By: Fridae Mattas

On October 23rd New Order hit Toronto to play the first of two sold out shows ending off their 2012 North American Tour at The Sony Centre for Performing Arts. I completely forgot about this show, the month of October has been extremely busy for me. I was filtering press releases when I received media confirmation a few hours prior to doors.

New Order are a bit before my time, the only song I could think of that I knew was “Blue Monday”. It’s always fun to cover old school bands I would have never thought I would get a chance to see live, nevermind actually shoot. British band New Order was formed in 1980 after Joy Division singer Ian Curtis committed suicide. They regrouped and renamed the band New Order with majority of the original members still in the band. New Order today is: Bernard Sumner – Vocals and Guitar, Stephen Morris – Drums, Gillian Gilbert – Keys, Vocals and Guitar, Phil Cunningham – Guitar and Keys and the newest member of the band replacing original member Peter Hook is Bassist Tom Chapman.

I arrived just on time, literally! I reached the stage area and was immediately given the break down by our media contact, I didn’t even have a chance to configure my camera’s setting as the lights went out and the first tune “Elegia” began. We were allowed to shoot the first four songs after the intro, this is very rare. Usually the media shoots the first three sometimes only two. This was my first time actually shooting a show at the Sony Centre, I’ve covered other events at the venue but they were Ballets and Musicals that do not permit any photography during the performance.

Once the intro wrapped I started shooting from the right wing and migrated to the left, we were told to shoot from the wings and not block the middle. I wanted to take a few shots from the back of the venue of the crowd but I didn’t know if I was permitted to. It was a sold out show, the people came to listen, dance and watch their favorite band. The crowd varied in ages, the youngest being in their late teens which surprised me because I was expecting a much older crowd. I tried to observe the performance as much as I could while photographing the band but I didn’t really get the full effect until I sat in my seat to watch the performance.

I was turning to go back to the media area when the media contact reminded me I still had one more song to shoot. So used to three tunes that I completely miscounted how many tracks were left. After the fourth track ended we headed back to the media room and I was the only one who went back in to review the set. I finally found my seat as New Order played “Isolation” a Joy Division cover followed by “Here To Stay”. I was amazed by the lighting and the disco ball was a nice touch. It felt like I was watching a 3D concert movie because they also had a screen with various different images one being the bands name, it was too cool.

All of the members played their instruments well, but not as enthusiastic as you would expect. Gillian could smile a little more and show some vibrance on stage, she was not very lively. Frontman Sumner, did well vocally for his age although it was rather pitchy in a few tracks. I could barely hear him when I was in my seat during the performance because the guitars were drowning him out. He also needs a little more crowd interaction, the connection with his audience wasn’t there, he kept looking at his guitar. The whole band needs to step it up a notch for the entertainment factor, I was expecting a little more personality and showmanship from these veterans. Compared to other reunion shows I have recently covered, they were a little disappointing obviously relying on the lights and disco ball to keep the crowd on their toes.

Regardless of my critical journalistic perspective as a music fan I enjoyed myself, it was like discovering a new band and the lighting was definitely my favorite part. I went in thinking I didn’t know many of the songs but I did! Once I heard the songs live, performed by the actual band that created them, I surprisingly knew more tunes than I thought. It was so fun to sing along to “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle”.

A fan of the band or not, New Order will bring their 80’s infusion into your life! The fans were ecstatic, throughly enjoying themselves as New Order played most of their hits. This crowd was the most dancey I have seen in a while, more people need to dance to their favorite music. The two encores that closed this seventeen track set were Joy Division covers “Transmission” and “Love Will Tear Us A Part”. If New Order hits the road again and you are an 80’s music fan, this show you must experience. Major thanks goes to the fabulous folks at Goldenvoice Canada/AEGLive.

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Photography By: Dipan Cheema For FridaeTV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For FridaeTV



Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema FOR FRIDAE TV

By: Fridae Mattas

This year Indie Week was a little different, I missed half of it because I was on vacation in Cuba taking in a whole different musical culture. I was a Judge last year and that hindered the ability to be my usual wandering self. Normally I float from club to club to see if there are any good new bands. This year was back to normal, meaning I was not obligated to stay at one club majority of the night. I made my rounds, trying to cover majority of the venues but ended up at the same sweet spots like The Hideout, Velvet Underground, Horseshoe, EL Mocambo, Bovine and Cherry Cola’s! They always have the best Indie bands at any festival without being over run by hipsters like many other live music venues in the city.

