EXPOSED! The Dragqueen STALKING Hollywood!

By: Lulu D

  • *Update* Names of Hollywood’s non biological female crypto stalker Decepticons revealed!
  • ASHLEY MOORE (IKWYDLS reboot Pictured below blackfish brother to Selena Sloan)
  • SELENA SLOAN (AHS super basic blackfish brother to Ashley)
  • Michael/Michaela Oakland (SheRatesDogPodcast fake)

Since the invention of social media, there has been multiple ways to create a completely different persona online. Some people have taken it to the next level of catfishing and become a whole different gender for fun, others are trying to make a career out of it and their malicious cruel intentions. Keep that film in mind as you continue to read this exposé on, “The Pokeball’s that Pikachu’d Hollywood!”. The problem with photoshop and these apps like face tune, reface etc. is they help keep the Instagram fraudulence alive. Most recently cracking down on social catfish, the country of Norway took matters into their own hands, for the sake of salvaging the younger generations body image andmental health. All social media influencers and advertisers are to use a disclaimer, if their post images have had any alterations or will be fined. Now that this has been said, the story begins, the ploy of this basic, broke criminal is; to force itself into a love triangle by doctoring images and jumping on camera for some clout. Below, we have added images of Fridae’s boyfriend and some of the other victims of the Hollywood Cryptodragster. We have blocked out his face in most, as to not publicize the extortionist further. This person claims to be of mixed decent but he is Asian and has even gone so far as taking pictures with random old white people to pass off as his grandparents. We are talking, super psychotic, in need of a padded room and a straight jacket for life crazy!

Pictured: Ryan Phillippe in the backyard of his rental home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Friday, July 16th.
 Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas
Pictured: Ryan Phillippe in the backyard of his rental home in Albuquerque, New Mexico relaxing with Girlfriend Fridae Mattas. Friday, July, 16th 2021.
Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas

The reason we are bringing this to everyone’s attention is, he targeted the wrong one’s boyfriend this time! Once he posted those fake pictures, it was instagram battle time and you can catch all the tea on our instagram, Fridae’s personal and the fresh FridaeTV insta and her boyfriends instatags of course. We were lucky enough to have met the boyfriend last fall, when he was back in LA after wrapping the badly done, rip off of his life that used him for clout, like the drag queen is trying to do, what a shit show! We went for a stroll and ended up at Milk ice cream shop, in Beverly Hills last October. We also saw a billboard of the show he just wrapped and Fridae started cursing him out for ditching her, to go film such a basic program in Vancouver. He treated us to some ice cream, not a big deal to most but when restaurants and fun places were still limited capacity in Los Angeles we’ll take it! It’s a miracle we met him because they have been trying to keep their relationship ultra low key, away from the public. Due to covid closures, crypto thought he would take advantage of this and try to cling on to boss’s bae, like the clingeroo he is! He has latched his man hands onto Lil Twist, Justin Bieber, seen with Shia LaBeouf (the crypto staged the whole thing and notified the paparazzi, for some attention and cash, he has covid thirst.) and so many others. This is the drag queen, all the boys are warned about in the locker rooms, the thirsty desperado.

Crypto Dragqueen seen here with Justin Bieber one of his early targets, until Poor Biebs like all the others, found the berries and a baby banana.

A little background information, February 2021, our boss here at PMP and, Ceo/Editor; Fridae Mattas reconnected, with a man she met at work 12 years earlier in 2008. During the 1st round of lock downs and covid-19 quarantine, they started talking over socials & facetime everyday (yes, his only 2 verified accounts are twitter and Instagram). Fridae doesn’t discuss her personal private life at all, to us this was a surprise because she just started dropping names and our eyes kept growing wider it was like a river of tea. I’m sure none of you knew because we didn’t even know that she dated Nick Carter, Paul Walker (Crypto tried to link himself to Paul Walker too, postmortem by commenting on one of his daughter’s tributes to him and having a low grade hagrag publish the comment on the internet for clout.), almost Justin Timberlake and so many more heartthrobs we and the cryptodragqueen wish we had a minute with.

