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By: Fridae Mattas

Once again Marshall Mathers teams up with Miss Fenty Riri to throw down another “Monster” masterpiece. I vowed to not write another video news release because music channels out there have fallow video hosts who like to use my words on air. Main example is a little news piece back in the day on “Love The Way You Lie“, thanks to my loyal friend who informed me of this faux pas. If you’re going to plagiarize someones work at least change up the words, laughs! This is not a news release more like a song and video review…Did not go into too much detail regarding this track in the review of “MMLP2” for good reason! I had this up my sleeve for a minute now, today it can be published because the video has been released.


The song itself is in reference to Eminem’s multiple personalities and how he is still actively feeding the monster under his bed and vice versa. In the video directed by Rich Lee, Mathers plays a patient and Rihanna is the doctor. As Rihanna sings “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed / Get along with the voices inside of my head / You’re trying to save me, stop holdin’ your breath / And you think I’m crazy, yeah, you think I’m crazy.” Mather’s reflects on his past accomplishments and demons using flash backs of The Monster’s reign. It was clever to redo and incorporate those specific videos to tell the story of the song, which goes fittingly with the lyrics. People fail to convey the message in video form these days. “Cause I need an interventionist to intervene between me and this monster / And save me from myself and all this conflict”. One of the video clips embedded within was when Eminem had his moment with Elton John, my guess is to reiterate he is not a homophobe. “I’m just relaying what the voice in my head is saying / Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just friends with the…” People need to remember he is just utilizing his freedom of speech, does not mean he actually believes some of the things he says, it’s just art.

Rihanna’s vocals on this track are very well done, she knows how to use her voice to the best of her ability. Fenty is not the strongest vocalist but as an entertainer she has the charisma and determination, not to mention she is one hell of a performer. Mathers solidifies his top spot in the music industry with a sharp flow and passion filled feelings behind the lyrics. Even though you don’t want more fame, this is your job, now werk bitch! Haha! That is, if you still have something left to say. At the end of the video Eminem comes face to face with the Monster locked in the cage being watched by two teflon padded gunmen, we all know who the moster is even before you see him. Watch this epic video and see for yourself what I’m talking about! 

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Released: Nov. 5th 2013

Label: Aftermath / Shady / Interscope

Written By: Fridae Mattas

 Everyones favorite schizo rapper from Detroit has released his eighth studio album and people are telling me the other critics are praising the MMLP2. Have yet to read anyone else’s perception on the album, truth is I just don’t have the time and these days the only opinion that matters to me is my own ha ha. Totally forgot Mathers was even dropping his album this month. I was working on the Rob Zombie record review but decided to hold those thoughts and get these ones out as soon as possible. The instant I played the first track I noticed the pieces of the original MMLP being blended with this 2.0 version. I was surprised to see the reuse of the title but it is relevant to the theme of the record and why not? Lil Wayne has The Carter 1, 2, 3, 79, 357 and Jay-Z with his five hundred blueprints.MMLP2PPDid not think I would be reviewing another record by Eminem and his personalities, honestly thought he was going to take a permanap from the industry. The world is clearly happy he did not permanap, it hasn’t even been a full week since the release and it’s already making waves like a tsunami! Word on the industry tip is that the “MMLP2” will surpass Drake’s first week sales and debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 making it Eminem’s seventh number one when the chart is revealed Nov.13th. Everyone that hated on him in the past seems to have a closeted guilty pleasure affair with the music. Eminem’s haters remind me of the Canadian music industry who laughed at Drake until America started to love him…That’s when they instantly turned into yes people and his biggest fans. Personally don’t mind some of his songs but professionally speaking he is not the strongest “rapper”? Stylistically he is not at all comparable to the level of the Emcee’s I grew up listening to like N.W.A, Dr. Dre (Who served as executive producer for this record along with Rick Rubin.), Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Snoopy Dogg, Warren G, Naughty By Nature, KRS-One, 2Pac, Biggie, Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Queen Latifa, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Jay-Z, Nas, Missy Elliot, Mos Def, DMX, WuTang, Ludacris, Fugees and of course Eminem. I would like to see any Emcee in today’s game battle Eminem, it would be fun to watch and hear, actually that should be a rap reality show where they get different Emcee’s to freestyle battle each other.
MMLP2RThe Marshall Mathers LP 2 has various tones to it like his colourful personas, you have the old school throwback vibes and some candy tunes. In a few he spits like he’s the missing member of N.W.A. and then your classic “Asshole” Ft. Skylar Grey, produced by Alex Da Kid and fueled by the vibrance of that vengeful fire flow he had on the Marshall Mathers original record. Here is a true line: “But you can’t ignore the fact that I fought for the respect and battle for it.”. Tunes like “Bad Guy” have that laid back beat where it’s just chilling and then you hear Eminem emulating “Stan’s” little Brother Matthew plotting revenge on his idol. And you are sitting there wondering how that song was birthed in his brain and as always only Eminem, Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady knows this. He revisits the skeletons he had in his closet and a few new ones popped out. On the song “So Far” he throws in a few shit ticket old school lines revamped. In the hook he declares his love for the city that took him in. “Maybe that’s why I feel so strange. Got it all, but I still won’t change. Maybe that’s why I can’t leave Detroit, it’s the motivation that keeps me going. This is the inspiration I need, I can never turn my back on a city that made me.” It is astonishing to see how quickly Detroit is deteriorating, I’ve been there a few times this year visiting friends and meeting with so called “Producers”. Every time I’m there I notice there are more and more abandoned places to wander. Funniest part about a lot of people I met in Detroit is once you tell them you’re a singer and a Journalist everyone is either an industry expert or knows Eminem and Kid Rock personally…Ha Ha sure they do!

