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By: Fridae Mattas

Unfortunatly for me I missed all the cool stuff at Winter Woofstock, I  arrived an hour or so before it wrapped for the day. Once I walked in there were still plenty of cute little furballs roaming all over Hall C of the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. I love all Animals especially Dogs or as I would call them “Uberts”. Many dogs and cats were my pets I loved them all so dearly and still miss having them around. Very excited to see all these cutiefaced Uberts floating, they were all so soft and most even loved to strike a pose for me and my camera. Anyone want Doggy portraits let me know! 

A few of the Ubert’s I came across seemed sad, others anxious, extremely happy and then there were the poor doggys dressed in clothes they were not vibing. I feel bad for any animal when their owner dresses them up in hideous attire, the funniest were the people pushing their dressed up little dogs in pink strollers like children. Plenty of things to see at Winter Woofstock 2012, a chance for the dogs to get a photo with Santa, many dog shows, all kinds of different booths with canine affiliated accessories, food, bedding, strollers you get the drift. Next year I will be catching all the fun stuff and I can’t wait to hug, pet and play with all the cute dogs again! You can always find more photos of the adorable furries I came across, in the gallery posted at the end of this article.

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By: Fridae Mattas

Last Wednesday November 7th Dethklok hit Toronto’s Sound Academy for the Metalocalypse fall tour with Machine Head, Black Dahlia Murder and All That Remains. Initially, I wanted to check out and shoot all of the bands but meetings lasted longer than expected and all pf the construction by Union station fucked up the rotation. When I first heard of Dethklok I was more than little confused, were they a cartoon or a band? Well, the answer is both! You can find the bands story on their website here.

I arrived a few tracks into Machine Head’s set, upset that I missed shooting them again, at least this time I was able to see some of the set. They were fantastic, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage! The venue was packed yet not sold out, with all the various different people I encountered it came close enough. Such an enormous difference in energies from the show the night before at The Phoenix, this crowd was enjoying themselves and soaking up every second of sound from their favorite metal bands. 

I loved all of the guitar solos because they were impeccably well done, the axes were crying with joy and my ears were in absolute guitar heaven, floating on little guitar clouds. Major props to the band for having a moment of silence for Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker. He passed November 1st 2012 from injuries inccured by a motercycle accident on October 31st. What amazed me was the whole Sound Academy went silent for a moment, I have never seen any venue go silent that fast before, good job Toronto! Sady, Mitch was drinking and driving the night of his accident, his extremely bad decision cost him his life. Please be safe everyone, don’t drink and drive, take the bus drink as much as you want, find a cab, ride with a sober friend, there are so many alternatives. The crowd was so into Machine Head, it was fun to watch especially this little Larry who was headbanging hard with his three homies. Cannot wait for Machine Head’s return to Toronto, I hope to be covering them and will arrive extra early, you should catch them on the Metalocalypse tour which is still kicking.

Dethklok hit the stage shortly after Machine Heads’ set wrapped, there were so many photographers at this show I was surprised they allowed that many in the pit. The downfalls were the bright screen behind the band causing them to appear as shadows and way too much fog. In the right places fog can create some amazing stills but on overload it degrades the quality of the photo. I managed a few shots in the three short songs we were allowed to shoot, you can view more photos in the gallery at the end of the review.

 The cartoons were funny, the lighting was amazing and the band played well. Vocalist Brendon Small needs to sing with more clarity his enunciation was almost non-existent. I tried so hard to get a clear shot of Drummer Gene Hoglan but couldn’t get the crisp photograph I wanted due to the overwhelming fog. Every set I have covered in the past at this venue has always been too foggy. The rest of the live Dethklok band is Mike Keneally – Guitar, Bryan Beller – Bass/Backup vocals and Pete Griffin on the Bass.