Miss Mattas is quiet until you know her, aside from her film and music projects, accredited Journalist Fridae, was always in the background with over 35 films under her belt, countless jobs as a model, various music videos, tv shows, music groups, you name it, she’s done it and was perfectly fine, “being decoration”, as she calls it. She doesn’t crave the spotlight, unlike the talentless, cryptodragqueen stalker who is chasing clout and cash from Fridae’s boyfriend. Fridae is happy to continue on paving her own path, as one of the youngest and first female digital media pioneers, before Huffington Post and with no money. Fridae and Ryan reunited last summer and had as good a time, as anyone can during a pandemic and living in different countries. When Ryan was not with his family or working in 2020 and now 2021, he was with Fridae like in the photograph below that he took of her last Friday July 16th 2021.

Fridae Mattas, having a little fun shoot with her boyfriend Ryan Phillippe, on a sunny and hot day off from filming in New Mexico. Photo Credit: Ryan Phillippe
Canadian Media Mogul/Songstress Fridae Mattas, having a little fun shoot with her boyfriend Ryan Phillippe, on Friday July 16th 2021 in New Mexico. Photo Credit: Ryan Phillippe

The initial meeting of the now pair, was at the interview he did at Toronto’s Much Music where he stopped by in slew of media interviews for the 2008 film Stop Loss. Fridae was reviewing the film for the magazine she was writing for at the time in March 2008, it is no longer active, Like many events in her life, Miss Mattas was asked a week before by staff at Much Music, if she would like to be in the closed audience interview. She of course didn’t mind meeting the extremely handsome actor, prior to the screening. Later in the evening, after they watched the film and were sitting beside each other for most of it, he got up and left, she never saw him again. Until, last year when she picked up and moved to LA. The actor whom we are referring to is, none other than super hot and talented, Ryan Phillippe! Yes, that 90’s heartthrob, who not only had the females swooning, he played a pivotal part in most gay mens teenage lives. Phillippe is the one actor, who made them realize they were not into girls. Believe it folks, the one and only I Know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions star is in a relationship with a Canadian Boss!

As posted on his Instagram, sharing a traumatic memory that changed his life, with his million fans.
 (Ryan Phillippe, Philz in his feels in New Mexico, on the 4th year anniversary of the accident he almost lost his leg. 
Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas)
As posted on his Instagram, sharing a traumatic memory that changed his life, with his million fans.
(Ryan Phillippe, Philz in his feels in New Mexico, on the 4th year anniversary of the accident he almost lost his leg.
Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas).

Experienced in all facets of the Entertainment industry for over 25 years now, Fridae has met her fair share of “celebrities”. We don’t like that word here at FridaeTV and so we use, what Fridae refers to herself and her squad as, creatives. We at FridaeTV keep it one hundred percent legit, we don’t name drop or need to, same with likes and followers on socials because our stats speak volumes. In real life, we existed before the social media frauds took over and now we’re taking it all back, no more fake shit!

The Dragqueen, also known as “the Crypto” name by Phillippe himself, has been thirsting for fame and money since anyone, we have talked to can remember. Our sources always remain anonymous, unless otherwise specified and we are about to let you know a little bit of this trick dickery going down in Hollywood. We love our fellow LGBTQ family and friends but when one of your crusties comes for one of ours, it’s game on like Donkey Kong riding Megatron! Or like Fridae, riding cowboy Ryan, to save a horse. Ha Ha! The problem began when Mr. Phillippe had an almost drunken shower encounter with crypto the dragqueen. Fresh from an argument with Miss Mattas, when this all transpired. Everyone who knows Mr. Phillippe personally, is aware of his eye sight issues since his accident four years ago and when you throw alcohol in the mix, crazy things happen at known Hollywood hills whorehouses with then single men… After Mr. Phillippe unravelled a package he was not expecting, containing the same genitalia he had, he almost threw up and broke his face on the bathroom floor and has been running from the crypto banana bandit, ever since that horrific night in 2020. The Dragqueen, is known to many in Hollywood as the thirsty boy, who pretends to be a woman to entrap men. Ryan Phillippe was the latest target on his list of victims. Below are the only two individual photos we will share of his face, we don’t want him to be famous, he so desperately has been hungering for it like a gremlidashian but at least they came from money. We want his basic budgie budget weave, edited out of this storybook!

The Crypto stalker drag queen. Look at that jawline, skin texture and razor burn, very manly.
Body of a man, face of a man and genitalia of a man. He is a man.