Queen street was cool, it has now faded to what the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles was a few years ago until they began to restore the music scene trying to relive its glory days. Maybe Toronto should take note of this Hollywood trend and try to refresh the music scene on the Queen Street Strip. We definitely need a Roxy in Toronto, I would be the Talent booker and General Manager in a second, maybe even go behind the bar and make some drinkies for everyone, all of my friends will agree I am the mix queen!

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

The first artist that made the cut was the always fabulous indie artist Angela Saini. As I said last year, why is she not signed? She has talent, stage presence, charisma and the comfortability factor, she looks right at home on the stage. Yes, her vocals need some work as do her songs but she is so much better than the many similar female singer-songwriters who are signed. I only caught a few of Angela’s tracks but I have seen her perform before, she always gives it her all! A few more venues I migrated to that evening but nothing really stood out enough to mention. Saturday was a brand new day of floatings and I was still trying to catch up with emails. A week away without internet access and then a music festival is brutal, I missed so many bands! Almost caught up, just a page of press releases to go and that keeps growing with more news…

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Saturday I was happy that Breached were playing again because I missed their first set at the Bovine on the 11th. They always put on a good show and their music is getting better and better. For a band who has only been around about two years, they have accomplished quite a bit. In order for Breached to make it big, the songs need more of commercial mainstream appeal, unless of course they want to stay indie. As usual you can find more photos and videos of Breached and all of the artists here and here.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema

After being rocked by Breached for a few tunes, it was time to wander off to different venues before heading to see Atlantis Blueprint at the Hideout. I have not seen them play in a while, they added a new guitar player and a new drummer. Atlantis Blueprint has improved greatly since I saw them perform last and I hope to see them rock out some new tunes soon. The bands set times were pushed back so it made my coverage of Atlantis Blueprint shorter than I anticipated. 

Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Managed to hit the Horseshoe with enough time to check out the last two tracks of The Suburbians set and a drum solo where lead vocalist Mark Konstantinovic joined drummer Ben Nyari for a minute. Unfortunately the track I filmed did not make the cut , I could not hear him then and cannot hear him on playback. The vocal mic needed to be louder, the guitars were drowning him out. Other than the mic levels, this band is as tight as their pants! Why are they not signed? Hopefully they cross the pond in the future, so I can enjoy their music live in the city once again.

Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV

I believe we migrated to the EL Mocambo next, August of this year Sam Grosso and partner Marco Petrucci bought the El Mocambo with the intention of restoring the venue. The bands I was checking at the Elmo were Nixon formerly Tiny Dinza who were signed to Wind Up shortly after winning Indie Week last year. They are always a breath of fresh air, but the songs are a little mediocre, they need to step up their game, now that they are signed the real work begins. 

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

The other band I wanted to see was the super fantastique Rebel Emergency, haven’t seen them jam in a while. I’m hoping to hear new material from them in the future, they always put on an exciting set and have irie tunes. I’m in the process of reviewing Roddy’s first solo record “The Little Things“, which is now available. I could not stay for all of Rebel’s set because I wanted to check a few bands on the Queen St. strip. I was still looking for new bands to blow my mind…Did any new bands accomplish that? Nope.

Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema

There were a few bands I really wanted to see “In My Coma” and “West Memphis Suicide“. I was not able film In My Coma’s set because my battery died twenty-five seconds into filming the first WMS tune and their set was just before. West Memphis Suicide put on a high energy set that got the crowd pumped, they were having a blasty blast past 2am. I will have to hit up future sets of both these bands as should you because they are definitely worth checking out.

