It was a great experience doing the gig and it turned out to be, you know mistakes and all, a pretty cool live show.

You lived there until you were six-years-old. Do you have memories?

SLASH: Yeah, ’cause I got to L.A. in 1971. I went to school there and I had great memories from Stoke. It’s a very cozy, close-knit, small town. Very English: shit weather, very green, though, and very personable and everybody knows everybody. And I have my whole British side of my family there, aunts and uncles, and it was very traditional. Moving to L.A. was a fucking shock, you know? [Laughs] So I always had a soft spot, still do, for Stoke and England in general. But it was obviously in the cards for me to move to L.A., ’cause I don’t think I could have managed to get where I’m at, at this point. I just don’t think I would have made the same decisions. Maybe I would have, who knows? I mean Lemmy is from Stoke, so is Robbie Williams.

Did any of your family come out to the Stoke on Trent show?

SLASH: Yeah, my uncle and cousins and aunts and friends of the family and all that. There was an after-show get-together that was a lot of fun.  The show was in Stoke proper, which is the name of the city, but the town that I’m from is actually called Blurton, which is just this sort of small village within the city. And I was gonna go into Blurton that night and go see my old house, but by the time everybody had got done carousing, everybody was too drunk and it was too late to make the trek, plus apparently the bus wouldn’t fit on the street. [Laughs] So we would have had to do some walking, so we took off for, Liverpool after that.

Does your family know you as Slash, or do they still call you Saul?

SLASH: They definitely call me Slash. It’s hard to explain why that is. I think because the person they knew as Saul was this little boy, and they haven’t seen me since then until I became Slash and Slash is sort of, for the most part, sort of bigger than life. They like that aspect. [Laughs] I’m still Saul in the family sense. But they call me Slash because it’s more exciting, I think. They’re just all very, very sweet and very fun-loving people. And when I come into town it means there’s a concert, [laughs], you know there’s something fun to do, you know?

What does “Back From Cali” mean to you?

SLASH: When Myles wrote the lyrics “Back From Cali,” and I’ll be honest I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on lyrics, but because he’s from Spokane, and just because of his personality I can totally see him being eaten up by the debauchery in Los Angeles and begging for someone to fucking retrieve him. [Laughs] That’s basically it. I’m from L.A. and I’ve been here obviously long enough and I’m very used to the extremities of L.A., especially in the sort of music and entertainment circles and so on, and you can get sucked into it. But Myles is really, he’s not really that type of guy. He’s quiet and sort of a little bit withdrawn. Not as a singer. He’s a really nice guy and sort of naïve in his own way, so I can see him getting sucked into the L.A. thing and just going “Oh, God, help me,” you know?

I know that that’s something that you’ve already gotten past in your life already?

SLASH: No, that’s the thing. It’s still very much a part of my life, I’m just not the center of the drug-and-alcohol thing like I used to be. In other words, I was the highest and the drunkest one, and so now I’m not; I’m the sober one. But the shit around me hasn’t changed at all.

Was “Back To Cali” an easy song to write musically? Watch the clip here:

SLASH: Well, the way I hooked up with Myles in the first place, was I had written and recorded this whole solo record with all different artists, and I had two pieces of music that were, in my mind’s eye, really cool and had tons of potential. But I couldn’t think of the right vocalist to sing them. Myles’ name had been popping up for years, but I’d never met the guy, didn’t even know what he looked like. And then he was called down to work with Led Zeppelin for something, and I thought, ‘This guy must be good.’ [Laughs] So I just took a chance called him up and told him what I was doing and sent him the music for “Starlight.” About a week later, he sent back the demo with his vocal on it, and I was just floored. So I flew him to L.A., and we recorded the song. And when he went back to Spokane, I started mixing the record and I was actually at the mastering stage, and I thought, That other riff I have might be really good for him. So I sent it, and he sent me  the song “Back From Cali.” And it was at that point when he did the final vocals, that I started thinking, I’m out looking for singers to do this tour, and he’s probably the only one good enough to sing the diversity of the show, which is Guns stuff, Snakepit, stuff from the solo record, and Velvet Revolver. He was the only person I could think of that could do that. And I didn’t even know him that long; it was just a hunch. So I asked him if he wanted to do the tour, and off we went. That’s how we got together and “Back From Cali” happened.

What did doing this career-spanning tour mean to you?