I wanted to be blown away, the conclusion of this show is that Machine Head put on a better performance than the headliners. Completely expecting Dethklok to make a lasting impression I would never forget but that was not the case here.  Their fans however couldn’t have disagreed with me more. What can I say, I have been spoiled by covering the best of the best and the only other band I have seen live that had cartoon characters was Hail The Villain. Their previous frontman Brian Crouch puts on a very entertaining set, Crouch has since moved on and formed a new band Six Side Die. They have a different sound than HTV but Bryan is just as entertaining.

Dethklok put on a respectable fourteen track performance playing the soundtrack to the cartoons. Would I hit up another show? Possibly…I love to see how bands improve on their performances and music. The Metalocalypse tour is fun to watch go see for yourself!

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All Photography By: Fridae Mattas



The 8th Annual ANDY KIM CHRISTMAS SHOW will be held at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on December 13th. The Phoenix is at 410 Sherbourne Street. Doors 7pm – 19+. Tickets are $25.00 and are available at all Ticketmaster Outlets, Rotate This, Soundscapes or call 416-870-8000 to charge by phone.  Performers announced include Ron Sexsmith, Kevin Drew and Brandan Canning from Broken Social Scene, with many more to be announced every week. 

Last year’s “Andy Kim Christmas Show” was the most successful event of the Holiday season and this year’s promises to be even more spectacular. The concert event is the brainchild of music legend, and the evenings’ Host and performer, Andy Kim.
During this one-of a kind charity event, patrons will be treated to a classic variety entertainment show that includes holiday performances by some of the country’s most sought-after singer/songwriters and performers. Past guests including Sam Roberts, Lights, Ron Sexsmith, Alex Lifeson from Rush, Broken Social Scene, James Black & Rick Jackett from Finger Eleven, Sarah Harmer, Jacksoul, BUCK65, Honeymoon Suite, Arkells, Barenaked Ladies,  and more.
This year’s charity is The Jeff Healey Park. Last year, the City of Toronto honored his memory by renaming Woodford Park, in the Queensway neighbourhood of Etobicoke where Jeff grew up, “Jeff Healey Park.”  Andy says, “The late Jeff Healey was not only a towering figure on the Canadian musical scene, for many around the world, especially for those people living with disabilities, the way Jeff overcame his blindness and achieved great things in his short life was an inspiration.” 
100% of the profits from this year’s show will go to the Jeff Healey Park musical project. Andy wants to incorporate a unique musical theme into the playground at the park, by adding musical instruments that all children can play and enjoy.  Andy says, “I am thrilled this year’s charity will be the Jeff Healey Park.  That park was a huge part of Jeff’s childhood.  It seems so appropriate that future generations of children will be able to make music in the very park that he loved so much as a child.”
“I look forward to the Andy Kim Christmas Show every year… even more than Christmas itself.”
-Ron Sexsmith
Going into its 8th year, the Andy Kim Christmas Show has been gathering friends and fans together to celebrate the spirit and generosity of the musical community in Toronto with all proceeds going to charity. Join us for a magical evening jam-packed with Canadian talent and Christmas music.
Born in Montreal, Andy Kim was inspired by the Beatles, Hank Williams, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Bob Dylan. He found fame in New York City at just 16 years old when he wrote How’d We Ever Get This Way?, the first of nine Billboard Top 40 hits, including #1 songs Rock Me Gently and Sugar, Sugar, one of Billboard’s “Greatest Songs of All Time.” A true Canadian son, Andy has been awarded the country’s top industry honor twice, the JUNO Award for outstanding achievements in the record industry, as well as the “Indie Award” for Favorite Solo Artist in 2005. Andy is a member of Songwriters Hall of Fame and was inducted into Billboard’s Hit Parade Hall of Fame in 2010. Over his epic career, Andy has sold over 30 million records, with songs covered by music history’s greats, including Wilson Pickett, Tom Jones, Ike & Tina Turner, and Bob Marley.
His last album, Happen Again (eOne Music Canada) is his first album in over 20 years. His new music possesses the timeless, transcendent and transforming qualities of his songs before, while giving us a very personal look into the artist’s take on love and change.
Andy’s new album is almost finished, along with a documentary on Andy’s life is also in the beginning stages, both for a 2013 release.
Visit Andy Kim’s official site


Returns November 17-18, 2012
Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place

Check Out the Top 10 Pooch Products at
North America’s Largest Festival for Dogs! 