Photography By: Dipan Cheema For FridaeTV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Now to the finals held at the Tattoo Rock Parlour Sunday October 14th. I have not been to the Indie Week finals since they were held at the Reverb for the last time. This year Burning The Day a metal band won Indie Week Canada and are off to Indie Week Ireland next year. Burning The Day are the first metal band to ever win Indie Week Canada and they were absolutly fantastic. Work is needed on diction but other than that the music is moving, literally! They were the only band I saw all weekend that actually got the crowd jumping, the whole floor shook as this metal band conqured what no metal band has ever accomplished, winning Indie week!
Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV

There were a few other bands that made it to the finals like and Left Turn City. I have never seen live, I have always missed their sets. The band is a collection of incredible musicians with a folk rock pop sound. I was interested in the music and not bored to death with their stage performance, keeping me and the audience entertained. I do have to say they all need to let loose a little.

Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema For Fridae TV
Photography By: Dipan Cheema
Photography By: Dipan Cheema

The final band I caught before my memory card filled up was Left Turn City. I couldn’t believe that it was full! I swear I put all of the previous coverage onto my computer. I discovered when transfering the new coverage there were Cuba photos on the same card, I couldn’t see them on my DSLR because they were shot with another camera. I need to break this cycle of forgetfullness at festivals, I was so busy I forgot my back ups except of course my Homie, Photographer/Security D who took some pretty awesome shots and kept the creeperellos away, thank you D! Back to Left Turn City at the Indie Week finals, of all the bands I saw that weekend they have improved the most but work is still needed to be done. The songs need to be catchier if they want to take it to the next level and catch the attention of a rock label. I give them credit for still persevering and improving while others simply have just given up. Without the passion, commitment and the continued development of your craft you are wasting your time.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Indie Week was fun as it always is, Darryl Hurs the creator of Indie Week is always floating around the venues, Darryl is a stand up guy, one person that actually cares about the indie scene and continues to be an advocate. More people should support the indie scene but most of all, the bands need to support each other a little more! I hope to one day check out Indie Week Ireland, but until then we always have Indie Week Canada, see you next year!

COPYRIGHT © 2012 FRIDAE MATTAS. All Rights Reserved



Citizen’s “Young States” Now Available on iTunes 

Headlining Tour Kicks Off November 8    

Run For Cover Records has released Young States, the debut EP from Toledo, OH indie rockers Citizen on October 23.  Available on vinyl for the first time, the CD and digital versions will also feature the EP + bonus tracks. The band have been busy touring this fall with the likes of Aficionado and Mixtapes.

A trek with Such Gold, Mixtapes and Raindance is now underway and runs through November 3rd.  On November 8, Citizen kicks off their headline tour, featuring support from State Champs and Candy Hearts. The run marks the band’s first time touring Canada. See dates below.

With influences ranging from Brand New to Knapsack to Sunny Day Real Estate, Citizen started in 2009 as a side project and came to full fruition in 2010. In 2012, the band recorded 2 songs with Will Yip in Conshohocken, PA which made up their side of a split EP with Virginia Beach’s Turnover. Soon after, the band signed to Run For Cover Records, graduated high school, and went on a full US tour with Turnover and Light Years. Young States was recorded at The Getaway Studio in Boston, MA with Jay Maas (Title Fight, Defeater) and is now available on iTunes Here

Citizen Is:

Mat Kerekes – Vocals,

Nick Hamm – Guitar,

Ryland Oehlers – Guitar,

Eric Hamm – Bass,

Cray Wilson – Drums

Tour Dates

Wed Oct 24th Greensboro, NC @ Green Street Music Hall

Thur Oct 25th Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern

Fri Oct 26th Melbourne, FL @ Black Box Studio

Sat Oct 27th Gainesville, FL @ THE FEST 11 @ The Atlantic

Sun Oct 28th Nashville, TN @ Rocket Town (headline show small room)

Tues Oct 30th Ft Wright, KY @ Shimmers Ballroom

Wed Oct 31st Louisville, KY @ Spinellis Pizza

Thur Nov 1st Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome

Friday Nov 2nd Toledo, OH @ Micky Finn’s

Sat Nov 3rd Lansing, MI @ The Loft Citizen w State Champs, Candy Hearts (headline)

Fri Nov 9th Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s

Sat Nov 10th Ottawa, ON @ Pressed

Mon Nov 12th Montreal, QB @ L’ESCO

Tues Nov 13th Portland, ME @ Studio 250

Wed Nov 14th Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (upstairs)

Thur Nov 15th Hoboken, NJ @ The Stevenson Institute

Friday Nov 16th Allentown, PA @ Fearless Fire Company

Sat Nov 17th Stanhope, NJ @ The Stanhope House

Sun Nov 18th Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose (upstairs)

Mon Nov 19th Columbus, OH @ TBA


Thrash! Fuck Thrash Bash 4!