SLASH: It’s liberating. Since I first started working on that record, it has been extremely liberating compared to what I’ve been doing in the confines of a democracy in a band, you know? So, it’s been sort of cool. ’Cause in a band, the band itself sort of dictates a lot of different things, at least the bands I work with, which is a good thing. Everybody has an opinion and everybody gets heard. So it’s nice to get out of that for a minute and just do whatever it is the fuck I wanna do, you know, and take responsibility for it one way or another.

Now you are working on a new album…

SLASH: Well, we recorded three songs already. We did it before Myles took off [with Alter Bridge], just to sort of have some stuff in the can and be able to let the people that are gonna be distributing the record get some idea of what it sounds like. And those are killer, all right. So, now we’re in preproduction again doing the remaining 14, 15, 16 songs that we have until Myles is back. And it’s a fucking great record. Musically, it covers a lot of ground and it’s got a lot of depth. From a writing and player’s standpoint, it’s been probably my most adventurous record I’ve done to date. In some ways, in other ways it’s just so straight-ahead rock n’ roll, that it’s very simplistic. But it’s very diverse.

You’ve been writing music almost 30 years now. You wrote the Guns N’ Roses song “Rocket Queen” back in 1983. Do you ever get tired of playing it?

SLASH: It was actually written before [in one of Slash’s early bands] Road Crew, which was way before Guns started. Any of the Guns stuff that we do I haven’t played in so fucking long that I don’t get tired of playing it. I don’t remember ever getting sick of playing any of the Guns songs, especially Appetite songs. Even back then. I hate to record something I don’t like, ’cause then that’s when you dread playing it later, [laughs] you know?

Listen to the full live album stream for MADE IN STOKE 24/7/11 right NOW.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

The track listing for both the CD and the Special Edition DVD is:

1) Been There Lately
2) Night Train
3) Ghost
4) Mean Bone
5) Back From Cali
6) Rocket Queen
7) Civil War
8) Nothing To Say
9) Starlight
10) Promise
11) Doctor Alibi
12) Speed Parade
13) Watch This
14) Beggars & Hangers On
15) Patience
16) Godfather Solo
17) Sweet Child O’ Mine
18) Slither
19) By The Sword
20) Mr Brownstone
21) Paradise City

Bonus live DVD:

1.) Ghost
2.) Back From Cali
3.) Beggars & Hangers On
4.) Been There Lately
5.) Starlight
*Interview with Slash.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

About SLASH:

Slash is widely considered one of the greatest rock guitar players of all time. He has received countless accolades and awards including a 2007 induction into Hollywood’s RockWalk (located in front of Guitar Center in Hollywood) alongside his idols Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. An original member of iconic rock band Guns N’ Roses, the Grammy-winning Slash helped the band create signature sounds like the guitar riff of #1 hit “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “Welcome To The Jungle.”  The band dominated the 1980’s and 90’s music scene selling more than 100 million albums worldwide and ushered in a decade of hard charging rock music. After leaving the band, Slash went on to critical acclaim in his personal project Slash’s Snakepit, and global success with supergroup Velvet Revolver.  He has been widely sought after by the biggest musicians of all time, performing with everyone from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder to Ray Charles.  Slash recently landed on the top of the charts with his first true solo album, Slash.  In addition, Slash was just honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who named him as an official selection for 2011 to receive a star on Hollywood’s iconic Walk of Fame. In February 2011, he performed at the Super Bowl XLV half time show, seen by more than 106 million people, becoming the most-watched program in U.S. television history (Nielsen Co.). Slash is currently in the studio working on his second solo album due for release in 2012 (date TBA).

About Eagle Rock Entertainment: 

Eagle Rock Entertainment is an international media production and distribution company operating across audiovisual entertainment programming. Eagle Rock Entertainment works directly alongside talent to produce the highest quality programming output covering film, general entertainment and musical performance. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices based in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hamburg, & Paris.





He’s Alive! Former Hollywood Undead Frontman Finds A New Home.



Los Angeles, CA – California based lyricist, producer and knows-no-boundaries singer/rapper Deuce has announced plans to release his intensely anticipated debut solo album Nine Lives via Five Seven Music on March 27, 2012 worldwide. Experiencing unprecedented success as the Frontman for Hollywood Undead, and creatively fueling the band’s fire that lead to millions of views on YouTube and over 800,000 in album sales of Swan Songs, Deuce’s solo effort picks up right where the aforementioned sensation left off.

“This album has that signature Deuce sound and is similar in flavor to what I created on Swan Songs but completely unrestricted and rated NC-17. I took some of the shit I couldn’t get away with on Swan Songs and brought it to another level for Nine Lives. If you liked what I did before you will love this shit. Deuce lives mother-fucker,” says Deuce.