WOOFSTOCK, North America’s largest festival for dogs returns for its 3rd annual winter canine celebration on November 17 – 18, 2012 in the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.

WINTER WOOFSTOCK is the largest holiday shopping experience for the 78% of dog owners placing gifts under the tree for their four-legged family members. While the festival kicks off with zany attractions like Breakfast with Santa and the Ms. and Mr. Canine Canada Pageant, WOOFSTOCK is a proverbial breeding ground for unique canine commodities. Refer to the attached pdf for the top 10 products at this year’s WINTER WOOFSTOCK from light-up leashes to outerwear by Canada Pooch.

Sponsored by The Toronto Star
Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @ 10-11am
BULLWRINKLES ARENA, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
Santa Claus has a penchant for pooches! Kicking off each day of shopping, fashion shows, and zany canine contests, WINTER WOOFSTOCK is holding “Breakfast with Santa” offering pet parents the perfect photo-op. 

Calendar Signing and Photo-op at Oakville Firefighters Booth
All day Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th
The courageous Oakville Firefighters have partnered with the Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs to produce a calendar that manages to be sexy, cute, and philanthropic!  Calendars sell for $10 with all proceeds being donated to the Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs.

With Canine Communicator Charlotte Szivak, 
Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @ 11-11:45am
MAIN STAGE, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
New to WOOFSTOCK, this interactive seminar will engage the audience in an open discussion with internationally renowned doggie communicator Charlotte Szivak. Charlotte specializes in communicating with dogs, of one’s past or present. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to interact and learn techniques to explore a deeper connection and understanding with their dog companions.

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @ 11:30am-2:30pm
BULLWRINKLES ARENA, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
The Ultamutts show features an assortment of more than 30 incredible and hilarious tricks. Hosted by TV dog trainer Melissa Millett, this talent-packed performance is fun for the whole family! The highly trained dogs demonstrate some amazing tricks including; skateboarding, skipping, counting, doggy handstands, a stunt dog, a dog who can read, and more!

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @12:05pm
MAIN STAGE, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
Fashion forward pooches of all sizes and pedigree will put on the dog, showcasing the ultimate in canine winter couture. Strutting the “dogwalk” the furry fashionistas will sport selections from the latest winter doggie fashion lines, whether they’re equipped for long walks or holiday parties! All clothing lines will be available at WOOFSTOCK. Email with a photo and description of your dog to enter your pooch into WOOFSTOCK’s next top canine model contest.

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @ 12:30pm
MAIN STAGE, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
WINTER WOOFSTOCK is here to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks in its annual Stupid Dog Trick show inviting anyone with a pooch who exhibits the zaniest of tricks to compete for the ultimate title.  Register at the WOOFSTOCK Information Booth each day from 10am-12pm throughout the Festival.

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @ 1pm
MAIN STAGE, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
WOOFSTOCK is looking for some major canine charisma! The search for the next Honey Bow Wow is on as dogs compete for the ultimate titles of Ms. and Mr. Canine Canada. Saturday’s winners will return the next day to compete with Sunday’s finalists for the grand prize packages. Register at the WOOFSTOCK Information Booth each day from 10am-12pm throughout the Festival.

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @ 2pm
MAIN STAGE, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
Rottweiler’s as Rudolph. Shi-Tzu’s as snowflakes. Airedales as angels. Canines channel alter egos of all sorts in WOOFSTOCK’s annual Best Costume Contest.  Register at the WOOFSTOCK Information Booth each day from 10am-12pm throughout the Festival.

