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Nikki Sixx and Sixx Sense have teamed up with Best Buy to host Sixx on the Sixth, a live chat with fans on Friday, July 6, 2012 from 5-6pm PST. The chat will be hosted on Best Buy’s Facebook page for more details click here. Taking time away from his duties as founder/bassist/songwriter of the world-renowned band Mötley Crüe and chart-topping band Sixx:A.M. (Sixx, Dj Ashba and James Michael), two-time New York Times best-selling author, clothing designer, philanthropist, photographer and father, fans will have the rare opportunity to interact directly with the international rock icon to discuss all things Sixx.

Monday through Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight local time on his syndicated radio show Sixx Sense, which is about to celebrate the addition of its 100th affiliate station, Sixx discusses music and lifestyle topics as he gives listeners a backstage look at the world and mind of a rock star.  Joined by co-host Kerri Kasem, Sixx provides his unique perspective and attitude as the duo welcomes celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters from all walks of life.  All this and more are packaged with a rock playlist. Nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks, the program can also be heard internationally by approximately 2.7 million weekly listeners. Sixx Sense celebrated its two-year anniversary in February 2012 and experienced tremendous ratings growth, which lead to its command of radio’s most competitive time slot in Dallas. In May, Sixx Sense took over morning drive on 97.1 The Eagle/KEGL-FM, airing a customized show for Dallas – Ft. Worth listeners weekday mornings from 6-10 a.m.

Sixx Sense is complemented by The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx, which is available for air on weekends between 6 a.m. and midnight local time.  Each weekend, the radio host and tastemaker introduces his personal new music picks, plays an array of what’s happening on the rock charts, and shares his own special brand of talk radio with celebrities and other guests. The Side Show Countdown airs on nearly 50 stations worldwide.  In addition, the Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx channel is available on Clear Channel Radio’s digital platform iHeartRadio and XM Channel 164.





May 14, 2012 – Rock hit-makers Sixx:A.M. (vocalist and famed rock producer James Michael, Motley Crue bassist and radio personality Nikki Sixx and Guns n’ Roses guitarist Dj Ashba) announced today their support of City of Hope through an initiative designed to help raise money for research, treatment and education for the fight against cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Joining other celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest, Vince Gill and Sugarland in their support of City of Hope, Sixx:A.M. have offered their new music video for “Are You With Me Now” exclusively to the charity. Beginning today, fans who make a donation to City of Hope via will receive a code to unlock the never-been-seen-before video.

Check out a short preview of Sixx:A.M.’s new “Are You With Me Now” video here!

“Are You With Me Now” is the third single from the band’s latest album, This Is Gonna Hurt. The album gave the band their first Top 10 debut on The Billboard 200 chart and has already produced the #1 hit “Lies of the Beautiful People.” The 11-track CD that Billboard proclaimed “redefines the meaning of beauty” and AOL added is “boasting 11 radio-baiting tracks” is also the soundtrack to Nikki Sixx’s New York Times bestselling book “This Is Gonna Hurt,” which debuted at #4.

 Sixx:A.M. is the rock band formed in 2007 by Nikki Sixx (bass), Dj Ashba (guitar) and James Michael (vocals). Their debut album, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, sold over 300,000 copies, and the single, “Life Is Beautiful,” became radio’s most played rock song of 2008.

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 Fellow Eleven Seven Artists HELLYEAH And Buckcherry To Present Awards

After their #1 smash “Lies of the Beautiful People” hit the radio waves and spread virally online, fans have been begging relentlessly for one thing – a live performance from Sixx:A.M.

In what could possibly be the band’s only performance of 2012, and its first in 4 years, the wait is over as Sixx:A.M. will be opening the Golden Gods Awards on April 11 in Los Angeles, CA with performances of their new single “Are You With Me Now” and the top 10 active rock hit “This Is Gonna Hurt.” Without any previous or upcoming touring plans, fans will be eagerly tuning in as this might be the only chance to see the supergroup consisting of bassist Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), vocalist James Michael (famed producer) and guitarist Dj Ashba (Guns N’ Roses) live on stage for a long time. Nikki Sixx is also up for the “Best Bassist” award.

Fellow Eleven Seven Music artists HELLYEAH and Buckcherry are also set to participate in the festivities. HELLYEAH will present the “Drum Workshop Best Drummer” and Buckcherry will present the “Most Metal Athlete.”

HELLYEAH released their first single “War In Me” off of their upcoming 3rd studio album Band of Brothers (July 17th) this past Tuesday, the single can be purchased here.

