Photography By: Fridae Mattas


By: Fridae Mattas

NXNE 2012 came and went. This year by far there were more people and a lot more bands, films, comedians and parties! Basically, everything I hear SXSW is, North By Northeast tries to live up to with a Canadian twist. At these festivals you don’t often get what you want, unless of course all you want is to get drunk, socialize and see lots of bands! That is very possible every year and with the growing array of amazing BBQ’s and rooftop parties, how do you choose which ones to go to? I can never decide so this year I just RSVP’d to every email invite and just party hopped, I don’t do Facebook invites there are just too many. I was super excited to use my new camera, it is amazing in low lighting which is absolutely perfect for the dimly lit venues in the city. I’m still figuring out all the new settings of a pro dslr, so these were not the best shots but a huge improvement from my past photography.  Sadly the one interview I did do was some how erased from my computer after uploading. How that happened, I have absolutely no idea but I will be rescheduling an new interview guaranteed!

Extremely disappointed that I lost majority of my footage from day three and four because they were full music days without me forgetting anything. I filmed fifteen bands of the thirtyish I managed to actually see and twelve of which I wanted to show you!  Included in the footage fiasco was some seriously fantastic filming of Die Mannequin at the MOD Club. Care the performer that she is took it to the bar, what I mean by that is, she migrated from the stage through the crowd to the bar stage right, hopped up on top and did her thing for a few minutes, I had that all filmed! Thankfully Die Mannequin is performing at Pride Toronto this Sunday July 1st, come check them out! I will be there capturing some proper refreshed filmage.

Anyways, just thinking about the lost footage irritates me so let’s move this along to Dearly Beloved. The only survivor from Friday’s video’s was Dearly Beloved‘s ‘To Better Days’ off the bands new record “Hawk vs. Pigeon.” How fucking ironic is that?! The only song that worked was “To Better Days” it was like God playing a delayed April Fool’s joke! This was definitely no joke, especially after trekking to the Mod club during little Italy celebrations and trying to get through a packed crowd to shoot a few stills…Total nightmare! Every year I forget about the street closures, next year no MOD club treks for me during NXNE, I have to put that in my calender.

Throughout the trek I missed Dearly Beloved’s first set opening for Die Mannequin so I promised myself to make sure I was at the Velvet Underground for the band’s second set of the night. My promise was held and I did make it to see Dearly Beloved at Velvet! The first track from what I could hear was “John Coltrane” I filmed it but the vocal levels were very low, did the sound guy notice? Not at all, but many sound tech’s complain that they have the levels perfectly set. Most of the time that is not the case but at least the band mentioned it and he fixed it. The band put on an energetic set, I was enjoying their sound and performance. Rob Higgins Bass and Vocals has a nice tone, my ears liked what they were hearing. The whole band is Niva Chow – CoVox, Gavin Maguire – Drums, Tristan Avakian – Guitar. Definitely have to check them out again in the future as should everyone else!

Let’s rewind to day one when everything started, I decided this year one of the NXNE festival days was going to be dedicated to Comedy! I chose Wednesday June 13th to laugh my face off at the Lower Ossington Theater and possibly check out a few bands after. As the first comedian was on stage I took my camera out to shoot a few stills nothing, the camera wouldn’t even turn on. I didn’t know what the problem was until I opened the battery compartment, problem found but can’t be solved because I clearly left the battery in charger at home. Every festival there is at least one mishap without fail, this NXNE it was on a larger scale of boo. The Comedians were hilarious, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop crying and my face started to hurt. The host of the first half was Trevor K Wilson who also opened the showcase and did a great job warming up the stage.

Next up was Todd Graham who had this dry sense of humor, a different approach than most of the comics that I’ve seen. He was so funny once he got a little more comfortable on stage and into his set, the audience loved him. Between each set Trevor Wilson would do mini sets keeping the crowds entertained and what a great idea that was, I would have walked out because my restlessness was kicking in. Every show should have a comic between sets maybe then people wouldn’t bounce after the first shitty band. I was most looking forward to Debra DiGiovanni, I’ve seen her on Comedy now but never have seen her live. She was fantastic, she should have been the headliner because the kid headlining was pretty dryly unfunny, I left five minutes into his set. I wanted to see bands but my camera was useless for the rest of the night and my attempted cell phone shots are so blurry as you can tell! Earlier that day I told Joanna to hit up the Elmo to shoot Gus and Scout just in case I didn’t make it on time from the comedy sets. Perfect, that was my genius Greek moment, thankfully I didn’t forget to tell her.