Wiener Dog Races, Saturday, November 17th @ 3pm
Running of the Pugs, Sunday, November 18th @ 3pm
BULLWRINKLES ARENA, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
Pugs and Wiener dogs are fast and hard to catch, especially when they’re chasing pizzles! Any Pug or Wiener dog owner can enter their pooch in WOOFSTOCK’s perennial “Running of the Pugs” and “Wiener Dog Races” which sees these breeds race towards a finish line vying for a grand prize of a year’s supply of Bullwrinkle pizzles!

Register online at or at the WOOFSTOCK Information Booth each day from 10am-2:30pm throughout the Festival.

Sponsored by Fifth Leg Wines 
Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th @ 4-6pm
BULLWRINKLES ARENA, Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
Australia’s Fifth Leg Wine is serious about wine, and they’re playing host to WOOFSTOCK’s first ever Doggie Dating Soirée. Take part by stopping by Fifth Leg Wine’s booth at WOOFSTOCK and register your pet by filling out the pooch profile and Fifth Leg Wines will snap a photo for their dating board. The event will take place during yappy hour, of course!

K9 Rescue Me is a non-profit fundraising organization consisting of rescue groups working together to raise awareness, provide health care and find homes for unwanted dogs. A full list of the rescue groups participating can be found at

Saturday, November 17 – Sunday, November 18, 2012 from 10am – 6pm

Direct Energy Centre, Hall C
ADMISSION: New 2 Day Pass $10 at the door or $8 in advance online here.

$5 for seniors. Children under 12 are free accompanied by an adult.

Full info at
WOOFSTOCK Info Line: 1.416.234.WOOF (416.234.9663)


Presented by Barnsdale Farms
Sponsored by Toronto Star, Citytv and


All Photography By: Fridae Mattas




By: Fridae Mattas

When I found out Los Angeles band the Wallflowers were coming to Toronto, I had to check them out! Very young when they first emerged onto the music scene yet their music has always been familiar to my ears. They had success in the mid nineties with their sophomore album “Bringing Down The House”, it’s a record filled with hit songs. Those tunes that catapulted them into the spotlight from that record are “6th Avenue Heartache”, “The Difference”, “Three Marlenas” and probably the most popular song of their career “One Headlight”. 

I was expecting a full house that was not the case, it was a nice sized crowd but not as envisioned. No pit equaled shooting from the audience, which is always a challenge because they are in the way just as I am in theirs. I couldn’t decide which lens to use so during the second tune I switched it to the 70-200 and before the third song I switched back to my regular 18-55. I was changing them up because I wanted a group shot which was so hard to capture from where I was in the crowd. At one point I thought of wandering out of the crowd but they already looked pissed off. Stayed where I was until after the three media tunes, the band finally hit the stage about twenty or so minutes late. The crowd was obviously tired of waiting and I really don’t blame them, the band prior was atrocious from what I could hear waiting for call time.

 Once the Wallflowers hit the stage, the fans finally showed some enthusiasm for the band but it was still pretty dull. They played a few new songs off of their latest record “Glad All Over” the bands sixth studio album. They Jammed to tracks like “Reboot The Mission”, “Misfits And Lovers” plus the current single “Love Is A Country”. When they rocked those tunes they were fantastic to my ears but not mainstream enough to get them back to the level of success they were at in the 90’s. Most people only know frontman Jakob Dylan because of his legendary father Bob Dylan who is in Toronto very soon to play the Air Canada Centre. Most people use their famous parents to launch their careers but not Jakob, he wanted to make music on his own terms. The Wallflowers’ sound is much different than any of Bob Dylan’s music, he leans more on the classic rock side and The Wallflowers have this laid back bluesy rock vibe.

Of course they played the hit songs that the fans were waiting to hear but this rendition of “One Headlight” was clearly not their best. It’s obvious Dylan is sick of singing the song because he rushed through it pretty fast, meanwhile they played an almost ten minute version of “6th Avenue Heartache”. The audience was depressing, most performers feed off the crowds energy and  all this crowd was doing was putting everyone to sleep. A few people were rocking out having a fantastic time and then there were the drones. Half of the audience was expressionless, even during “The Three Marlenas” which is one of their big hits.