Let’s go back to a few weeks ago, July 3rd 2021, there was a independence day party at the hills house, where the first incident happened. The predator was there, waiting for Phillippe. A few days prior to the party, the crypto had taken a few celebrity tour photos with his friends at Phillippe’s friend’s house, not Phillippe’s house. He proceeded to insinuate to it’s blue check, dragfishstagram account that Mr. Phillippe, in a heterosexual relationship with a Canadian Woman, took those photographs. Its so pathetic, his instagram followers are as real as he is…He bought half the fans he didn’t gain from celebrity hunting’s with whatever money he made, from Bieberfishing. Mr. Phillippe was not in LA at the time of the psycho stalker’s no celebrity photo shoot, it was his own deluded fanboy shoot. Mr. Phillippe was enjoying a quick trip to the beaches of the Caribbean with his girlfriend Fridae, his son Deacon and his lovely girlfriend for a few days, on a break from filming the show in New Mexico. The crypto worked his way into the party, while Mr. Phillippe was filming some of the boys jamming, to show his girlfriend Fridae Mattas. The celebrity stalker stood in the kitchen and was trying to get on camera, to cause drama between the couple and for a paycheck with links, to throw at tabloids for clout. Fridae, who was not in attendance of the basic event, was in fact staying at Mr. Phillippe’s Hollywood Hills home at the time and Mr. Phillippe went home to her after he left the event. Fridae stated, they are not public yet and doesn’t dwell with lower vibrational beings, plus she was packing for a trip to Europe, before heading back to New Mexico. Albuquerque to be exact, where Ryan has been working on location shooting the television series MacGruber 2. A follow up to the 2010 sleeper cult hit, MacGruber, since mid June 2021. The Crypto was so angry at the rejection on July 3rd, he released really bad photoshopped pictures trying to link him to Phillippe. Of course Fridae text her man while he was at the party, immediately after seeing the drag queen thirsting in the footage that he uploaded to his stories. Note, he went home to Fridae, not too long after that fiasco.

MacGruber 2 cast retouches makeup between takes on set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. L: Kristen Wigg and R: Will Forte.
 Photo Credit: Ryan Phillippe
MacGruber 2 cast retouches makeup between takes on set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. L: Kristen Wigg and R: Will Forte.
Photo Credit: Ryan Phillippe

We do not condone thottery, especially if you are a fake woman trying to entrap the men of Hollywood and continue to spread that chlamydia and God only knows what else. Sorry, not sorry, no bigger pay check, no more value than the pennies he already gets from the sunglasshut, where he the “model” actually works. This man is not only psychotic, a fraud and should be arrested; he still stalks Ryan and Fridae on Instagram even though he’s been blocked a multitude of times. Imagine being in a new long distance relationship, (Fridae has to go back to Canada every 6 months to keep her Canadian citizenship.) and you have crazy fans, still trying to blow up your life, harassing you and your partner, your family and friends every day. The sick crypto dragqueen fanboy, doesn’t realize Pride month is over and straight men don’t like him any month or day. The man claims to be represented by Luber Roklin/Gersh but he’s not on their roster and hasn’t booked a job with anyone in a long time. You can’t catfish in person, your Instagram blue check can’t be transferred to real money or talent darling, it’s not real life and you’re a broke joke, forever unloved. You need love, to have a love triangle. Hunting and thirsting for his next energy boost because his blackfishing colour will fade away.

Ryan Phillippe working out at his home gym in the Hollywood Hills. Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas
Ryan Phillippe working out at his home gym in the Hollywood Hills. Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas

We reached out to Mr. Phillippe for comment, he had this to say and we quote; “I was terrified and I’m still a little traumatized by the whole experience. Not only was this a huge lesson on not cheating on any woman again in my life, I thought I was with a woman! He reminded my drunk brain of my now girlfriend. I realized the error in my judgment and can’t escape that mistake even today, he won’t leave us alone. I play gay characters on television and in films because I’m an actor, that is my job. This still won’t stop me, from always being an ally to the LGBTQ community, everyone deserves love. I’m a straight Dad and have been in a relationship for over a year now, with the most beautiful Canadian woman, Fridae Mattas.”. – Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe working out at his home gym in the Hollywood Hills. Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas
Ryan Phillippe working out at his home gym in the Hollywood Hills. Photo Credit: Fridae Mattas

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