On my last Eminem review for “Recovery“, I added the only two photos I managed to save from the Anger Management tour in Toronto at the “Skydome” back in October 2000, one of the two is below. Earlier that same year Eminem dropped the original Marshall Mathers LP, I did not review that album because well I was not old enough to be a Music Journalist back then, laughs. In 2000, I was in high school (sometimes) and trying to be the new “Destiny’s Child” with my group “Girlz Ink”. Ah haha yes, true words and sadly it wasn’t the only group I was in…Don’t recall telling the world the full story behind those photos I took and that was a day I will never forget. Those shots and FridaeTV almost never happened…My “friend” and I managed to get to the front of the floor, stage right audience left near the middle of the barricade…Huge mistake, once Papa Roach hit the stage it was over, I was getting crushed into the barricade by everyone behind me, crowd surfers were flying couldn’t breath it was getting darker, all I could hear were echoes and felt myself drifting off.emprooffm1The bitch who called herself a friend was just watching, she didn’t help or try to get help. At this point I could see colours and doubles as people were fading everything was going black. I was praying to God I would survive yet another fucked up adventure as my short teenage life was flashing before my eyes again. Just before it went completely dark I faintly heard someone asking me if I was okay, I couldn’t even speak and didn’t need to. He immediately started yelling at the crowd to move back, pulling mostly dudes off of me and was joined by the other security guards who did the same. They gave me water and kept my purse on the barricades inside and handed me my camera when I needed it. As I was regaining consciousness a few security guards were always nearby or hovering to keep me safe for the rest of Papa Roach and all of Eminem’s set, until I asked them to pull me out when it ended. Those security guards saved my life and am so thankful to them. When I could finally talk again a few minutes before Mathers and the whole D12 crew hit the stage I turned to my “friend” to tell her I almost passed out and died. She said “I know, I don’t care I’m here to see Eminem, you’re not important.” Fuck I wanted to drop kick the bitch and just as she finished rolling her eyes at me she was kicked in the head a few times in a row by crowd surfers and security did nothing to help her. Karma! Haven’t spoken to that bitch since, who needs enemies when there are “friends” like her. I saw two completely different sides of humanity that day and will always be petrified of extreme crowds.
eminem-mmlp2Mathers continues to find a way to express himself with words, he knows what formulas to use if he wants radio hits but also proves on this record it’s not about that, it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to recreate MMLP more like recapitulate. In many songs on this record and past singles, Mathers states how unaware he was of how fame would be and still has a love hate relationship with it. All you can do is embrace situations as they come the best you can, use your talent to help all those fucked up kids and people who still need a rebel superhero, someone imperfect to be their perfect. It happens to too many entertainers #1: They either evolve into a better version of themselves like Eminem seems to be doing? #2: They end up like Amanda Bynes who cracked out like Lindsey Lohan with a little Courtney Love mucho crazy sprinkled in…Or #3: they end up getting killed or killing themselves by accident or on purpose.

