All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas






By: Fridae Mattas

Yes, it’s time to let the world read this editorial, that’s just me reassuring my O.C.D perfectionist self to let it go. Not the first time Collie Buddz brought the fiyah to Toronto and probably not the last! Good music and talented artists always get repeated coverage from me because it’s so rare to find these days. Collie Buddz (Colin Harper) new school Dancehall, Reggae, Soca artist hit Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall on his “Light It Up Tour” with support from Miami’s Cris Cab and Brooklyn’s New Kingston. Unlike many publications I don’t care about covering bands/artists that will give me a million new views and fans, I like introducing people to the good ones, new and old. Quality is very important because my ears don’t hear numbers but music is heard clearly. If I were to cover all of the mainstream crap everyone else does, I would be working at Much Music like everyone else instead of running my own budding media empire.

COLLIE BUDDZ CROWD DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013The Danforth Music Hall has been a part of East Toronto history since 1919 and was even shut down a few times since, most recently for a year and a half until it was resurrected in 2011. Come to think of it, this venue is where I saw my first ever live concert performance, a Greek Singer my Mom took me to see back in the late eighties. The Danforth is a neighbourhood in Toronto known as “Greek Town” by non Greeks and is always fun to wander, I partly grew up on that strip from Greenwood to Pape.

NEW KINGSTON LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013COURTNEY PANTON JR - DRUMS/VOX - NEW KINGSTON LIVE @ THE DANFORTBack to present day, I was hoping to make it on time for the first band New Kingston and I did! Finally I saw their full set! Well, kind of…I missed one song but did get a few good shots from the pit, they actually had a pit! Very surprised and excited when I saw the pit because I was ready for a general admission, no pit shoot from the crowd event, so I came prepped with different lenses. No complaints here, this show ended up being my favorite of the year thus far! New Kingston is a band of brothers with a “Fathager” (Father & Manager) Courtney Panton Sr. who also plays the Bass in the band. Brooklyn, NY is where they:  Tahir Panton – Vocals/Keys, Stephen Suckarie – Vocals/Guitar and Courtney Panton Jr. – Vocals/Drums) are from. They have two records available for you to hear “Kingston University” and “In The Streets“. You can usually find them on tour with Harper (they are also his backup band), it is pretty fantastic that they get to kick off the night with their own material. I remember last year, they had a set in the city without Buddz that I wanted to cover but I had another show and all my photographers were booked. It’s hard to be five places at once, unless you can freeze time or fly which unfortunately I have yet to learn how to do.

NEW KINGSTON LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013STEPHEN SUCKARIE - VOX - NEW KINGSTON LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSICThe band was vibing it out, still I felt like they were not fully comfortable on stage but did warm up and let loose by the end of the set. Drummer/Singer Courtney Panton Jr. migrated from behind his drum kit, took off his shirt and sang for the people of Toronto. The females were loving every minute of the shirt removal and I noticed every time I wandered to different areas of the venue the crowd was growing quickly. New Kingston has this one tune with a sick beat that I have heard before but never know the name of the tune because they don’t introduce all the songs. Advice for all newbies: introduce your songs to the crowd if you want people to actually remember them and check out your music. Tahir was a lot more enthusiastic, he even smiled a few times as he was rocking a portable keyboard instead of being so serious all the time. Steve did a commendable job entertaining the crowd but he could talk to them a bit more. They need to separate themselves from being the backup band and embody more of a headlining act attitude with every performance. They also need to work on tightening up those harmonies, they were pitchy in a few songs but overall well done, I would see them again for sure.

NEW KINGSTON LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013TAHIR PANTON - KEYS/VOX - NEW KINGSTON LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSICThe next artist to heat the stage was Cris Cab, he is new to my ears, I have never heard of him or his music but quite a few people in the crowd seemed to be familiar with him. There were plenty of different age groups, couples and of course the hard core Collie Buddz fans keeping their space hostage at the front of the barricade. Cris Cab is from Miami, Florida and like many people from Miami he has Cuban roots. Cuba is such a beautiful country and my heart aches for the people who live there, prisoners of paradise.