Gus and Scout from Rhode Island are a country bluesy folk duo, the band is Gus Wenner – Guitar/Vocals and Scout Willis – Vocals. When I got to the Elmo it wasn’t a full house but there were people there, mostly industry folk who were obsessed with catching Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ offspring in action. I was curious as always, to see if they were any good like with any new bands or duos. Once they began to play immediately you saw the chemistry they have together and Scout’s vocals aren’t too bad. I noticed she needs to work on her stage persona because more than a few times it looked like she didn’t know what to do and kept glancing over at Gus, who is clearly the seasoned musician of the two. Although the songs were passable and need a lot of work, I would see them again because Scout’s voice is different she has this raspy soul to it and as long as she keeps working those pipes she can be an incredible artist one day.

Day two was Thursday June 14th, designated party day! There were so many parties on this day I made it official party day and it was a smart advanced decision because I forgot my passes at home. Yes, that did happen but it really didn’t matter because I was guest-listed for all the parties anyway I didn’t need my pass until later if  i wanted to check bands. After all the day parties in the downtown Toronto core, we migrated to Toronto Island for a little bonfire shin dig. We went, we drank, we saw, we wandered, Thursday was such an interesting day and I did take some cool shots of the Toronto skyline from the ferry. Saturday day 4 was another party filled day but it didn’t compare to Friday’s fantastic Jager Parking lot BBQ, free food, drinks, hair cuts and tattoos. I love Sailor Jerry’s trailer and maybe their rum haha!

Saturday night’s music was to include the Flaming Lips but I was rejected literally for every single show at YDS so I fucked off and didn’t bother going to that area at all the whole week! I heard the Flaming Lips and Bad Religion were ass by a number of people so glad I saved myself the torture. The only other band scheduled that night was Limblifter at the El Mocambo. There was an hour to kill so I went to check the current band playing at the Elmo, five minutes later I ran back out and migrated immediately to the Horseshoe. Once at the Shoe there was this massive line to get in, I wondered who was playing to create this long line of irritated people. Walked up to the door and as I was about to go in, some man grabs me and yells in my face asking me who I am mumbling something about the crowd in line and pointed to them. Literally two seconds later he shut his mouth as he saw my media pass and clearly felt like an ass. The whole time during that verbal attack I uttered five words to the grumpy old man “Here to check out set”. I could have been a bitch and said something but I kept my mouth shut, went into the venue only to come back out because it was too rammed and the band was ass! They sounded like every other folksy hipster band floating. Didn’t get why people were dying to get into the sweatshop to see some bearded folksters in skinny jeans. I still don’t remember what they were called even after I was told about fifteen times.

Back to the Elmo I migrated, hoping the retched band was finally off  the stage and Limblifter was on. It was perfect timing because the venue was accumulating bodies and they were getting very tight at the door, I’ve never seen people turned away at the EL Mocambo door…First time for everything! The Elmo was heating up and people were dropping like flies. I was standing by the stage right area when a dude dove face first on some gear boxes backstage, that was a trip! Nobody knew why he passed out but security came quickly and helped him to safety. Limblifter hit the stage ten minutes later and the crowd was loving this 90’s revival. I was like ten or eleven when they first emerged onto the Canadian music scene in 1996, their songs are okay not exactly what I would listen to on the regular or call Alternative rock, to me it sounds more like country folk rock. Bassist Megan Bradfield stuck out like a sore thumb, you could tell this was basically her first show, super awkward to watch and needs a lot more work on her stage presence. As for the frontman who is the only original member of the band Ryan Dahle did alright but needs to work on his vocals, they were pitchy and a bit unstable. I have two filmed tracks of this band but only one actually made the cut, you would think the first Toronto show in a long time they would bring their A game! 