No Eminem album is complete without a few fabulous features from repeats Rihanna on “The Monster” tune, Nate Reuss of Fun on “Headlights”, Skylar Grey on “Asshole” as mentioned above, Sarah Jaffe, Sia and a few more vocalists also make appearances. The only rapper to spit on this record other than Mathers is Kendrick Lamar on the eccentric tune titled “Love Game”. A very hickory blend of samples from “Game Of Love” By: Clint Ballard Jr. and “The Object Of My Affection”. This tune is a comical experience in typical Shady fashion and the style of Lamar’s verse was very fitting to the concept of the tune. I like Lamar’s flow overall, he just added a whole different dimension to his talent on this record, definitely stepping up his game. I can see why he is signed to Aftermath because he has that special quality to his flow.
MMLP2 TRACKLISTEminem is 41 in human years but only really a semi-adult who will never fully grow up because he didn’t have a normal childhood. I call that (MJS) Michael Jackson or (PPS) Peter Pan Syndrome… I feel so sorry for his girls and their future boyfriends, I know first hand how intimidating fathers can be with that area of stuff…You can’t be scary in those moments or they will shut you out. Just be what your parents were not. Be Dad, someone who they can talk to, trust and always rely on. If you show them everyday how much you love them, regardless of your shenanigans they will always love you. My Father raised my siblings and I, he wasn’t perfect but always had our backs until the day he died. Although track three “Rhyme or Reason” on this record is kind of funny with the way he starts on the beat, it’s pretty shitty that Mathers never had his Father in his life. Then again he wouldn’t be who he is today like all of us, if it weren’t for his past, the good and the bad. “(What’s your name?) Shady (Who’s your daddy?) I don’t give a fuck.The beat for this track samples the 1968 hit song “Time Of The Season” written by: Rod Argent and performed by the Zombies. The music is also sampled by the fantastical Melanie Fiona on her 2008 hit “Give It To Me Right”. Some of my favorite lines of the cut are “Had a fire in my heart, and a dire desire to aspire, to DIE HARD. So, as long as I’m on the clock punching this time card, Hip hop ain’t dying on my watch.” we’ll see…
marshallmatherslpNThe continuation record is not as vulgar as the first, all of the songs are well done and he still tears people new ones. “Your ass backwards like motherfucking Bob and Silent Jay.” He still has that maniacal mind frame of an almost serial killer, which he most likely would fully be if he didn’t make it as an Emcee. The only tune that I wasn’t feeling too much is “Berzerk”, the beat is too sick with all of those old school samples but something about how he sounds on the hook made my ears cringe. That single is the only song where I heard severe nasal to the point of skipping. On the track “So Much Better” he talks about what a Hobag Hip Hop is, like a groupie not about an actual female just an analogy. I really liked the tunes “Legacy” and Beautiful Pain off of the deluxe version featuring Sia, it has an interesting little vibe to it. Marshall Mathers and all his voices would be a cool homie to have, you know he’d be loyal and always have your back but not so fun if you somehow ended up on the chopping pad with his silver bullet words aimed at you. Ta da! Surprise, Eminem actually didn’t say boo about Mariah this time around! Another surprise was the follow up to “Cleaning Out My Closet”, I’m glad Mathers has an apology of sorts for his Mom on this album. In “Headlights” Mathers seems to understand now, that yes his childhood was fucked up but his Mother tried. “Did I take it too far? Cleaning out my closet and all them other songs. But regardless I don’t hate you cause ma! You’re still beautiful to me, cause you’re my mom.” seems as though he has finally put those demons to rest. A reason I could relate to his music when I was younger was his Mother and mine share the same name and are equally as crazy…Actually, mine I think wins the Manic Biopolar award because at least his mother kind of stuck around. Some people say this record is his last and others say SSLP2 should or will follow. Who knows what he has planned for the future??
EMCRAYZEEThe main reason I even gave Eminem’s music a chance as a lickle youth was because he was a slick wordsmith. I did not like a few of his singles and actually wanted to backhand pimp slap him a few times for being so disrespectful. But, I didn’t take any of the super fucked up shit to heart because like millions of people I understand expression through artistic outlets. “Who the fuck wants a plain Eminem?“. He’s just getting issues off his chest people, it’s like 2000 all over again with attention seekers crying about how misogynistic or homophobic this and that lyrics is. Don’t you see it’s a game to him he’s a character, of course he wants to push buttons he says this himself but is he really homophobic or a Woman hater? No, he’s just a guy and they say and do stupid shit all the time and you all just keep geMMLP2Etting played. Back then and today I somewhat understand where the psycho bottled blonde was coming from, as did millions of others. It doesn’t matter how old Marshall and his “Evil Twin” get, people will still be able to relate to the “Rap God” because he is the poster child for ” The Almost American Dream” which is more common and there is a little Slim Shady in all of us. Buy your copy of MMLP2 USA here and Canada here. I give Eminem’s MMLPII Reboot 4 music notes ♪♪♪♪ out of 5!

