LAY DOWN ROTTEN launch landing page for ‘Mask Of Malice’ and post first new song, reveal front art!

New album to be released February, 24th/27th in Europe!

German Death Metallers LAY DOWN ROTTEN have finished the recordings for their upcoming new album Mask Of Malice to be released February, 24th in G/A/S, 27th in the rest of Europe and the UK, and 28th in North America!

Metal Blade has now launched a landing page that includes pre-order links as well as the brand new song Deathchain! Surf over to  to check it out!

Comments the band:“After three years we are back at the front with our new album MASK OF MALICE that features 10 death metal grenades! We are honored to present our new guitarist and songwriter Kensington who is responsible for most of the killer riffs on this album. MASK OF MALICE is our darkest record to date concerning both the music and the lyrics. Our main interest was to reflect the nature of human malice in our recent music which express in straight forward up-tempo smashers and pounding mid tempo songs. We are grateful for everyone who was involved in this recording of this album!”

Track listing Mask Of Malice:
1. Deathchain

2. A Darker Shade Of Hatred
3. Nightfall
4. Mask Of Malice
5. …And Out Come The Wolves
6. Swallow The Bitterness
7. Hades Resurrected
8. The Devil Grins
9. La Serpenta Canta
10. The Loss

LAY DOWN ROTTEN formed in 1999 and have released seven studio albums since then. Their new album Mask Of Malice is their eighth and successor to Gospel  Of  The Wretched (2009), an album that was mixed and mastered by scene icon Dan Swanö.  Martin van Drunen,  Marc Grewe as well as Swanö himself contributed guest vocals on the album. LAY DOWN ROTTEN have been playing shows and tours throughout Europe including prestigious festival appearances at Summer Breeze, Party.San, With Full Force, Deathfeast and Fuck The Commerce.

Jost Kleinert – Vocals
Nils Förster – Guitars
Daniel ‘Kensington’ Seifert – Guitars
Uwe Kilian – Bass
Timo Claas – Drums

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