Deuce recently wrapped two music videos in Los Angeles, directed by Nathan Cox (Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park, Black Veil Brides), for “Let’s Get It Crackin'” and “America” from the upcoming album.

Deuce is a songwriter, producer, singer/rapper hailing from Los Angeles, CA. As the co-founder, former lead singer and main songwriter/producer for Hollywood Undead, Deuce emerged as the creative force that led the band to staggering albums sales of their debut, Swan Songs, which also reached #1 on the Alternative, Hard Rock and Rock album charts. Deuce is known for his signature masks and ability to jump start any party with his often raunchy and vulgar lyrics. Since his departure with Hollywood Undead in 2010, Deuce has performed in front of thousands at 2011’s Epicenter and has been gearing up for the release of Nine Lives.








December 29th, 2011 – January 15, 2012

Tour Cast Features Original Broadway members and three Canadians!

The explosive Broadway hit AMERICAN IDIOT will launch its First North American Broadway tour, as well as launch the Dancap 2012 Broadway Series, at the Toronto Centre for the Arts this December.  Tickets became available to the general public for the first time on Saturday, November 12.

“There’s no two ways about it, the coolest parents are taking their kids to AMERICAN IDIOT this holiday season!” declared Aubrey Dan, President of Dancap Productions.  “If you want your surly teenager to smile again, or your deaf uncle to hear again, take them to the Tony Award-winning, groundbreaking Broadway musical, Green Day’s AMERICAN IDIOT-it is just as thrilling as a live concert!  The perfect holiday gift for everyone, AMERICAN IDIOT is unlike anything else you have ever seen, or are ever likely  to, on stage at the Toronto Centre for the Arts”.

Casting has been announced for the upcoming North American tour of Green Day’s AMERICAN IDIOT, the two-time Tony Award®-winning Broadway hit called “wonderfully raucous” and “emotionally charged” by The New York Times, which will premiere in Toronto December 28, 2011 – January 15, 2012 before continuing on to 14 other markets across the United States.Original Broadway cast member Van Hughes will star as Johnny, the role in which he concluded AMERICAN IDIOT’s Broadway run, along with Canadian Jake Epstein as Will, Scott J. Campbell as Tunny, original Broadway cast member Leslie McDonel as Heather, Gabrielle McClinton as Whatsername, Nicci Claspell as The Extraordinary Girl and Joshua Kobak as St. Jimmy.AMERICAN IDIOT will also feature two Canadian ensemble members, Talia Aaron and Gabriel Antonacci, along with Krystina Alabado, Larkin Bogan, Matt DeAngelis, Dan Gleason, Kelvin Moon Loh, Tommy McDowell, Jillian Mueller, Vince Oddo, Okieriete Onaodowan and Kaitlyn Terrill.Winner of two Tony Awards®, AMERICAN IDIOT is the story of three boyhood friends, each searching for meaning in a post 9-11 world. Through incredible spectacle, thrilling performances and with the hope embodied by a new generation, AMERICAN IDIOT will give audiences the time of their lives night after night on tour in the same way it did during its acclaimed Broadway run at the St. James Theatre from March 2010 to April 2011.

The musical features the hits “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” “Holiday” and the blockbuster title track “American Idiot” from Green Day’s 2004 Grammy Award-winning, multi- platinum album. Also included in the score are several songs from Green Day’s Grammy Award-winning 2009 release “21st Century Breakdown” including “21 Guns” and an unreleased love song, “When It’s Time.”

AMERICAN IDIOT, a 2010 Tony Award®-nominated Best Musical and 2010 Grammy Award winner for Best Musical Show Album, features the music of Green Day with lyrics by lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. The

The show is choreographed by Olivier Award-winner Steven Hoggett (“Black Watch”) with music supervision, orchestrations and arrangements by Pulitzer Prize-winner Tom Kitt (“Next to Normal”). The tour features Tony Award®-winning scenic design by Christine Jones and Tony Award®-winning lighting design by Kevin Adams.

The acclaimed creative team also includes costume design by Andrea Lauer, sound design by Brian Ronan, video and projections design by Darrel Maloney, music direction by Jared Stein, associate choreography by Lorin Latarro and associate direction by Johanna McKeon.

AMERICAN IDIOT premiered at Berkeley Repertory Theatre in September 2009 and played through November of that year. In April 2010, the musical opened on Broadway where reviews were unanimously positive with Charles Isherwood of the New York Times calling the show “the most adventurous musical to brave Broadway in the past decade” and the Toronto Star naming it “the first great musical of the 21st century!”