CRIS CAB LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013The crowd cheered Cab on as he was jamming out with his band, strumming a few tunes on the acoustic himself. Not bad for a young Larry, a little work is still needed here and there but he already has swagger and a presence about him. Cris was working the stage and a crowd like a seasoned veteran and looks absolutely natural! Truly coming from his heart you could see how much he loves being on the stage, I could tell he was nervous but had it under control almost immediately. He just released the Red Road Mixtape which you can grab here. Cris was discovered by Pharrell Williams and was signed to Mercury/Island Def Jam in 2011, one thing I know is Pharrell is right, this kid is the future.

CRIS CAB LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013CRIS CAB LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013The headliner for the evening Collie (Colin Harper) Buddz was up next! The crowd was more than ready chanting his stage name “Collie Buddz!”, “Collie Buddz!”. Once the house music stopped and the band started to jam the packed venue erupted into cheers of excitement for their favorite Reggae artist. The girls were going nuts, I avoided the area he was performing right in front of because the fans were getting grabby and “Too Watchy” (laughs). I really didn’t feel like having a chunk of my hair pulled out or my head whacked by hands.

COLLIE BUDDZ LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013COLLIE BUDDZ LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013Better lighting this time around and the setlist had old tunes and new, he even played a few super fresh tunes like “Light It Up” and “Payback’s A Bitch”. I was shocked when he threw down “Come Around” so early in the set, I think it was the last pit tune before I migrated back into the crowd. Usually when I’m shooting in the media pit and I have a three song limit I can barely remember the songs, its all a blur! This was true for the first two but the last one I photographed I remembered. “Come Around” is one of his big tunes and I’m used to it being played in the middle or near the end of the set, this time he mixed it up. Looking forward to hearing what Collie drops next his tunes are always original big tunes.

COLLIE BUDDZ LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013Once I stood still long enough to observe the set for a minute, my attention was drawn to the security guards who came out of the pit to converse with an older Jamaican man. He clearly had a problem with a female who was smoking weed and apparently was blowing the smoke in his face on purpose when he told her to put it out. She should not have aggravated him by showing some common courtesy and he should have known by going to a Collie “Buddz” show on the “Light It Up Tour” people would be blazing herbs. Both could have moved somewhere else in the crowd to avoid the whole problem from the start but that didn’t happen. Don’t know the outcome because I wandered off to another corner too much drama for me, that was the first and probably the last time I will ever see a Jamaican man so mad about ganja.

COLLIE BUDDZ LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013LADY ALEXIS - BACKUP VOX LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013Unlike many musicians and people, I noticed that Collie is loyal to his COLLIE BUDDZ LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013crew, New Kingston always is his back up band and the fantastical Lady Alexis is always backup vocals. Lady Alexis (Alexis Layne) did a fabulous job although she didn’t get a solo this time around. I loved the shirt she was wearing, all the haters really should.

Buddz not only played fan favorites like “Mamacita”, “Sensimilla” and “Tomorrow’s Another Day” he also threw down some old school Reggae, DanceHall, Soca tunes like “Murder She Wrote”, “Who Am I (Sim Sima)” and one of my all time old school Reggae favorites “Everyone Falls In Love” by Tanto Metro and Devonte, I believe Beenie Man did a remix of the tune or was featured. I wish my siblings were with me they would have loved this show as would have many of you.

COLLIE BUDDZ LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013COLLIE BUDDZ LIVE @ THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL 2013Buddz was relaxed yet extremely enthused when engaging the fans, throwing smiles at them, jumping around. He was bringing his music to life for his fans wholeheartedly with sweat cloth and mic in hand. I have not heard anyone like Collie Buddz, he is still the only one who can throw it down the way he does. With other artists you can tell many are putting on a front but with Buddz he’s as real and natural as they get. The one song the crowd loved the most and I’m basing it purely on the decibel level was “Blind To You”. As Harper came back on stage for the encores, he popped out wearing a custom Toronto Blue Jay jersey with Buddz on the back of it, the crowd exploded! Everyone loves it when people represent their city and Collie does have some history with T.O.. The largest crowd I have seen for Collie Buddz, he also noticed stating that it was his biggest Toronto show and he didn’t want to leave the stage. I will definitley be covering Collie again to see his progression, plus I still want to do an interview! You all should go check out his unique blend of island sounds live if you get the chance. I’m glad everyone was having fun and nobody ended up on a gurney this time.