I saw a bunch of other bands in the migrations towards the last destination of the evening and none of them stuck in my mind enough to jibber about individually, except Modern Boys and Modern Girls who played The Hideout on Friday the 15th. They have improved greatly since I first saw them at Edgefest a few years back and would love  to check them out again. The Hideout is always the last stop at these festivals and it was my last stop of the night. At 2am I wanted to catch A Primitive Evolution because the night before I could not get any video, Cherry Colas was just too packed to film anything.

I have never seen A.P.E before Friday even though they have played many shows in the city, I always missed them! This time I got lucky and was able to check them twice and finally film a tune “Lord of Reason“. They were pretty good, I liked the sound of frontman Brett Carruthers voice and the way he played his axe. The natural interaction between Bassist Stephany Seki and Carruthers was fantastic! I loved her vibe she can rock her bass to the fullest, unlike the femme bass of Limblifter I saw earlier. Stu Dead on the drums did his thing, keeping the beat tight in the venue where his Playdead artwork is muraled all over the place. (A.P.E) I need to see again, totally loving the sound but one thing Brett needs is a little more confidence in his own talents. For footage and more photos of the bands check out and

The only artists I really wanted to see all this NXNE were Raekwon and Ghostface Killah of Wutang but I was denied access and was not feeling the trek in a massive crowd. Instead I went to MMVA hotel after parties, where I chilled and partied with awesome people. That’s all from me folks, stay tuned for Joanna’s NXNE experience.

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Photography By: Fridae Mattas


All Photography By: Fridae Mattas


By: Fridae Mattas

Friday night in a city as unique as Toronto of course there was no shortage of events and parties to hit up. Decided to cover Six Side Die, it was the bands official collective launch onto the Toronto music scene and I was a super curious little kitten anticipating the set. Along with bands The Bloody Five, Last Bullet and Sam Ferguson Band; Six Side Die made their most welcome debut, I even saw a little mosh circle among the cheering fans. Crouch mentioned during the set that one of the fans came all the way from Texas! Now that is a dedicated supporter!

Bryan Crouch (Vocals) former “Hail The Villain” frontman was told he would never sing again…He definitely proved everyone wrong Friday night! The whole band seemed to mesh well on stage, not too many technical issues it was a super entertaining first show! Wow! Pat Kavanagh on Bass came out of his shell on stage, he surprised me the most! I’m looking forward to seeing Mike Liske jam out on that Rhythm Axe, Mr. Kelly Voelkel destroy the bins and Anthony Xander shred that Axe once again! I will do a full review on these larries at the next show with some better stills of course.

If you missed their debut do not worry, Six Side Die has another show in Toronto scheduled for sometime in July at the MOD Club, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open! Until then I will leave you with tunes from their debut record I filmed, Enjoy! For more super fantastic photos of the show you can click here, major thanks to my girl at Jaylyn Photo for the cool shots! You can buy the “My Enemy” EP Here

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Photography By: Fridae Mattas

EDGEFEST 2012 is Almost Here And There Is A MixTape!!

July 14th is fast approaching and the fantastic people over at Edgefest want you to have some ear candy to warm you up for what’s to come! Check out the mix tape below as well as a few videos from bands playing Edgefest 2012!

Early Bird Tickets: $39.50

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Listen –>Edgefest Mixtape 2012

For more information on Edgefest hit the website and to purchase tickets click here!

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All Photography By: Fridae Mattas



By: Fridae Mattas

Last Wednesday May 30th 2012, American rock band Thrice made a stop at Toronto’s Kool Haus for their Farewell tour, the show was originally scheduled for the Phoenix but was moved to the Kool Haus. This was not Thrice’s first show in Toronto nor is it Fridae TV’s first time covering a set. However, it is my first time seeing them live and the last time they will be performing as a band in Toronto. We shall see how long this hiatus lasts, it is not uncommon for bands to part ways and reunite years later. As for front man Dustin Kensrue he will continue pursing his solo endeavors and I’m sure Teppei Teranishi – Keys/Lead Guitar, Eddie Breckenridge – Bass and Riley Breckenridge on the Drums also have side projects they are working on.