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All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas






By: Fridae Mattas

This review was to be included with all of the other Canadian Music Week and Canadian Music Festival content but decided to split the editorials in half to give proper feature time to the artists that made the cut. After a few obstacles I am back to expressing my thoughts on these two bands.

Not too long ago I covered the headliners Hollywood Undead at a different venue but I have never seen Abandon All Ships live. They are one of those bands I always miss and the same thing almost happened again! Arrived at venue a few seconds to camera call, did not know if I missed it. Luckily for me the girl at the door was very helpful and the fabulous Live Nation escort came to get me, thank you for that! As we rushed into the pit I was scoping out the crowd, it was pretty packed already and Abandon All Ships was the second of three bands to grace the  Phoenix stage that night. DRUMS - ABANDON ALL SHIPS LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013ABANDON ALL SHIPS LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013Abandon All Ships is a five piece Electronicore band from Toronto, they have been on the scene since 2006 and will be releasing a new record July 3rd. I’ve heard two of their tracks before “Take One Last Breath” and “Infamous” which I recognized as they played them in their set. Aita’s screaming was fantastic, I love hearing growls that you can mostly understand. When Angelo Aita is not screaming he could be a little more entertaining and personable with the crowd as could Bassist Martin Broda. His vocals were decent, he has a nice tone to his voice and there is potential but he needs to work on his breathing, enunciation. The one reason I don’t listen tot his band is I am not a fan of autotuned vocals. Guitarist Daniel Ciccotelli was the most entertaining of the band, they all could have used a little more energy but overall a respectable performance…I recommend checking them out if you want a pleasant fusion of music in your ears.  MARTIN BRODA - BASS/VOX - ABANDON ALL SHIPS LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CANGELO AITA - VOX - ABANDON  SHIPS LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013

TORONTO CROWD @ HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013Hollywood Undead were the headliners, the house lights were dimming , the fog started to emerge and once the beat dropped the crowd was fired up and ready for the band to blow them away! HU started in with the intro “Dust In The Wind” morphing into their set with hit single “Undead”. I was expecting the crowd to be a lot crazier than they were, it was like they were fighting the urge to crowd surf and mosh. A few were brave enough to fly around but in my opinion not enough people  were surfing considering how many bodies were in the venue, I was a little dissapointed in Toronto. It was good to see more females this time around, all were enjoying themselves and some were having a little too much fun! One girl in particular was escorted by security a few times because she was too intoxicated, some people just don’t know their limit or how to handle their liquor. As much as I dislike shooting in mosh pits or with crowd surfers, I love to photograph them and look forward to these shows just to get shots of the amazing crowd. Not this time…Although they were very energetic it did not compare to the crowd when I first covered Hollywood Undead at the Sound Academy. It could be because the band always comes to Toronto in the middle of cold ass Canadian winter, when most of us are hibernating in our igloos (ha ha). As I migrated out of the pit and back into the crowd area it was pretty packed for a Wednesday night where more than 300 other bands were playing across the city for the 2013 Canadian Music Week festival. DA KURLZZ - MC/DRUMS - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2DANIEL MURILLO - VOX - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2Once the band began to play, the first few songs were strong but soon enough I could hear there was something off, it sounded like they were having some technical issues with the equipment. Messier and a little strained but then again it was not their fault, the sound system clearly needs an overhaul. If you have the option to migrate around and shoot from different angles, always take it! The more options the bettter but there were a few newer photographers camping out at the same place for all three tunes. I love shooting the masks especially the ones that light up, I have mentioned this before in prior reviews so I will skip the details. I do wonder if they can see in those things? I did see that they were sweating bullets under those masks, I tried my best to avoid sweat drops on me or my lens. last time there was no pit and this venue usually doesn’t have one, I came prepared ready to shoot from anywhere  in the venue.J3T - MC - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX  CMF 2013HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013On with the show! It was the same setlist as the last performance covered, the fans eagerly chanted and sang the words to each song before the beats dropped. Majority of them knew the track order off by heart. It’s always cool to watch all of this transpire after I am done photographing the band, you can feel the love the people have for their favorite musical act. The Larries of Hollywood Undead are stepping their game up every time I catch a set, Funny Man is not lurking in the shadows as much anymore however, I did see him standing in a corner taking it all in. His voice is full of bass when he flows, my ears like this sound! If  keeps up the crowd visibility and confidence enhancement, he will actually embody his nickname on stage. “I didn’t expect him to sound like that, he doesn’t look like he can rap” said a girl to her friend in the crowd. How can you tell by looking at someone if they can rap or sing? Some people are seriously delayed.FUNNY MAN - MC - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013J DOG - MC/KEYS HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013The whole band had much more energy at the January show, but they had the charisma necessary to deliver what the fans were expecting, a great fucking performance. They just released a new record titled “Notes From The Underground”, working on that review. I like their style of Rap Rock crossbreeding especially the beats, these Eminemabee’s are growing on me. J3T and Charlie had the tightest flow with the most conviction followed by Funny Man and J-Dog. Danny sang his heart out as the crowd was singing along with him. There were moments he sounded a little tired but kept his energy up throughout the show. The Drummers had a nice solo which is always fantastic to watch because there are two of them, Da Kurlzz who floated the stage even more occasionally shaking out his curly fro hair. And, there was D-Rock who kept the beats on lock the entire set! I always try my best to get shots of every person on stage but sometimes it’s hard getting a clear shot of the drummer. And with this band it was more challenging because there are nintey five band members on the stage ha ha.DA KURLZZ - MC/DRUMS - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2CHARLIE SCENE - MC/VOX/GUITAR - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOEHOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013J-Dog was rocking the Axe and Keys throughout the set as was Charlie Scene and Danny. But, J-Dog took it to the next level and jammed out on the speaker with his guitar for a few minutes, the crowd loved that! J-Dog is the most improved this time, they need to do more stage antics and work on interacting with the audience. Bringing a few fans up on stage every show is a good start.J3T - MC - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX  CMF 2013HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE PHOENIX CMF 2013During the set in January Charlie Scene’s twin Larry was chosen to come on stage. This time, they invited two little boys both of whom looked under eleven (all ages show). The little Larries were dancing around trying to rap with the big boys, that was too cute. I love it when bands acknowledge their fans even when they have mascara tears, make them feel special and they will always come back for more. Hollywood Undead closed the set with “We Are” the first single from the new album. On that note, I suggest checking both bands live if you get the chance.