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By: Fridae Mattas

 Here we are again! Another Entertainment filled year of FridaeTV coverage ends and a new year of fun journeys begins! The year of 2012 had many incredible live moments and just as many failed attempts by bands new and old. Below is the list of the top ten best live artists I have had the pleasure of covering this year, they all have that something special that transcends on stage. You can find the reviews in the archives as well as videos on Fridae TV Youtube and photos not in the galleries on Fridae TV Facebook. I am very excited as to what the new year will bring! Wishing everyone an amazing 2013, thank you for all the love and support!

Much Love xo Fridae
































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COLLIE BUDDZ Live in TORONTO 2012 Editorial Review

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas




By: Fridae Mattas

It’s 2012 and the first coverage of the New Year was Sunday January 29th when Collie Buddz came around to Toronto’s Sound Academy. I could not ask for a better artist to set the tone for the new year but was not too thrilled about the venue. During the winter months that area has restricted public transportation and not everyone is willing to trek around in the cold to that obscure corner of the city. Always up for an adventure, to me everyday is a new escapade so of course I trekked it. I don’t like winter but the crazy Canadian weather doesn’t keep me from a good show.

Collie Buddz is a Modern Reggae Dance Hall Artist; born Colin Harper in New Orleans, Louisiana raised in Bermuda. Buddz first appeared on the music scene in 2006 and has been lighting up the charts and Womens hearts since. Harper’s most recent record is The Playback EP available for purchase on his website where you can find more information on Collie and the newest sounds like the fresh “I Feel So Good”.

Last April I saw Collie Buddz live for the first time at the Opera House, it was a scorching show with people being pulled out of the venue on gurneys upon arrival. This time it was a much more relaxed atmosphere with even more people, if this show was in the summer or at a venue just down the street there would have been more people guaranteed. It was a good sized crowd when I arrived, the door count was almost at 900 and people seemed to be having an exceptional time.

The show had similar components to last years, more specifically there was no media pit. We were told there would be a pit but it was non existent so once again we were thrown to the Lions but thankfully this crowd was much more understanding. Thank you to the Collie Buddz team, the amazing folks at LiveNation and all the Toronto fans who I came across for being so awesome! I handled it with ease this time but I don’t know about the two photographers from the other media outlets. Once I made my way through the ocean of people to the stage I didn’t see the photographers again that night. I planned to leave the front lines but was trapped in the crowd and a few fans looked like they were going to faint so I didn’t want to be in the direct ring of fire. I actually thought someone did pass out when DJ Peewee handed a bottle of water to a fan. Luckily the person ended up being okay, there was no need for gurneys at this show and despite being trapped again, this time I didn’t have to balance on a speaker for the whole set.

I missed the supporting acts (what else is new) and that really was too bad for me because I wanted to check out the New Kingston Band. The trio consists of two brothers and a family friend, Stephen Suckarie – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Tahir Panton – Keys/Vocals and Courtney M. Panton on the Drums (He is too sick with those sticks). In addition to New Kingston being the opening act they are also Collie’s live band keeping it in the family with the Panton’s Father; Courtney Panton Sr. on the Bass. I definitely need to see New Kingston perform because most of them put on commendable performance as backing musicians, there were a few timing issues but I am sure they are tighter with their own music. Buddz let Suckarie sing a little lead during the set and his voice sounded pretty good but needed a little more push, I think he was surprised and nervous to be put on the spot. As a guitarist he’s actually quite skilled and with a little more practice, he could probably give a few well known Axemasters a run for their money. Tahir on the Keys was boring to watch, he didn’t smile often nor did he change his facial expression. Lacking the enthusiasm, it seemed like he was not enjoying himself at all.