The opening bands were to be O’ Brother and Animals As Leaders but due to a scheduling conflict with a band member’s court date in Boston, Animals As Leaders could not make the Toronto show. I missed O’ Brother but I do hope they come back in the near future! Everyone I ran into was ranting and raving about how amazing they were, I’m sad I missed the set! Did not think I would make it on time even for Thrice, a couple hours earlier I landed in Toronto from New York where I flew that morning and was supposed to be off to Vegas that afternoon. Once I found out I was to cover Thrice’s final show in Toronto I switched my Vegas ticket for the next flight back home. Everyone asked me why I didn’t skip the show or send a team member to cover it? Very simple my friends, the show is part of the Farewell Tour and I have never seen them live! There is no guarantee the band will ever regroup to tour again, so I had to cover the set myself no matter what! Vegas, will always be there.

Thrice have been on the music scene since 1998 and have garnered a loyal fan following that is continually growing. Personally not a huge fan of Thrice but I do appreciate their music and artistry, tracks like “Image of The Invisible”, “Silhouette” and “Deadbolt” are just a few of the tunes I blast every now and then. All of the above songs mentioned were played in the twenty three track set chosen by the fans, the opening track was “Yellow Belly” from their latest album released last year and they ended off the set with the encore tune “Anthology” from the same record “Major/Minor”. In between those tracks they played material from earlier works and a cover, their version of The Beatles song “Helter Skelter” which I absolutely loved! Their blend of melodic post hardcore rock is what draws you in and Kensrue’s vocals are what keep your attention. Major thank you to Live Nation for the ear candy, Thrice sounds so much better live than on any of the records I have heard, hard work pays off. I am extremely happy for the fans because they are recording tracks from the sets to create a live album of this tour.

Almost every male I have ever met that likes rock music is a fan of Thrice and of course I ran into many of those Larries at the show. As always at rock shows there were more males than females, ranging from teens to mid fifties along with many couples and large groups. Near the end of the set it looked like a few guys were going to cry once Kensrue announced the final song, the crowd then booed because they did not want the show to end. I can see why the boys are obsessed with this band, Kensrue can really sing and I mean he can really fucking sing! His vocals have turned a full three sixty from when the band first emerged, hands down the best male rock vocals I have heard all year! Performance wise he could be a little more enthused but after thirteen years of playing the same songs I guess he’s lost some of the magic he once had for them as a performer. Kensrue played his axe well, his emotions were apparent in certain tunes and for others he looked completely blank. It was when he really got into a song, feeling it to the core he shined, vocally sounding phenomenal.

Bassist Eddie Breckenridge was amusing to watch as he played that Bass as if it were an Electric Guitar, providing the most visual entertainment for the crowd other than the surfers that evening. His brother Riley was equally as fantastic with those sticks, one of the hardest to shoot because his hands were moving so fast. Guitarist Teppei Teranishi sounded incredible on the axe and when he migrated away from the mic and keys for a minute you could kind of see his personality coming through when he let go and rocked out. I was expecting more from him and the band as a whole, they did not use the stage to their advantage, staying in their own corners majority of the set like a boxing match coming off a little awkward at times. The only one who spoke to the crowd was Vox – Dustin Kensrue, he was continually thanking everyone for their support throughout the years as he introduced some of the songs.

For all the Thrice fans at the packed Kool Haus on May 30th this was a memorable show but definitley a bittersweet feeling for most, it was the last time they would see their favorite band perform live. For a set without any major bells and whistles it was very well done, a performance I won’t soon forget! Thrice still has a few more dates in the US before they end the tour in their home state of California on June 19th 2012, I would go see them again if I could! Check out Thrice’s website to see if they’re coming to a city near you, this is your last chance!

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Vancouver Death Metallers AUROCH Announce ‘Canadian Abomination Tour’

Vancouver BC’s grind death metallers AUROCH have announced they will be pillaging Western Canada for their upcoming ‘Canadian Abomination Tour’ and will be conquering dates in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“As always the band is eager to be back on the road, and to be supporting this new record. Expect naught but a total death metal assault!” comments vocalist / guitarist Sebastian Montesi.