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All Photography By: Fridae Mattas



All Photography By: Fridae Mattas





All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

By: Fridae Mattas

It has been a few years since I first saw Hollywood Undead live at the Sound Academy, they have recently dropped a new record “Notes From The Underground” released January 8th 2013, a review for that album will be published in the near future. This was the first official show of 2013 for Fridae TV, I chose to cover this band once again last Wednesday January 23rd because the people love them! From the day I published the 2011 editorial HU has been searched every day and the review is still one of the top viewed on Fridae TV. What the people want, I try my best to give. It was a sold out show and the people were already hype and ready to see Hollywood Undead in action. Too funny it was, the scalpers were asking everyone if they had extra tickets for them to buy. One scalper was so mad that this woman wouldn’t give him her extra tickets, I was laughing as he bitched about it to some chick.Once they let me in I wandered the venue to find a spot to shoot from, no pit for this one. The venue was the Virgin Mobile Mod Club which usually never has a pit. I brought different size lenses for that reason, there was no way I was going to shoot from the front of the crowd. The HU set in 2011 was insane, bodies were flying before they even hit the stage! This show was a little calmer but that didn’t stop the crowd from moshing and surfing, sometimes even a few of the band Larries dove in. As the crowd waited for the band, I was trying to find the perfect camera settings but that didn’t matter because majority of the lighting was red, I hate red lighting. Anyway, the crowd started to chant and the band eventually hit the stage kicking off the set with their hit tune “Undead” after an instrumental intro.CHARLIE SCENE - MC/VOX/GUITAR - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