DJ Peewee introduced Buddz to the stage but before Buddz made his appearance, Peewee built the momentum by interacting with the audience like every good Hypeman should. The minute Collie popped out on stage the crowd erupted, he captivated Toronto instantly with his charisma and golden boy grin. Everyone who successfully managed to get their greenery into the building sparked their blunts! I was not surprised at all! A Collie Buddz show would not be complete without various types of herbal essence floating through the air. He should come and perform for the Toronto Freedom Festival, that would definitely be of epic proportions.

It was a simple stage show that felt more like a huge house jam and kept the same vibe throughout the entire performance. Harper banged out most of his hit singles like the track he recorded in Toronto “Come Around” (He didn’t even need to sing, the crowd sang it word for word.), “Sensimillia”, “Tomorrow’s Another Day” and “Mamacita”. Collie is a very unique performer, a Singjay similar to Sean Paul but has a different delivery style. He Raps and Sings with island flavor, has great range and when he needs to bring the vocals to a more solid gritty tone he does so with ease, passion and fervor. You can tell he loves to perform but still seemed a little reserved and shy.

During “Mamacita” there was a little dance break where Blacka Di Danca (A Choreographer/Dancer) flew out like a fluid stage glider ready to teach some dancing. At the Opera House show it was Collie who broke it down but this time he volunteered Peewee to do the honors for Toronto. Obviously he didn’t have the skill Blacka does but he didn’t do too bad at all. It’s always a good show when the artist and the team make the audience feel like family and at a venue of this size you have the capabilities to do that on a more intimate level than if it were an arena show. Next time I think two fans should be brought on stage and have Blacka teach them a few steps with Peewee and Collie.

I noticed Collie took his sunglasses off more than usual or it could be that I actually had a chance to be more observant because I wasn’t focused on how much face-diving into the crowd would hurt if I lost balance on the speaker. The venue it self has great sound and lighting with such a beautiful space. They even minimized the use of red in the lights alternating between the primary and secondary colours more often.

Among the all male crew in Harper’s stage entourage, there is a female but only one, Lady Alexis. She is Collie’s sultry back up singer and has an incredibly sweet tone in her voice but needs a little more confidence, let it go girl you can sing. When it was her solo she sang an Adele tune dedicated to the females in the audience and sang it very well but I could tell she was nervous. It was more evident during “No Woman No Cry” likely due to the fact she was placed centre stage after Collie gave his respects and reminded the people that Bob Marley will always be the King of Reggae. I would love to hear Lady Alexis’ original material and see what she can do as a soloist because she does have the vocal talent. I finally manged to find a path to escape the front lines when the crowd calmed down for a few seconds before ‘Blind To You’, one of the last songs in the set and a definite crowd favorite. Collie Buddz and his team gave a very entertaining performance, I did not hear one fan complain except outside a few guys were dancing around and one said “I wish the show wasn’t over!” which is a compliment. Next time Collie Buddz come around I want to film a tune, until then you can find more photos of the show on FridaeTV Facebook. If you like quality entertainment from a true artist, you need to experience the Collie Buddz electricity live for yourself.

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All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Fridae’s Choice TOP 10 LIVE 2011

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Happy New Year! It’s 2012 and I was going to publish this last year but I had to think about it a little more and finally I compiled a list of the top fifteen. I still needed some time to let it swirl, absorbing into my mind and reflect once again on the insanity of 2011. It was an incredible year for coverage many firsts, the two book signings which were chaotic , I am still undecided on if I or any of the team will be covering any in store signings again, only due to safety concerns, all were very confusing and clustered but nothing compared to the album signing…That was beyond insanity, it amazed me that the artist still had such an impact on his fans and how many females still cried.