The band recently released a studio update on their forthcoming first full length album set to be unleashed later this summer and is the follow up to their 2010 demo ‘Stranger Aeons’.

To view the video please visit the following link –

For more info on the band, their upcoming release and tour dates, please follow the band on their Facebook fanpage and Twitter.

Canadian Abomination Tour

July 13, 2012 – Armstrong, BC @ The Branding Iron w/ Odinfist, Breathe Knives

July 14, 2012 – Kamloops, BC @ Pogue Mahones w/ Fenrirs Thirst, Pangaia

July 16, 2012 – Lethbridge, AB @ The Slice w/ Psycomantium, The Avulsion

July 17, 2012 – Medicine Hat, AB @ Oly’s Pub (Headlining Medicine Hat Metal Fest) w/ Ted Bundy, The Avulsion, Barrows, Sinister Fiend, Trissection

July 18, 2012 – Leader, SK @ The Leader Inn w/ Naraka

July 20, 2012- Edmonton, AB @ TBA w/ Begrime Exemious + More TBA

July 21, 2012 – Calgary, AB @ Vern’s w/ Begrime Exemious, Ominosity, Savage Streets, The Whore House Massacre

Tour Dates | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Reverbnation | Myspace | CBC 3 | CD Baby | iTunes | Bandcamp



TRUE NORTH: A Life In The Music Business


June 14, 4:30 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Toronto, Regency B

A Conversation with Bernie Finkelstein, presented by NXNE Interactive, sheds light on the great Canadian music icon. The event is hosted by Exclaim! Editor and Co-author of Have Not Been the Same, Michael Barclay on Thursday, June 14, 4:30 p.m at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, Regency B, 370 King Street West. 

Barclay will explore Finkelstein’s storied career: how he oversaw the growth of True North Records, worked with a who’s who of rock and pop music and led industry associations to support and promote music. Finkelstein’s memoir, True North: A Life In The Music Business, is published by McClelland & Stewart.

Finkelstein has played a pivotal role in bringing great Canadian music to the rest of the world for over five decades. Now, a couple years after selling his beloved True North Records, including the successes of over 400 releases, 49 Junos, 40 gold and platinum records, he is finally ready to talk. The producer, label owner, artist manager and ex-chair of MuchFACT and CIRPA, opens up about his life and times in the Canadian music industry. He recounts his experiences working with some of Canada’s greatest musical talent, including The Paupers, Bruce Cockburn, Kensington Market, Murray McLauchlan, Blackie & The Rodeo Kings and Rough Trade – to name a few. He is also a member of the Order of Canada and an inductee of The Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame.

Learn more about A Conversation with Bernie Finkelstein, NXNE Interactive presentation at


Celebrating Jamaica’s 50th Year of Independence JAMAICA 50 CELEBRATION INC. presents


Thursday, June 28, 2012 – 7:30 p.m. 

Jamaican Rhythms, June 28, 7:30 p.m., is a three-hour, LIVE “Rocumentary” about Jamaica’s music, words and dance – a tribute to Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence.

This celebration assembles international, Grammy, and 2012 JUNO Award-nominated reggae artists from each decade, linked with music, dance and talk from 1962 to 2012. JAMAICAN RHYTHMS: ROOTS, ROCK, REGGAE!

‘60s: Iconic Fab 5 Band – paying tribute to SKA

‘70s: Classic John Holt

‘80s: Magnificent Marcia Griffiths

‘90s: Fantastic Yellow Man

2000: Grammy Award-winner Maxi Priest

2010: King of the Dancehall, Grammy Award-winner Beenie Man

2011: Exco Levi backed by Mountain Edge – 2012 Juno Award-winner/Can Con

Jay Douglas – Juno Awards’ nominee/ Can Con

Steele – Juno Awards’ nominee/ Can Con

Tickets for Jamaican Rhythms are available from the Sony Centre For The Performing Artsin person at the Sony Centre box office, by calling 1.855.872.SONY (7669) or online at, as well as JAMAICA 50 and Community outlets: $35, $50, $75. VIP tickets are $150 and include pre-show cocktails, meet and greet with the stars, leaders and icons.