DANIEL MURILLO - VOX - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE - All Photography By: Fridae MattasThey mixed the tunes well in their eighteen track set with a variety CHARLIE SCENE - MC/VOX/GUITAR - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MODCLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae Mattas of new and older material. The crowd was mostly males but I did see quite a few females and people of all ages, at the last show it was a much younger crowd. I loved the boys who were near me, so polite and helpful. They also rocked out hard and knew every word to majority of the tunes. It’s always fun seeing the fans reactions as they watch their favorite band live in the flesh. There were moments when the whole crowd started chanting the song that they were to play before they even played it! Yes, the venue was smaller but the band and the fans tore it up like they were at the ACC. Vocals by the whole band were pretty good considering this was the last show of the tour. I heard a few pitchy notes and some cracklies from Danny but that is understandable. He did throw it down with plenty of energy, truly engaging the crowd as every frontman should. All of the MC’s were on point but I wish a few would have a little more conviction. However, I must say, they all have  improved vastly and I noticed they are looking healthier and have more stamina. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae MattasJ3T - MC - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 20 DA KURLZZ - MC/DRUMS - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae Mattas                                                                                                                                                                                                                    FUNNY MAN - MC - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae Mattas              George Ragan “Johnny 3 Tears/J3T” who I thought is the most improved wasn’t so out of breath,  his  flow is getting pretty slick and he  interacted with the crowd a lot more. Charlie Scene – Jordon Terrel held it together by rocking that axe and rhyming! He does need to be a little tighter and give a little more attention to the fans even with the axe in hand. They had two fantastic drummers Daren Pfeifer who is always behind the kit while Matthew St. Claire “Da Kurlzz” floated around and rapped when he wasn’t drumming. I wish there was more visibility from Funny Man he was lingering in the background while the others took command of the stage, I noticed the same thing last time. He needs to gain more confidence and come out of his shell. They all have some phenomenal masks, the coolest ones being those that light up like J-Dog’s mask “Jorel Decker”. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae MattasMy favorite part of the set was when Danny pointed out a fan in the front who was decked out from head to toe like Charlie Scene and brought him up on stage to rap with the band. I’m sure it was the highlight of his life so far and for a little white boy he wasn’t half bad. Like all of the fans, he knew every word to the track. I love it when bands randomly do things for their fans because they are the most important part of the show and so many artists and bands forget that.HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae MattasThe newer tracks sound pretty solid but one track they played “Another Way Out” totally reminded me of a Backstreet Boys tune and I’m scratching my brain trying to figure out which one, my fourteen year old self would have known! The last track of the set before the encores was “Hear Me Now”, the crowd was so loud I wasn’t expecting those high decibels. I watched the set from every angle of the room and once I reached the back there was  one man who stood out, he looked about fifty or so and was rocking out hardcore joining the teens and twenty somethings head banging to the beats! They closed the set with their first single off of their new album  “We Are”, another crowd favorite. Hollywood Undead did it again, their fans love them and I’m sure people that went to the show not knowing who they were are now guaranteed fans. They finally stopped talking about their dicks every five minutes and now can be taken seriously as legit musical powerhouses in the making. Thanks to the fabulous folks at Live Nation for being so amazing! If you can and haven’t yet, I recommend you go see Hollywood Undead live and grab their latest record here.

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Toronto, ON – Canadian hip-hop artist JDiggz is set to release his brand new EP, Two Weeks Notice (Frostbyte/eOne Entertainment), on Tuesday, October 23, 2012. The highly anticipated follow-up to JDiggz’ 2010 mixtape, The Xperiment, Two Weeks Notice is the latest showing of his flow and rap finesse and features his current single “Act A Fool” featuring Leftside. The seven-track EP offers innovative sounds and raw energy and is a collection of JDiggz’ distinct style and swagger. Full track listing below.


“This record marks the beginning of a journey for me,” says JDiggz. “It’s been five years since my last album and I’m extremely excited to show everyone my growth, musically. I’m very proud of this body of work and I hope everyone enjoys it!

JDiggz’ knack for everything musical started early when he began producing his own beats at the age of 10. After his single ‘Hypnotic’ caught the attention of Toronto producer Rahmel and world-renowned video director, Little X (Nelly Furtado, John Mayer, Usher), his popularity was raised to new heights. In 2007, JDiggz went on to release his debut album Memoirs of a Playbwoy, which featured his first music video “Puush It Up” that became one of MuchMusic’s top streamed videos at the time.


Over the last few years, JDiggz has toured with some of hip-hop’s elite including Akon and Ludacris and has performed with R&B veteran Mario and rap star The Game. In 2010, he headlined a Grammy showcase hosted by LL Cool J in front of a packed house at LA’s famous Key Club on Sunset. With producer credits that include Blake McGrath’s debut album Time To Move, JDiggz’ versatility, creativity and his ability to produce soulful music are at the forefront of Canada’s thriving hip-hop community.


JDiggz recently won the 2011 MuchMusic Video Award for Independent Video of the Year for his single “This Time” featuring alternative music heavyweights, Never Ending White Lights which also went on to hit #1 on the MuchMusic countdown. His production team, Starbwoyz Music, have produced several Contemporary Hit Radio Top 40 records for artists such as Kardinal Offishal and Drake. 