Launched only 5 years ago, in 2007, by Aubrey Dan, DANCAP PRODUCTIONS INC. is a Tony Award®-winning commercial theatre company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  DANCAP is dedicated to producing and presenting the very best of Broadway-style theatre, created in collaboration with acclaimed artists and award-winning creative teams. International and Broadway credits include The Addams Family, Memphis, Ghost the Musical, Wicked, Come Fly Away, Tom Stoppard’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, [Title of Show], Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, West Side Story, A Little Night Music, In The Heights and Jersey Boys. In the summer of 2012, Dancap Productions will present the world premiere of an original Broadway musical, prior to its Broadway engagement. Dancap is proud to be the lead producer of Prince of Broadway, a celebration of the legendary director and producer, Harold “Hal” Prince, whose career considered the most influential and successful in the American theatre. In October 2011, Dancap announced the entire 2012 season which consists of American Idiot, In The Heights, Shrek The Musical, West Side Story, Disney’s Beauty And The Beast, Million Dollar Quartet, plus two bonus shows, A Christmas Story and The Musical! and Prince Of Broadway.




Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M2N 6R8


December 29, 2011 – January 15, 2012


Opening Night: Thursday, December 29 @ 8pm

Tuesday – Saturday @ 8pm, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday @ 2pm

Extra Performances: December 29 and 30 @ 2pm, January 8 @ 7pm

Tickets to AMERICAN IDIOT TORONTO now available!

www.DancapTickets.com or by calling 416.644.3665 or toll-free at 1.866.950.7469

Groups starting at 8 can save up to 25%, call 416.644.3666 or toll free at 1.866.960.7469



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Written By: Anthony Dell’Orso

Knowing that this band is the original Horror Punks, I was expecting to kick off my Halloweek in fashion! Or so I thought…Upon entering the Phoenix Concert Theater, I was excited on the prospect of seeing a band who’s T-Shirt is one of the most recognized pieces in music history. “History” should be highlighted to make this point because I was about to witness a pioneer, a game changer, something that changed the landscape of a time that once was.

Kicking off the night was Juicehead, with their bassist Tommy Kloss not being able to cross the border, the remaining two members; Vocals/Guitar Rob Vannice and Percussionist Mike Garelli hit the stage and gave it their all. Missing that huge bass tone was a huge detriment for these boys, too bad, they had a wicked drummer and a good punk singer but I can’t base what I witnessed on that, not fair to anyone, will have to see them again full band. When the Misfits were getting ready to unleash their Horror Punk to an awaiting half filled venue, I could not help but notice the lack of Mohawks in the crowd. Maybe, it is a sign of the times? Or Am I getting old? When I was younger I remember seeing them everywhere I went, Rancid shows were always the best for fan visuals.

As Misfits came on stage, the crowd seemed half lost and confused. From where I was standing the pit was tiny and majority of these “Punk Rockers” were on their cell phones. They were not even recording the show, just using it to communicate with the outside world. Very punk, eh? The band roared through over an hour of music without many breaks, the banter in between songs was my highlight of the set, this was also due to the fact that the sound system must of been on eleven because I could not make out one song from the other, very messy indeed.  I loved the energy, the setup, the stage and most of all the vibe these Misfits Jerry Only (Gerald Caiafa) – Vocals/Bass, Dez Cadena – Guitar/Backing Vocals and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce on the Drums emitted. Unfortunately the music was so overbearing drowning the vocals most of the set not doing the band any justice and as a result it did not make for a full experience. Not the start to Halloween that I had been anticipating, maybe some things should be left in the past.



All Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV





Written By: Shawn Haynes


On Tuesday October 25th, over 1200 fans filled the Phoenix Concert House, with one thing in common, GWAR. The Satirical Heavy Metal band from the 80’s known for their costumed stage performance and vulgar lyrics was back for one night in Toronto on their “Return of the World Maggot” Tour. Before we continue on with this review here is a little note from the editor.

“On Thursday November 3rd 2011 Gwar lost one of their brothers, I was shocked by the tragic death of Cory Smoot aka Flattus Maximus who has been Lead Guitarist for Gwar since 2002. Smoot was found dead in his bunk on the bands tour bus just hours prior to crossing the border for Gwar’s scheduled tour dates in Western Canada. The cause of death is still unknown and the band is requesting their privacy as they grieve their lost friend. Out of respect for their fallen soldier Cory Smoot, Gwar will be retiring  the Flattus Maximus character and its costume’s Dinosaur skull shoulder pads but will continue on with the rest of the tour. My condolences go out to all of Cory Smoot’s family and friends for their sudden loss.” — Fridae Mattas, Editor.

