Album Launch Feb 11 – Toronto – Free Download Comp. Crimson Shadows, Kalter, Bolero, Burning The Day

  Blacktooth Entertainment has unleashed a free download compilation in support of Crimson Shadows upcoming album launch on Saturday, February 11 at The Hard Luck Bar (772A Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON) for their highly anticipated debut full-length album “Glory On The Battlefield”.

To get your free download please visit the following link:

The download features the following tracks:

1. Crimson Shadows – Beyond the Mountain Wasteland 05:50
2. Crimson Shadows – Kingdom of Ale 06:14
3. Kalter – Ashes 05:57
4. Kalter – Of Tears & Blood 07:59
5. Bolero – Pints Held High 04:21
6. Bolero – O’ Hail to the Northlander 04:49
7. Bolero – When the Legends Die 06:09
8. Burning the Day – Kill 02:50

Death and power metal are not two genres that are often mixed. In fact, it’s almost unthinkable. But for Toronto, ON-based Crimson Shadows it’s all about ignoring convention and developing new sounds.

Combining the guttural screams and blast beats of death metal with epic guitar harmonies and choruses signature to power metal, Crimson Shadows recorded their mind-shattering debut at Shatterpoint Studios at the end of 2011 and are finally ready to unleash it on the masses.

“I’m really happy about releasing this album because so much has gone into it. The speed, technicality, and the sheer brutality are some things that I’m really proud of on this album. We feel that we’ve finally found our own sound and we can bring something unique to the heavy metal table that hasn’t been done before.” commented Crimson Shadows vocalist Jimi Maltais.

Quebec’s Kalter, Toronto’s folk metallers Bolero and Burning the Day will be joining Crimson Shadows for a CD release show and party of epic proportions only suitable for a band ballsy enough to fuse death and power metal. Can you handle it?

Glory On The Battlefield (teaser )
crimson shadows - glory on the battlefield ( teaser )

Track Listing:

1. Glory on the Battlefield (intro)
2. Battle Hard
3. Beyond the Mountain Wasteland (Free Download)
4. For the Glory of the Throne
5. Kingdom of Ale
6. Quest for the Sword
7. Lost in a Dark Forest
8. Journeys End

“An eruption of Power and Death has caused the spawn of a new breed. Crimson Shadows have fused two of the mightiest sub genres of metal thus creating an audible journey for listeners worldwide. The death vocals teamed with incredible riffs and solos create the type of energy that is enough to keep us thirsting for more.” –

Show Details:

Facebook Event Page:

Date: Saturday, Feb 11, 2012

Venue: Hard Luck Bar, 772A Dundas Street West

Time: 7pm

Cost: $10 (All Ages)


CRIMSON SHADOWS (Free downloads/streaming)

Video – Spiritual Angel – Live at Trois Rivieres Metal Fest –

BOLERO (Free downloads/streaming)
Music Video- Pints Held High –

Music Video – Rope In Hand –   

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