After much consideration among the incredibly talented candidates the conclusion is…My most favorite live performance was Boyz II Men at the KoolHaus. I grew up listening and singing to these R&B legends but that is  not why I chose them. Their set was a pure raw performance without auto-tune, stage theatrics or drama, it was just the backing tracks and their voices but it was not perfect there were some issues but there never is the perfect show, shit happens things go wrong all the time and people do make mistakes! Never the less Boyz II Men brought it back to how it used to be in music, when the real talent prevailed and the over glorified tacky redundancy was shunned. Regardless of the time period Boyz II Men were still able to draw and captivate a crowd without the need for explosives or a five minute prerecorded badly acted introduction skit. In this case less is always more and as a singer I have to give it up to them for being able to still throw it down showing everyone how it’s done. Below is my top 10 live of 2011 list and the top 5 honorable mentions. Each artist, group or band are at the top of the game when it comes to making those records come to life on the stage, electrifying audiences globally.

Thank you to everyone I have worked with over the few years, lets hope we have some amazing times again this  year! And a humongous THANK YOU goes out to YOU! The FridaeTV audience worldwide, it’s all because of you I am fortunate enough to interview, photograph, film and review some of the most talented in this small yet so vast entertainment world. Thank you to everyone for actually caring about this budding little publication and I appreciate all of your continued support! Wishing you all a miraculous 2012! Much Love xxoooo ~ Fridae




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Toronto Review

By: Fridae Mattas

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Tuesday April 12th Collie Buddz brought his “Playback” tour to Toronto’s Opera House in support of his new EP of the same name. Buddz’s real name is Colin Harper, he is the semi new school Reggae Hip Hop Dancehall artist who was born in New Orleans Louisiana, moved to Bermuda when he was five and has a TDot connection amidst his Bermudian foundation. Both Bermuda and Canada are the top two friendliest places in the world to live, could it be because the Herbs “Come Around”? Collie’s star has been rising since dropping his self titled first major label album in 2007 which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts. Singles like ‘Come Around”, “Mamacita” and “Blind To You” are blowing up dance floors and urban airwaves, it was obvious those tracks were a fan favorite when he performed them in the set but they also were thrilled when he busted out the new ‘Playback’ EP tunes and a few Bob Marley covers. Collie released his ‘Playback’ EP for free on his website January 18th 2011 and has had over 75,000 downloads since, looks like it won’t stop climbing anytime soon. Playback is still available for you to download for free right now. If you haven’t done this yet, do yourself a huge favor after reading this review go download yourself some extremely enjoyable tunes. DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK HERE

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

I first discovered Collie’s music through my younger brother who is obsessed with Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap and all the Island sounds, so when he told me about this White boy who could hold his own with Reggae’s finest I had to check him out. This wasn’t his first show in Toronto but it was the first show I was able to catch. Story of my life, I always missed when Buddz came around before! Honestly thought I was going to miss this show as well, all thanks to the TTC subway having issues (What else is new?) holding up all Eastbound trains on the Bloor-Danforth for forty five minutes. As New Kingston and Los Rakas the supporting acts were jamming on stage I was sitting on the crippled subway waiting for it to start moving again so I could finally reach the Opera House located at the east end of the city close to the areas I grew up. Of course when I get off the subway the streetcar I  needed and all the Cabbies were nowhere to be found! Clearly Murphy and his damn Laws were totally fucking with me today because usually dozens of Taxi’s are waiting outside the subway stations for people but for some reason at this moment nothing!

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

After fifteen minutes of trying to hail down a cab it was accomplished, I swear it was easier to get one in NYC and the streetcar still didn’t come as I got into the cab, absolutely incredible but I finally reached the venue and it was crazy! As I walked in, the paramedics were carrying a kid who passed out from heat exhaustion because it was so hot in the sold out Opera House. I was a little scared because my intuition was telling me I was going to be in the front lines for sure and some drama lay ahead! My instincts were dead on…Soon after the fabulous Female at the door handed me my media pass she warned me it was really hot in there, people were dropping like flies, she also advised me to take off my jacket and find my way through the crowd, lastly she wished me  Good Luck”! I needed it, my crowd claustrophobia was kicking in, they didn’t have a media pit; nothing to separate media from fans but on the bright side Collie’s set was to start in five or ten minutes. A little annoyed that I missed New Kingston band but at least I caught a minute of  Los Rakas as I lithely made my way through the super crowd trying to find a unobstructed area to shoot from.