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV

Prior to doors, the line outside the Phoenix Concert Hall stretched down Sherbourne Street, with fans of all ages dressed up in Gwar gear. It seems as though everyone was prepared for what was in store for us inside the venue, everyone but me. The minute the Doors opened fans filed in like cattle ready for the slaughter; they flooded the main room and headed directly for the front of the stage where all the action was to place. You take in your surroundings and notice everything is covered in plastic, like a kill room from HBO’s Dexter. This was evidently going to be an experience like no other.


Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV

One of the Supporting acts was “Ghoul” a four piece band based out ofCalifornia, But Hail from “Creepsylvania” were on the stage first. They Commanded people’s attention by having each member wear a Scarecrow mask as they went into their set. The band seemed tight even though the sound was a bit off, but this is Thrash metal and people didn’t care. Never breaking character, Digestor (Vocals) would Yell to the crowd “We love the way you dance, Keep Dancing” then broke into a dirty Metal riff  (Graveyard Mosh) . The middle of the room began to stir and then it started…MOSH PIT! The band was feeding off the energy of the crowd giving them an adrenaline boost and they yelled “We need a sacrifice”!

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV

Out came a Voodoo man holding what appears to be a chicken. Not missing a beat, he bites the head off the (faux) chicken and sprays the crowd with blood. Wow! What a way to start a concert and this didn’t even include the Robot they call “Kill-Bot” A.K.A (Walt Disney) who made an appearance and fought with the band and other creatures that were brought out on stage for the audiences entertainment. how could the next band even compare?

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV


Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaETV

Next band to hit the stage was New York Natives “Every Time I Die”.

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV

They were not wearing crazy costumes or doing interesting antics like the first band but started off with a Smash! People poured into the centre, going nuts to the amazing Vocals by lead singer, Keith Buckley. All the band members were full of energy and the crowd loved it, Every Time I Die had better crowd interaction and liveliness than the first band but that could also be because they didn’t have masks on.  I haven’t seen a lead guitar player go crazy like Jordan Buckley did on that stage in a long time. He climbed up the speaker towers, threw his guitar in the air and spun around in circles that was highly enjoyable to watch. Overall performance from Every Time I Die was great and would love to see them when they come back to the city again but the only set back is they didn’t fit in with Ghoul and Gwar.

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV


The Room is now packed, not an inch to give in any direction, the second floor was even spilling over. The hot sticky stench filled the room like smoke and the crowd started to chant. Gwar! Gwar! Gwar! And it got louder GWAR! The lights were dim the crowd screamed with excitement and out came a cloaked figure. “Greetings my friends, my name is Death and this is my domain” as he continued his speech Gwar migrates on stage. Five Grown men wearing the most extreme costumes and showing large amounts of man thigh and ass even Gene Simmons would be jealous about.

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV
Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV

Included in the monster crew was this Giant horse like creature named “Jagermonsta” and once its head was loped off, Jager was shot into the crowd. Even a  “Snooki” was stretched out on a rack and had her insides ripped open and with each kill the crowd grew louder and louder, demanding more. For an hour and half that’s just what they got. Plenty of blood, sweat and for some of the smaller frail fans, tears.

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV

Gwar left the stage, to the chant of their name only to come back a few minutes later for an encore. Upon their return they brought back three female treats for the castle monster that was chained up under the drum raiser. Oderus cut the chain freeing the beast as it emerged, growing in size; they fed the monster blood covered girls. One by one the beast devoured the tasty treats, only to meet its own demise when Oderus turned on it and chopped its head off all while playing “Maggots Are Falling Rain”. Ending the night off with a bang they finished their set with “Sick of you” while Oderus’s big shlong spewed blood all over the fans like nasty money shots.

Photography By: Jaylyn Todd For FridaeTV

The evening’s festivities were over, not one person left the venue without being doused in blood. Most of the concert goers with giant grins from ear to ear, were already talking about their favorite parts of the show reliving it and comparing blood spatter on their Gwar merch. That must have been a crazy sight for any passengers on the bus or by-standers on the street that happened to witness these Gwar fans leaving the venue that night. What a phenomenal way to start off the Halloween week, this is a show you need to experience, check out the highlight reel and below are more photos in the slide show. Thank you so much to the exceptional people at Metal Blade Records for having us and to amazing photographer Jaylyn Todd for being in the front lines to capture some spectacular shots.


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