The band is: Jakob Dylan – Vocals/Guitar, Rami Jaffee – Keys/Vocals, Greg Richling – Bass, Stuart Mathis – Guitar and Drummer Jack Irons. The band had good timing, Jaffee on the keys was the most energetic and hardest to shoot. He was rocking out to the fullest, undeniably loving the tunes he was playing. Dylan was chill, his vocals are unique and he has a rich tone in his voice and managed to stay pitch perfect for majority of the set. When he sang a few of  the newer tracks I noticed that the vocals showcased more versatility and he seemed to enjoy singing them. You can find photos of the set in the gallery below and a few more here.

I do wish that Dylan, Richling and Mathis utilized all that extra space on the stage to entertain the audience, don’t be afraid to let go. One of my favorite parts was when they had a female violinist rocking out with them for a few tracks. If you like The Wallflowers go see them, I believe they are still on tour! And if you don’t know who they are, it’s time to discover a new old band.

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Photo By: Alexandra Mattas
Photo By: Alexandra Mattas




By: Fridae Mattas

First time hearing of CP/IMGStrongArm artist Tyler Medeiros was back in 2010 when Fridae TV covered his first video shoot for the song “Girlfriend”. The track is the first on the EP and it features Medeiros’s labelmate and cousin Danny Fernandes. For more about the shoot you can always check out that article with behind the scenes video here.

As I listen to Tyler’s debut EP, I noticed that all of the songs are similar in subject matter with different tempos, music and lyrics. One of the tracks “Say I Love You (Please Don’t Go)” is a semi-cover of the KC and The Sunshine Band hit. This album is your typical happy pop album tailored for Medeiros’s audience, the younger generation. However, I believe Tyler is capable of more mature content, he is seventeen and not fourteen anymore. He should eventually grow with his audience and convey that through his music if he wants longevity past puberty in this industry.

Vocals are improving, you can hear the difference between earlier recordings  compared to the most recent. One of the tracks, “I Got It Bad” was fantastic until the breakdown of the song. There was too much emphasis on a few of the last letters in the words, sounding too harsh and unnatural. It is always good to have clear diction for crisp recordings but, there is a difference between clarity and over enunciation. People working with younger talent need to be a little more nurturing to mentor and refine the artists’ natural abilities. With continued vocal work, time and dedication to his music, Tyler can turn out to be a great Canadian entertainer.

Many songs on this record like “Girlfriend”, “I Got It Bad”, “First Time” and “Radio” featuring Flo Rida are surprisingly strong songs. But, as stated above, I think his content needs to reflect his age group and their issues, dig deeper. If I were fifteen, I would have somewhat enjoyed this record. It’s fun, has great sing-a-long songs and decent enough beats to create dance or cheer team routines to (I would have). 

This is an honest first attempt for 17-year-old Tyler Medeiros; I look forward to seeing how he progresses and grows into his talents on a full album. All of you young pop aficionados, this record should be on your playlists! Parents Christmas is coming, you can purchase TM here.

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TM Track Listing:

  1. Girlfriend ft. Danny Fernandes
  2. #QTEE
  3. Radio ft. Flo Rida
  4. Say I Love You (Please Don’t Go) ft. Lil Twist
  5. First Time
  6. I Got It Bad
  7. Favorite Girl





CONTEST INFORMATION: Thanks to the amazing folks at Cineplex and Eagle Rock I have a pair of tickets for the screening to giveaway!

Email “Crossfire Hurricane” in subject line to with your contact information and the answer to the question below .

QUESTION: What is your favorite Rolling Stones album?