Presented by JAMAICA 50 Celebration Inc. and produced by Jones & Jones Productions – under the auspices of Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Canada Sheila Sealy Monteith, Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto Seth George Ramocan, Canadian Senator The Honourable Reverend Don Meredith, The Honourable Margarett Best and Councillor Michael Thompson.



Ohio metal heathens SKELETONWITCH have announced plans to demolish North America this summer on a headlining tour, which will also feature classic rockers BARN BURNER (Metal Blade Records). The tour, which includes two weeks’ worth of dates in Canada, commences July 17 in York, Pa., soon after the band returns from a European tour during which they will play festivals alongside the likes of Slayer, Megadeth, and Behemoth. Complete dates are listed below.

North American Dates:
7/13      York, PA @ The Depot
7/14 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft @ The ChanceTheatre
7/15       Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
7/16       Portland, ME @ Genos
7/17       Trois Rivieres, QC @ Rock Cafe Le Stage
7/18       Quebec City, QC @ Agitee
7/19       Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
7/20       Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
7/21       Toronto, ON @ Hardluck
7/22       Toledo, OH @ Frankies

7/23       Madison, WI @ High Noon
7/24       Thunder Bay, ON @ Crocks
7/25       Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo
7/26       Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos
7/27       Calgary, AB @ Broken City
7/28       Edmonton, AB @ The Pawn Shop
7/30       Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret
7/31       Spokane, WA @ The Hop

8/1       Billings, MT @ Manny’s
8/2       Fargo, ND @ Nestor Tavern
8/3       La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse
8/4       Joliet, IL @ Mojoes





TORONTO, ON – Platinum Blonde have officially announced their return after 12 years releasing their new single “Beautiful(Fontana North) and a performance at The Mod Club in Toronto on June 16, 2012. Featuring original members Mark Holmes (Vocals) and Sergio Galli (Guitar) with Rob Laidlaw (Bass) and Dan Todd (Drums), Platinum Blonde unveil “Beautiful” to radio on June 18, in anticipation of new material to be released in the near future.

“I’m aware that there are thousands of bands throughout the years who have tried this seemingly impossible route of returning to former glory, but our route lies in making new glory,” explains Mark Holmes, vocalist of Platinum Blonde.

Written by Holmes and produced by Murray Daigle, Rob Laidlaw and Holmes, Platinum Blonde’s first single “Beautiful,” is an mélange of crisp rock with electro-pop overtones that will rejuvenate fans and appeal to new audiences of alternative and electronic music today.

Platinum Blonde’s debut EP Six Track Attack (1983) solidified the group as Canada’s new wave genre innovators. Multi-platinum selling follow-up albums Standing In The Dark and Alien Shores spawned numerous chart-topping singles including “Standing In The Dark,” “Doesn’t Really Matter,” and their #1 hit “Crying Over You.” The corresponding music videos showcased the band’s unique visual aesthetic and bold style allowing them to dominate the music video formats introduced to television at that time. Each release generated colossal success, including 7x Platinum album sales and multiple JUNO Award nominations.

Since parting ways in the early 1990s, Holmes founded internationally acclaimed Toronto’s club venue, The Mod Club, allowing him to further explore his musical evolution as DJ MRK, which has heavily influenced the spirit of Platinum Blonde’s new music. In 1999, their greatest hits compilation Seven Year Itch: 1982-1989, peaked at #1 and stayed at the top of the sales charts for three weeks. Most recently, Platinum Blonde received the great honour of being inducted into the Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame in 2010 and Canadian electronic duo, Crystal Castles, revived Platinum Blonde’s “Not In Love,” featuring Robert Smith of The Cure; introducing Platinum Blonde to a new generation of listeners.

Platinum Blonde performs at The Mod Club in Toronto on June 16, 2012. The show is open to all NXNE badge and wristband holders; tickets will be available at the door. For more information, visit

Stream new single “Beautiful” by clicking the photo below

Tour Dates

June 16, 2012           The Mod Club                                      Toronto, ON

June 17, 2012          Red River Exhibition                            Winnipeg, MB

July 1, 2012              Mackenzie Glen District Park           Vaughan, ON

July 28, 2012            Mattawa Voyageur Days                  Mattawa, ON