Two Weeks Notice Track Listing:

1. Introduction feat. Bed Of Stars

2. Act A Fool feat. Leftside

3. Can’t Deny It

4. Home for the Night

5. JusPushIt

6. Comeback Story

7. It’s All Up To You feat. Slakah the Beatchild


Twitter: @DiggzWorld







“An epic tale of second chances, the inner struggle between good and evil, where ultimately, goodness prevails. Based on the true life story of the ” Gangster of The Gospel” Terrell Johnson, a hardcore street thug who went from the street to the Whitehouse.”

Who else better to play Terrell Johnson than DMX? Johnson was a former Insane Gangster Disciple leader who went from making a gross fortune on the streets, to being incarcerated for 35 years to life. A couple of years after incarceration, Johnson was hired as the first convicted felon in America to become a police officer with the Memphis Gang Task force. At this point, the hardened criminal started a crusade not only to change his life, but the lives of so many others.

Today, TJ, is both an anti-violence motivational speaker as well as minister. He went from street thug to convict to being one of the only convicted felons invited by the Clinton Administration and two other bipartisan administrations to receive awards for the work both he and his wife Lisa do in communities across the united states.

Terrell Johnson beat all of the odds and has been honoured by the Whitehouse five times. Either Hollywood doesn’t know or is not interested in telling his epic story, but it’s a story that must be told. Pan Entertainment, based in Louisiana has been diligently working to bring this story to the world and the public is starting to respond. Two weeks ago, members of Pan Entertainment have reached out to their friends and 23,000 people have responded. 23,000 people have forwarded their name, phone number and email address to be added as supporters of this project. They expect to have a quarter of a million people in their database within the next two weeks, bringing them closer to their immediate goal of 2 million supporters.

The story is one of reality, hope and overcoming adversity…The message is one of positivity. Other than casting DMX (Earl Simmons) as Terrell Johnson there is one thing that makes this “Gangster Of The Gospel” stand out from the crowd and that is changing peoples’ lives for the better.

Perhaps this one issue is so blatant in the United States of America in the year 2012, that it overshadows the fact that this film has generated interest and has had pre-sales in over 20 different countries outside the United States. This prevalent issue overlooks the fact that an innovative method of distribution will guarantee any investor their principal within the first three months of premiering. The only one issue is the same one that George Lucas was up against when attempting to fund Red Tails. Yes, unfortunately, there is a myth that exists in the United States, that films with a predominately minority cast doesn’t do as well as other films. But it is just that, a myth and that myth must be broken! Marketing is the key with the success of any film or product.

Is this a case of African Americans playing the “race card”? Absolutely not, as this writer is a white Canadian Female who finds herself thoroughly amazed with this story and the people involved. I am spell bound by this tale as others  before and after me have been mezmorized just the same, such as, The President of Liberia whom has issued letters requesting the film to be shown in her country as a way to inspire the former child soldiers of Liberia. Pakistan, Angola, Brazil, Dubai, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and many more. Now comprising about 32 Countries requesting this film to be dubbed in five languages and screened in their countries.

The story itself is incredible, but the story behind the story has to be told as well. Thus the reason why DMX, who is no stranger to adversity and overcoming odds is perfect for this role, he has a passion burning within him and is capable of capturing Johnson’s essence second to none.

For more information on king Dog, the story, the cast list as well as the project plight please visit the website





FridaeTV is giving away a pair of tickets to see TECH N9NE  live in Toronto September 22nd 2012 at The Rockpile! All you have to do is email your answer to the skill testing question below with your name, age and phone number before 11:59pm September 9th 2012.


Email answer to:

When: September 22nd at the Rockpile (5555 Dundas St W. Toronto)

CONTEST RULES: All entrants must be 19 years of age to enter, no purchase necessary. Entry with correct answer will be chosen randomly, all entries will be accepted until 11:59PM SEPTEMBER 9TH 2012. Winner will be announced the following day September 10th 2012. The prize is two tickets to see Tech N9Ne live in Toronto at the Rockpile Saturday September 22nd 2012.



All Photography By: Fridae Mattas



By: Fridae Mattas

Beer Fest! Once I found out when it was I had to go, I have never in my life been to the Toronto Beer Festival so this year it was a must. The minute I found out Salt-N-Pepa were performing I was beyond thrilled, they are my childhood female Hip Hop heroes, free Beer and Salt-N-Pepa who can refuse that amazing combination? Certainly not I!

It was fabulous, everyone was so accommodating and the people were having a terrific time! After our free drink tickets were used we bought some beer tokens $20 for 20, that was a serious deal because for 2 tokens you were given a full mug. The mug was given to you as you entered and that was your beer cup for the day, there were rinse stations to clean them prior to filling them up with brew. So many different kinds of beer but I stuck to the pale ale blondes because I am not a fan of the darker beer.