 FREE Download Comp. FT. Fatality, Aggressor, Mastery, Lethal Voltage, Eternal Judgment

Nov 3 – Toronto – Blacktooth Ent. Presents: Thrash Fuck Thrash Bash 4 w/ Fatality, Aggressor +more!

Following the undeniable success of the last three Thrash Fuck Thrash Bashes, Blacktooth Entertainment is proud to bring fans the highly anticipated fourth installment on Saturday, November 3 at Hard Luck Bar (772 Dundas Street West).

  A slew of bands, including Fatality, Aggressor, Mastery, Lethal Voltage and Eternal Judgment will take to the stage while DJ Cyndi Z will be spinnin’ classic vinyl records all night, giving all show goers what is bound to be an epic music hangover.

Blacktooth Ent. is now offering a FREE DOWNLOAD compilation of all the kickass bands performing at this year’s TFTB 4, which is available at the following link and features the following tracks.

Download Link –

Thrash Bash 4 – Track Listing
1. Fatality – Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep 05:25 – Music Video
2. Fatality – Bleed Me Useless 03:49
3. Aggressor – Chopper 05:01
4. Aggressor – Unto the World 06:19
5. Mastery – Ashes of Epiphanies 04:56
6. Mastery – Faithful Trust 04:26
7. Lethal Voltage – Lethal Voltage 07:31
8. Lethal Voltage – Seeds of Evil 06:52
9. Eternal Judgment – Fatal Virus 03:57
10. Eternal Judgment – Kill to Survive 03:40

Show Details
Thrash Fuck Thrash Bash 4 –
Featuring: Fatality, Aggressor, Mastery, Lethal Voltage, Eternal Judgment and more TBA!
DJ CYNDI Z spinnin’ classic vinyls all night!
Sat. Nov 3rd @ Hard Luck Bar – 772 Dundas Street W.
All Ages


AGGRESSOR (Return show!)




+ DJ CYNDI Z spinnin’ classic vinyls all night!






Toronto, ON – Canadian hip-hop artist JDiggz is set to release his brand new EP, Two Weeks Notice (Frostbyte/eOne Entertainment), on Tuesday, October 23, 2012. The highly anticipated follow-up to JDiggz’ 2010 mixtape, The Xperiment, Two Weeks Notice is the latest showing of his flow and rap finesse and features his current single “Act A Fool” featuring Leftside. The seven-track EP offers innovative sounds and raw energy and is a collection of JDiggz’ distinct style and swagger. Full track listing below.


“This record marks the beginning of a journey for me,” says JDiggz. “It’s been five years since my last album and I’m extremely excited to show everyone my growth, musically. I’m very proud of this body of work and I hope everyone enjoys it!

JDiggz’ knack for everything musical started early when he began producing his own beats at the age of 10. After his single ‘Hypnotic’ caught the attention of Toronto producer Rahmel and world-renowned video director, Little X (Nelly Furtado, John Mayer, Usher), his popularity was raised to new heights. In 2007, JDiggz went on to release his debut album Memoirs of a Playbwoy, which featured his first music video “Puush It Up” that became one of MuchMusic’s top streamed videos at the time.


Over the last few years, JDiggz has toured with some of hip-hop’s elite including Akon and Ludacris and has performed with R&B veteran Mario and rap star The Game. In 2010, he headlined a Grammy showcase hosted by LL Cool J in front of a packed house at LA’s famous Key Club on Sunset. With producer credits that include Blake McGrath’s debut album Time To Move, JDiggz’ versatility, creativity and his ability to produce soulful music are at the forefront of Canada’s thriving hip-hop community.