The 2012 Revolver Golden Gods will broadcast live on all XBOX game consoles as well as Revolver’s Facebook page starting at 6pm PST TODAY!

Here is the direct link to watch and share



(New York, NY) – Sixx:A.M. today have released their first-ever acoustic EP entitled “7” today exclusively via iTunes.  The EP features seven acoustic versions of songs from the band’s recently released album This Is Gonna Hurt, and also their 2008 debut release The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. Additionally, the band is giving away the track “Codependence,” as a holiday thank you to its fans.  The song was previously only available in Japan, it is currently featured as iTunes’ Single of the Week and you can download it here (US only) and to buy the full EP click here for US and here for Canada

Singer James Michael explains the motivation behind the EP, “We were inspired to create 7 after experiencing the incredible reaction people had to the messages within the songs on both The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack and This Is Gonna Hurt.  Our goal with this EP was to take songs that our fans were already intimately familiar with and present them in a way that shifted the focus. I’ve always loved hearing a song with all of the production stripped away because it exposes the raw emotions that were present at its infancy…7 will give our fans a glimpse into the heart of what drives Sixx:AM.”

       7 Tracklisting:

  1. Lies of the Beautiful People (Acoustic)
  2. This is Gonna Hurt (Acoustic)
  3. Life is Beautiful (Acoustic)
  4. Help is on the Way (Acoustic)
  5. Sure Feels Right (Acoustic)
  6. Pray For Me (Acoustic)
  7. Accidents Can Happen (Acoustic)

Just in time for the holidays, Sixx: A.M. have also launched their direct to consumer webstore.  It is the only destination where fans can purchase official Sixx:  A.M. merchandise, including a Sixx:A.M. t-shirt.  Please visit the store here  

This is Gonna Hurt, which describes as “a deep, dark and intoxicatingly addictive mix of sounds and passion,” is the follow up to 2008’s The Heroin Diaries and gave the band their first Top 10 debut on The Billboard 200 chart. The 11-track CD that Billboard proclaims “redefines the meaning of beauty” and AOL adds is “boasting 11 radio-baiting tracks” is also the companion album to Nikki Sixx’s New York Times bestselling book “This Is Gonna Hurt,” which debuted at #4.

Sixx:A.M. is the rock band formed in 2007 by Nikki Sixx (bass), Dj Ashba (guitar) and James Michael (vocals). Their debut album, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, sold over 350,000 copies, and the single, “Life Is Beautiful,” became radio’s most played rock song of 2008.

Sixx: A.M. “Lies of the Beautiful People”

For more information on Sixx:A.M., please visit: 

Like the band on Facebook at



Ever year I cover the Toronto Freedom Festival and this year was no different or was it? Saturday May 7th 2011 was completely different! Not a drop of rain to be found, it was absolute sunshine and there were no kids falling out of trees. About 35,000 plus people gathered at Toronto’s Queens Park to protest and speak their minds in regards to legalization of Marijuana. I always  miss the  Global Marijuana March but 20,000 other people made it out to march along the usual route of across Bloor to Yonge down and across to Wellesley ending back at the base Queens Park North.

There were smokers everywhere, but not as many police officers compared to the first year I covered TFF, I am glad because there is no need to have them everywhere, everyone is just chilling, smoking, eating, dancing, singing, drumming and learning but don’t get me wrong they were there but just a little more discreet with their Popo Horses, Bikes, Cars and Motorcycles. What is a festival without music and plenty of it from Rebel Emergency, KO, Daniel Wesley, iLL Scarlett, House of David Gang and DJ Sneak. The band members may seem familiar in every shot, that is because Rebel Emergency played until iLL Scarlett hit the stage but switched singers so it was more like a sneak peek of the Joint Venture show with Rebel Emergency, KO and Daniel Wesley that took place at the MOD club later that evening.  The bands were amazing Rebel, KO and Daniel Wesley didn’t play a full set but Ill Scarlett was on the stage for quite a while. You will be able to find videos of the performances I managed to film very soon, until then enjoy the photos in a slide show at the end of this jibber. I couldn’t stay for the whole festival I did however donate at one of the many donation stations even though I was covering the event because the city needs festivals like these to keep the arts culture alive regardless of the reason which is a very good one, the legalization of Marijuana deserves a chance, it costs a lot of money to put on this one day “Freedom” festival everyone in attendance should donate. It’s not just another day in the park catching a few bands and DJ’s. So many events I had to choose from it was Saturday always a crazy day, if I could I wanted to catch Nikki Sixx signing copies of his new book ‘This Is Gonna Hurt‘ for all the fans that search him every day but we shall discuss that adventure after a few photos from the 2011 Toronto Freedom Festival.