First day of the festival was Friday July 27th continuing on until Sunday July 29th. Kicking off the festival was Kreesha Turner, Michie Mee, Salt N Pepa and a few others as the entertainment for the 27th, we arrived just in time for Michie Mee’s set. It was hard to find the media lounge after a few beers so I gave up on looking for it and our media escort for pit access. I decided to stay in the crowd for the Salt-N-Pepa set because I wanted to enjoy myself and not rush out of the pit like usual. Another reason for crowd blending was the filming of the hits, that would not have been possible if I was in the pit.

Salt-N-Pepa were incredible, they still could throw down after twenty five years performing classic hits like ‘Push It‘, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex‘ and ‘Whatta Man‘. The crowd couldn’t get enough of the nostalgic tunes by these two amazing ladies Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton, they are working on new music coming to our ears soon! If you get a chance to see Michie Mee or Salt-N-Pepa go see them you will not be disappointed. You can find videos of the performances here and more photos at FridaeTV Facebook.

The people were having spectacular times as you  can see by the photographs I shot, it was the most relaxing festival I have ever been to and I plan on hitting up Toronto’s festival of Beer again next year, as should you! Thank you so much to Sadie and everyone who helped out.

COPYRIGHT © 2012 FRIDAE MATTAS. All Rights Reserved

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TECH N9NE Announces Canadian Tour


Tech N9ne Announces Canadian Tour With Madchild From Swollen Members

Following his sold-out 95 date “Hostile Takeover Tour” with Machine Gun Kelly, premier independent hip-hop artist Tech N9ne refuses to rest. The Strange Music recording artist has announced a headlining Canadian tour with Suburban Noize/Battle Axe Records artist Madchild, from Platinum Canadian hip-hop crew Swollen Members. The tour will kick off on September 4th in Madchild‘s hometown of Vancouver, BC and continue through early October.

Over the last decade, the Kansas City recording artist has continued to build his Strange Music brand by developing a fervent following of devoted fans captivated by his uncanny energy and relentless touring schedule. By the mid-2000s, Tech N9ne was performing over 200 shows a year in high-octane sets that have earned high-profile endorsements from the likes of Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and many others.

In 2011, the rapper released his critically-acclaimed twelfth studio album, All 6’s & 7’s, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Independent and Hip-Hop/R&B charts, and No. 4 overall on the Top 200. Tech N9ne also delivered a show-stopping, stand-out feature on Lil’ Wayne’s The Carter IV, which sold nearly 1 million units in its first week of release last summer.

Tech N9ne‘s single, “Caribou Lou”, was just recently certified Gold, according to SoundScan, which tracks the sale of music. Singles and albums are considered Gold once they have sold more than 500,000 units.

As a member of Swollen Members, Madchild is part of one of the most successful hip-hop acts to emerge out of Canada. During their decade long career, Swollen Members has multiple Gold and Platinum selling records, won countless awards including Much Music video awards, and the group is a 4-time Juno Award winner for Best Rap Recording and Rap Recording of the Year. Madchild is touring in support of his debut solo album, Dope Sick, which hits stores on August 28th.

Tech N9ne‘s Canadian tour dates are below. For a complete, up-to-date listing and to purchase tickets, please visit

Sept 04 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
Sept 05 – Kamloops, BC – Cactus Jacks Nightclub
Sept 06 – Victoria, BC – Club 9one9
Sept 07 – Nanaimo, BC – Spice Lounge
Sept 08 – Chilliwack, BC – Evergreen Hall
Sept 09 – Kelowna, BC – Sapphire Nightclub
Sept 11 – Calgary, AB – Distillery Nightclub
Sept 12 – Edmonton, AB – Edmonton Events Centre
Sept 13 – Lethbridge, AB – Pulse Nightclub
Sept 14 – Saskatoon, SK – Odeon Events Centre
Sept 16 – Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre
Sept 18 – Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks Nightclub
Sept 20 – Sudbury, ON – TBA
Sept 21 – Toronto, ON – Rockpile Nightclub
Sept 22 – Toronto, ON – Rockpile Nightclub
Sept 24 – London, ON – TBA 
Sept 25 – Peterborough, ON – TBA
Sept 26 – Oshawa, ON – Status Lounge
Sept 27 – St John’s, NFLD – Club One
Sept 28 – Halifax, NS – Halifax Forum
Sept 29 – Ottawa, ON – Ritual Nightclub
Oct 01 – Montreal, Quebec – Club Soda