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

As I closed in on the stage, all the females at the front were giving me cut eye and kissing their teeth making it crystal clear there was no way in hell they would let me come near that area. I don’t get these girls, did they think he was going to pluck them out of the crowd and drop to one knee? Sorry ladies, he’s taken! I tried to explain to the fans I would only be there for 3 tracks to take a couple of pictures and then disappear out of their way. A few were cool with it and actually tried to help out, others asked to see my “official” media pass, that was amazing! “Blind To You Haters”… So much harassment from fans yet security was so chill! How else would I get into the venue with a professional D-SLR still camera which was in my hand if I wasn’t covering the set? I definitely couldn’t hide the camera in my bra. I showed the disbelieving Teenies (Obsessed fans) my “Official” media pass just so they could dry their crying eyes but to some of the Teenies pressed up against the stage it really didn’t matter, my media pass pissed them off more. What was I to do? If I wasn’t working there would have been some serious problems but as a C.S.W (Classy Smart Woman) who can find a solution in any predicament I let it go and did what I needed to do to resolve this issue.

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

A possible area caught my eye to the right corner of stage left by the speaker so I headed in that direction, as I was migrating over it felt as if I was swimming across an ocean of people. Minutes of being in the crowd I was drenched in sweat, with all that Teenie drama I forgot to take off my jacket but thank God I wore my spring jacket because it was a super nice warm day in the city! Once I reached the destination there was a slight new problem, a couple of fans stood in my way. Wasn’t sure how these ones would react but I asked them anyway if they would let me squeeze through to the corner, they both replied with “There’s a piece of wood there!” Ecstatic that there was some elevation I said “Oh that’s perfect, thank you!” As I climbed over, they looked at me like I was on crack because the piece of wood sticking out from under the speaker was about four inches wide. It’s never an easy task  to stand on a very thin apparatus and stay balanced, to make it more challenging  my Greek JLO kept bouncing me off balance so I had to grip the stage a few times or put my knee against it to keep steady. The good thing about the platform was it gave me just enough altitude above the crowd to actually obtain some decent shots, being tall and agile also helps in these situations. I Positioned myself in the corner so I was not blocking any of the fans views of their precious…I’m sure most people didn’t even see me until they got closer to the stage.

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Before Haper hit the stage Peewee the one and only Dj, Hypeman, backup singer sidekick introduced the band with Lady Alexis backup singer who threw it down girl has some pipes! When Buddz hit the stage the screams from the girls went to a whole other level, didn’t think the crowd would be this insanely loud especially since most of them were high from some herbal essence, I assumed they would be a little more laid back. During the tune “Mamacita” “Blacka Di Danca” gave Collie a quick dance lesson, I don’t know if he does it for every set but for this set in Toronto he did the “Kill the Roach Dance” after a little bit of Blacka’s footwork. When Collie dropped ‘Playback’ the crowd went bananas they were so enthusiastic in participating and did whatever was told. For many of his tracks Buddz didn’t even need to sing, the crowd sang word for word literally the whole set. Never in my life have I seen the Opera House this packed! It was a scorcher in there, so very hot in every way, plenty of females but also a good ratio of males, ages, colours and races. 

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Many people doubted Collie’s talent when he first came out, they thought it was all studio effects because of  his musical engineering background. From what I heard and saw that night, Collie Buddz is the real deal! With his microphone in one hand and towel in the other he spit fast and svelte. I don’t think I will ever see another white boy who can do what Colin Harper can do. His singing voice is smooth, when he raps it has flavor without nasal and he has catchy tunes that he writes with his brother. Yes he did  have his issues nothing serious just a little pitchy here and there and those sunglasses he wore for the most part of the set were played out after the first track…I get that it is your thing but come on mang, get a new thing that’s so 2005.