*No purchase necessary, non transferable contest ends 11:59pm Tuesday November 6th 2012. Winner will be announced on Wednesday November 7th 2012 chosen at random.*

Email your answer with “CROSSFIRE HURRICANE” in the subject line along with contact information as stated above to: 

Good Luck!

xo FRIDAE (Who knows, I may be there…)



Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas Cinemas (formerly AMC)

10 Dundas Street East, Suite 402




Cineplex Celebrates ‘CROSSFIRE HURRICANE’



Toronto, ON – Cineplex Entertainment’s Front Row Centre Events and
Eagle Rock Entertainment today announced that they will present the Rolling Stones’ documentary, ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ for one night only, on Thursday, November 8, 2012,
at 7:30 p.m. local time.
‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ directed by Brett Morgen, provides a remarkable new perspective on the Stones’ unparalleled journey from blues-obsessed teenagers in the early 1960s to rock royalty. It’s all here in panoramic candour, from the Marquee Club to Hyde Park, from Altamont to Exile, from club gigs to stadium extravaganzas.
With never-before-seen footage and fresh insights from the band themselves, the film will delight, shock and amaze long-time devotees, as well as another generation of fans, with its uniquely immersive style and tone. ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ places the viewer right on the frontline of the band’s most legendary escapades.
Taking its title from a lyric in ‘Jumping Jack Flash,’ ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ gives the audience an intimate insight, for the first time, into exactly what it’s like to be part of the Rolling Stones, as they overcame denunciation, drugs, dissensions and death to become the definitive survivors.
To celebrate this special event, Cineplex will offer an exclusive 50th anniversary commemorative ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ numbered collectable ticket for anyone seeing the film on November 8.  Guests will receive their ticket at the theatre on the night of the film.
Tickets for ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ are available at participating theatre box offices and online at  A complete list of participating theatres and showtimes is also available online.
The worldwide distributors of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ are London’s Eagle Rock Entertainment, with Tremelo Productions and Milkwood Films as the production companies.
“We are very pleased to continue our association with the Rolling Stones’ visual rights agenda and their collaboration with such great filmmakers,” said Terry Shand, Eagle Rock Entertainment Chairman and CEO.
Eagle Rock Entertainment will release ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ on DVD and Blu-ray in spring 2013.
About Eagle Rock Entertainment
Eagle Rock Entertainment is an international media production and distribution company operating across audiovisual entertainment programming. Eagle Rock Entertainment works directly alongside talent to produce the highest quality programming output covering film, general entertainment and musical performance. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices based in London, New York, Germany, France & Toronto.
About Front Row Centre Events (FRCE)
Brought to you by Cineplex Entertainment, Front Row Centre Events bring world class entertainment to your local Cineplex Entertainment theatre and other participating locations. Presented in high-definition with digital surround sound, guests can experience the best in original, one-night only and series-based programming. With the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD series, Broadway productions, live broadcasts direct from the stage of London’s National Theatre, dance performances, classic films, concerts, live sporting events and documentaries, Front Row Centre Events put you in the centre of the action on the big screen.
About Cineplex Entertainment
Cineplex Inc. (“Cineplex”) is one of Canada’s leading entertainment companies and operates one of the most modern and fully digitized motion picture theatre circuits in the world.   A top-tier Canadian brand, Cineplex operates numerous businesses including theatrical exhibition, food services, gaming, alternative programming (Front Row Centre Events), Cineplex Media, Cineplex Digital Solutions and the online sale of home entertainment content through and on apps embedded in various electronic devices.  Cineplex is also a joint venture partner in SCENE – Canada’s largest entertainment loyalty program.
Cineplex is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and operates 133 theatres with 1,438 screens from British Columbia to Quebec, serving approximately 70 million guests annually through the following theatre brands: Cineplex Odeon, SilverCity, Galaxy Cinemas, Colossus, Coliseum, Scotiabank Theatres, Cineplex VIP Cinemas, Famous Players and Cinema City.  Cineplex also owns and operates the UltraAVX, Poptopia, and Outtakes brands.  Cineplex trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol CGX.  More information is available at