JDiggz recently won the 2011 MuchMusic Video Award for Independent Video of the Year for his single “This Time” featuring alternative music heavyweights, Never Ending White Lights which also went on to hit #1 on the MuchMusic countdown. His production team, Starbwoyz Music, have produced several Contemporary Hit Radio Top 40 records for artists such as Kardinal Offishal and Drake. 

Two Weeks Notice Track Listing:

1. Introduction feat. Bed Of Stars

2. Act A Fool feat. Leftside

3. Can’t Deny It

4. Home for the Night

5. JusPushIt

6. Comeback Story

7. It’s All Up To You feat. Slakah the Beatchild


Twitter: @DiggzWorld







“An epic tale of second chances, the inner struggle between good and evil, where ultimately, goodness prevails. Based on the true life story of the ” Gangster of The Gospel” Terrell Johnson, a hardcore street thug who went from the street to the Whitehouse.”

Who else better to play Terrell Johnson than DMX? Johnson was a former Insane Gangster Disciple leader who went from making a gross fortune on the streets, to being incarcerated for 35 years to life. A couple of years after incarceration, Johnson was hired as the first convicted felon in America to become a police officer with the Memphis Gang Task force. At this point, the hardened criminal started a crusade not only to change his life, but the lives of so many others.

Today, TJ, is both an anti-violence motivational speaker as well as minister. He went from street thug to convict to being one of the only convicted felons invited by the Clinton Administration and two other bipartisan administrations to receive awards for the work both he and his wife Lisa do in communities across the united states.

Terrell Johnson beat all of the odds and has been honoured by the Whitehouse five times. Either Hollywood doesn’t know or is not interested in telling his epic story, but it’s a story that must be told. Pan Entertainment, based in Louisiana has been diligently working to bring this story to the world and the public is starting to respond. Two weeks ago, members of Pan Entertainment have reached out to their friends and 23,000 people have responded. 23,000 people have forwarded their name, phone number and email address to be added as supporters of this project. They expect to have a quarter of a million people in their database within the next two weeks, bringing them closer to their immediate goal of 2 million supporters.

The story is one of reality, hope and overcoming adversity…The message is one of positivity. Other than casting DMX (Earl Simmons) as Terrell Johnson there is one thing that makes this “Gangster Of The Gospel” stand out from the crowd and that is changing peoples’ lives for the better.

Perhaps this one issue is so blatant in the United States of America in the year 2012, that it overshadows the fact that this film has generated interest and has had pre-sales in over 20 different countries outside the United States. This prevalent issue overlooks the fact that an innovative method of distribution will guarantee any investor their principal within the first three months of premiering. The only one issue is the same one that George Lucas was up against when attempting to fund Red Tails. Yes, unfortunately, there is a myth that exists in the United States, that films with a predominately minority cast doesn’t do as well as other films. But it is just that, a myth and that myth must be broken! Marketing is the key with the success of any film or product.

Is this a case of African Americans playing the “race card”? Absolutely not, as this writer is a white Canadian Female who finds herself thoroughly amazed with this story and the people involved. I am spell bound by this tale as others  before and after me have been mezmorized just the same, such as, The President of Liberia whom has issued letters requesting the film to be shown in her country as a way to inspire the former child soldiers of Liberia. Pakistan, Angola, Brazil, Dubai, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and many more. Now comprising about 32 Countries requesting this film to be dubbed in five languages and screened in their countries.

The story itself is incredible, but the story behind the story has to be told as well. Thus the reason why DMX, who is no stranger to adversity and overcoming odds is perfect for this role, he has a passion burning within him and is capable of capturing Johnson’s essence second to none.

For more information on king Dog, the story, the cast list as well as the project plight please visit the website




LOS ANGELES – Best described as ‘the musician’s multi-tool,’ Jamn is a revolutionary new application based on the building blocks of musical theory. Compatible with iPhone and iPad, this brand new app just hit iTunes stores around the world to both critical and consumer acclaim. Equal parts visually stunning and user engaging, Jamn demonstrates the relationship between music theory and the actualsounds emitted from a multitude of instruments in a simple way.Inspired by the color wheel, Jamn’s creator Johnny Quattro utilized the same circleformat to reveal how keys, chords, scales and notes are correlated and in turncompliment one another.