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Undeniable chemistry with Buddz and his backup band, they definitely brought the Island weather and humble family atmosphere with them! I was dying to dance but I almost fell a few times into the crowd due to my unintentional bouncing to the tunes. I can’t help it! I am a musical being, whenever my body hears a beat drop, a guitar lick being shred skillfully or any musical sound and rhythm that my ears like my body reacts in dance or song like a Tourette Twitch. That’s why I have never understood how so called “singers” and “performers” can just stand there on stage. If your own music doesn’t evoke something within you how do you expect others to be captivated?

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Emotion wasn’t a problem here, Collie was a little shy at times blushing from all the female love but he clearly enjoys the attention always flashing smiles while performing his music for his fans who evidently love him off. The first leg of the Playback tour is pretty much a wrap except for the last show date in Hawaii on the 29th. My moment to migrate from the corner came while he went for a breather before the encores, it cleared out a bit so I took my chance and escaped to an area with fresh air as he popped back out with an “I Love TDot” shirt. The crowd loved him even more after that. The last tune of the set was one of my favorites of his which I quoted above “Blind To You”, it talks about the haters and how you should just ignore them. The fans were the loudest for this one even though it was the last tune which he delivered with conviction. From what I hear a European Collie tour is in the works, he will be playing a few festivals this summer and finishing his very hush hush Sophomore LP. This won’t be the last time you hear of Collie Buddz, there is a long successful career in his future.

When  Collie Buddz comes around to your city for a live show, run like the wind to buy your tickets because his talent is unspeakably ahead of its time! Colin ‘Collie Buddz’ Harper is truly one of a kind, without a doubt Fridae approved!

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All Photography By: Fridae Mattas


Yes it’s true!! The Smoothest voice of the south, Bermuda’s own Collie Buddz (Colin Harper) is hitting the road and bringing his swaggar to a city near you.

Recently Buddz dropped his newest EP “Playback” a definite must listen the album can still be downloaded for free on his website. The new record has had over 75,000 downloads since it’s release on January 18th 2011.

There is a Toronto show at the Opera House April 12th. Collie’s people can guarantee they will be hearing from me closer to the date! Check to see if he’s coming to your hood!!



Collie Buddz announces January 18th 2011 as the release date for his highly anticipated EP – “Playback.”

The single and music video, “Holiday” sets the tone for the first official Collie Buddz release since his critically acclaimed self-titled debut which hit the top 100 on the Billboard charts in 2007.  The new single has received support from tastemaker DJs like Hot 97‘s DJ Enuff (New York City), Sirius/XM’s DJ Whoo Kidd, ZIP 103’s ZJ Elektra (Jamaica) and online urban mega-portals and among other sites within days of it’s release.  To reciprocate the years of overwhelming support, Buddz has decided to make the entire EP available for free on his website

Always the perfectionist, Collie has spent much of the last three years since his last release making new music. Collie proudly says of the process, “The EP was entirely written, recorded and engineered in Bermuda with my brother Smokey at Harper Digital Studios.”  The project features an array of hand-picked producers, including Supa Dups (Eminem, Akon, Mary J. Blige) and Baby Dee, whose beats compliment Collie’s progressive style.

Fresh off the groundbreaking “Legalize It Tour” with Slightly Stoopid and Cypress Hill, as well as solo runs across the United States and Internationally, Collie has maintained a rigorous touring schedule in preparation for this release. Heralded for his live stage show with a full band and unique ability to connect with the crowd, Buddz is excited to bring his music directly to his fan base via his website.

This has also been a busy year for Collie Buddz off the road. 2010 has seen the launch of his official website, the unveiling of his radio station Vibe 103, a collaboration with producers Diplo & Switch’s Major Lazer for the track ‘Never Enough’ and more genre-bending surprises in the works for 2011.  “The pieces are all falling into place, allowing me to focus on doing what I love most, making music.”

Download a free full version of “Playback” on January 18th 2011 at and follow @CollieBuddz on Twitter.