“The Jamn Wheel is fundamentally very simple. Instead oflaying music out in the traditional linear way, the circle rotates to reveal the harmonyand dissonance in scales and chords.” said Quattro of the design. In addition, Jamndemonstrates the tonic, major scale, relative minor scale and diminished triads in anintuitive and logical way. Jamn embraces all levels and types of musicians regardless of expertise or knowledge.Whether it’s your first time picking up a guitar or your a platinum selling artist on theroad, Jamn shows the underlying structure of abstract music theory. The debut version of Jamn has interactive window patterns that match the physical scale and fret patterns on traditional guitars and pianos.

It is Jamn’s ability to show music, its’ riffs and melodies from a new perspective that makes it a valuable tool for singers, songwriters, music teachers and other educators.Quattro, an Australian native and avid guitar player, developed Jamn out of anexperience he had while attempting to accompany a friend on-stage. “The lead guitarist leaned over to me during the concert and said the next song in the set should be played in a particular key. A key I had never heard of!” said Quattro. Trying to make the best of it, Quattro, who has a background in engineering and design, struggled to follow along, but was determined not to find himself in the same situation again. “I figured that this was a problem that all musicians must face on a frequent basis, so I kept thinking about music’s core aspects and theories to come up with a solution.”

Six months later, Jamnwas born. Now available for $0.99 on iTunes, the multi-tool app provides users the opportunity to reexamine music theory, add unique, personal style to songs, improvise and explore combinations freely, construct different chords and learn scale patterns, transpose keys instantly and much more. Developed by musicians for musicians, Jamn embraces anyone with a passion for music and the curiosity to learn more. Quattro summed it up best when he said, “With Jamn people quickly realize that everyone possesses the ability to not only play music, but play music really well.”  

For more information on Jamn, please visit 
How to Jamn…See Jamn in action. Learn the ins and outs of the app in less than 2 minutesJamn Multi Tool HD
Get Jamn Now!


DANKO JONES Releases New Album

‘Rock And Roll Is Black and Blue’

Today marks the United States release of the highly-anticipated new album by DANKO JONES, entitled Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue. In celebration of today’s release, Revolver Magazine is streaming the album in full! Head to to listen to the entire album right now, and afterward, purchase the album on iTunes or Amazon, or stream it on Spotify! The first single from the album Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue, entitled ‘Just A Beautiful Day’, is currently making waves on radio stations around the globe. Last week, a video for the single directed by the Diamond Bros premiered with! The video is still available for viewing now at Remember, a free download of the single is still available at  DANKO JONES’ new DVD, Bring on the Mountain, and the short film from that DVD featuring the likes of Elijah Wood, Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) and more, The Ballad of Danko Jones, will be showing at several film festivals this fall!


September 28 – Oct 9, London @ Raindance UK – Ballad of Danko Jones 

October 4 – 11, Louisville, KY @ The Louisville Int’l Film Fest – Ballad of Danko Jones 

October 12, Venice, CA @ Other Venice Film Festival – Ballad of Danko Jones      

October 13, Venice, CA @ Other Venice Film Festival – Bring on the Mountain       

October 13, 3.00 PM, Tucson, AZ @ Tucson Film & Music Festival – Ballad of Danko Jones

October 13, 9.30 PM , Tucson, AZ @ Tucson Film & Music Festival – Bring on the Mountain




 Toronto, ON – Canada’s foremost mentalist, magician and psychological entertainer, Mysterion The Mind Reader, is bringing his dynamic Mental Magic and Spookshow to the Revue Theatre on Tuesday, October 23.The 90-minute performance features a vast array of magic acts including a daring gallows escape, levitating tables, a parlour séance and more. Tickets are currently on sale at The Revue box office, Hells Belles Clothing and For full show details and ticket information, see below.
In the Mental Magic and Spookshow, Mysterion creates an interactive environment where the audience participates in each act featuring a variety of different magic techniques including illusion, psychokinesis, hypnotism and telepathy. Mysterion’s unique brand of magic and his uncanny ability to read minds has made him one of the country’s most sought-after mentalists.
The enigmatic performer has entertained audiences all over the world and has been featured on various television networks including MTV, Global, CITY TV and Discovery. Currently, Mysterion can be seen on HGTV’s hit show Four Houses. He was also prominently featured on Showcase’s Kenny vs. Spenny and has been a guest on a number of radio programs such as 103.9 Proud FM and The Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 FM. 
“Halloween is my birthday, and freaking you out is my gift to you…”
– Mysterion The Mind Reader
Mental Magic and Spookshow Featuring Mysterion The Mind Reader
Date: October 23, 2012
Doors: 6:30 P.M.
Showtime: 7:00 P.M.
Venue: Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto.
Duration: 90 minutes
Admission:  $15.00 in advance.
                    $20.00 at door.
                    $10.00 under 18.
To purchase tickets, please visit:


Photography By: Fridae Mattas


New York, NY – October 4, 2012 – Hard rock supergroup HELLYEAH has announced a long string of tour dates in both the US and Canada for this fall. The run kicks off on October 19th in Oklahoma City, which finds the band sharing the stage with The Cult, Hinder, Buckcherry, Saving Abel and Lit. Following those shows, HELLYEAH will embark on a solo run through Texas, across Canada and select East Coast gigs, which will lead them up to the anticipated Lamb of God tour. All dates are on sale now. Detailed routing is listed below.
HELLYEAH released their highly anticipated third album, Band of Brothers, in July. The album’s second single, “Drink, Drank, Drunk” holds true to the band’s heavy-hitting, feel good rock and roll. The track has charted at Active Rock one week following impact and continues to climb.
Festival Dates with The Cult, Hinder, Buckcherry, HELLYEAH, Saving Abel, and Lit:
Fri-Oct-19Oklahoma City, OKZoo Amphitheatre
Sat-Oct-20Miami, OKBuffalo Run
Sun-Oct-21San Antonio, TXSunken Gardens Amphitheatre

Headline Dates with Holy Grail in the US; Dance Laury Dance and Holy Grail in Canada:

Tue-Oct-23 Waco, TX Wild West
Wed-Oct-24 Lubbock, TX Jake’s Backroom
Fri-Oct-26 El Paso, TX House of Rock Live
Sat-Oct-27 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theater
Sun-Oct-28 Ventura, CA Ventura County Fair
Wed-Oct-31 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater
Thu-Nov-01 Vancouver, BC The Venue
Sat-Nov-03 Edmonton, AB Edmonton Events Center
Sun-Nov-04 Regina, SK The Pump
Mon-Nov-05 Saskatoon, SK Odeon Nite Club
Wed-Nov-07 Thunder Bay, ONT Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
Fri-Nov-09 Toronto, ON The Opera House
Sat-Nov-10 Montreal, QC Club Soda
Mon-Nov-12 Quebec City, QC Imperial Theater
Wed-Nov-14 Watertown, NY Exhibition Hall
Fri-Nov-16 Jacksonville, NC Hooligans Music Hall

 Sat-Nov-17    Jacksonville, FL      Brewster’s Roc Bar

With Lamb of God:
Tue-Nov-20 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle
Wed-Nov-21 Charlotte, NC The Fillmore Charlotte
Fri-Nov-23 Wallinford, CT Toyota Presents Oakdale
Sat-Nov-24 Philadelphia, PA The Electric Factory
Sun-Nov-25 Boston, MA House of Blues
Mon-Nov-26 Niagara Falls, NY Rapids Theatre
Tue-Nov-27 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE – Indoor Stage
Wed-Nov-28 Richmond, VA The National
Fri-Nov-30 Chicago, IL Congress Theatre
Sat-Dec-01 Detroit, MI The Fillmore Detroit
Mon-Dec-03 Grand Rapids, MI The Orbit Room
Tue-Dec-04 Des Moines, IA Val Air Ballroom
Thu-Dec-06 Houston, TX Bayou Music Theater
Fri-Dec-07 Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom
Sat-Dec-08 Kansas City, MO Uptown Theatre
Mon-Dec-10 Denver, CO The Fillmore Auditorium
Tue-Dec-11 Farmington, NM McGee park
Thu-Dec-13 San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
Fri-Dec-14 Medford, OR Medford Armory
Sat-Dec-15 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory Concert House
Sun-Dec-16 Seattle, WA Show box SODO