Next stop was Nikki Sixx at the Chapters on John and Richmond, I wasn’t going to go because I thought it would be extremely too chaotic and my issues being in crowds would amplify but I went anyway didn’t think I would make it because it started at 7pm and I was just walking towards the bookstore which was about fifteen blocks away form where I ended up after I migrated from the Toronto Freedom Festival. Lucky for me when I arrived at about 7:20ish he still had yet to pop out and sign, his people were still waiting. I took some shots of everyone, so many people and that is a huge bookstore, you could not get an autograph if you didn’t have the book ‘This Is Gonna Hurt‘ that only makes sense because it is a book tour session not a regular autograph session. I have yet to buy it but I will! Skimming through it for a minute as I wandered around and I have to say as a photographer myself some of the photographs are too amazing! When it comes to photography many people are so technical about it and lose perspective of the art because the hunger for money and material riches blinds the creativity of the photographers eye. You can know every detail of your cameras functions and the lighting techniques but that doesn’t mean you can take a good picture. I have seen photographers with top of the line equipment but the photograph is flat and muted, it’s all about how you see it through your eyes and making that picture speak those thousands of words to everyone else like a photograph is meant to, Sixx is a natural!

The reason for my delayed purchase, is I don’t have much time to read, the last book I read was  Marilyn Monroe – The Biography By: Donald Spoto that I borrowed from my cousin because she has two copies…Obsessed much? And that book took me over a year to read, that reminds me I should give it back to her and just buy my own. I am too busy filming music, shooting and writing everything including my own books, films and sonatas that will eventually come out when they are ready. The fans were screaming, cheering and yelling his name,  I thought I was fucked for real because there were so many people all of those rows of books in the photographs were filled with people lined up in and around all of the top floor but it didn’t end there more people were downstairs wrapping the whole bottom floor. I did not see a media area and then a super nice security guy asked me if I was media, I’m surprised he didn’t ask me if I worked for Much Music like most of them do and guided me to the media area which was a little corner among the bookshelves. Not that many media people about a handful of us but you can always spot a Stalkerazzo! There he was all unnecessarily aggressive because you could tell those dollar bills in his eyes were gleaming  and totally ruined every single one of my shots! I tried so hard to get a clean photograph you can tell the difference by comparison to my other photographs, this guy was big and large I ducked under him tried to move to the left and the right, his big body and arms were all up in my lens and almost elbowed me in the face and boobs,  I was about to snap, the ghetto girl was shortly to make an appearance my mouth getting ready to start cussing in Greek but I kept my cool. Its a miracle a few shots were decent enough to publish. Huge thanks to Sixx for posing a little longer with book in hand, Shania Twain should have held her book when she did her camera call but she didn’t. Toronto! No worries dry your eye, Nikki Sixx will be back all of you Mötley fans with his Crüe and a few friends June 28th at the Molson Canadian Amphitheater buy tickets HERE.

There you have it my friends, mellow times with The Toronto Freedom Festival and some craziness with Nikki Sixx’s book singing all in a single day before sunset, Toronto always has so much to do and that is why I love my city.

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Enter The Blurrr – CANADIAN MUSIC FEST WEEK 2011

Photography By: Fridae Mattas


By: Fridae Mattas

There is a need for some sort of structure when planning coverage for Canadian Music Week / Canadian Music Fest whatever they choose to call it. There must be at least three bands you already plan to see or the festival will swallow you up and spit you out leaving you dazed and confused staring at the ceiling of the Royal York hotel where you can find the hallways loitered with passed out musicians drooling on the carpet beside their own vomit…If you think you can manage twenty five bands a night as media, go ahead and try I did! When I first started doing these festivals I killed myself trying to cover as many bands as I could, now I have come to the conclusion if I bust my ass I can cover sixteen bands a night but that leaves no time for partying which is how you network in this industry. I still stress out, make my schedule far too ambitious and then feel guilty for not filming and seeing more bands. What you always have to remember is you can’t catch them all, so don’t feel guilty about missing that band and I keep telling myself that every time a festival comes around.

Dush and Dissension

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

First night launched with the Montreal Metal showcase at the Opera House which was east of all the action where some pretty serious metal was shred! Of course where there is the good, there is also the ass and that just ruins the flow of the night. You know the kind of band I am talking about, the ones that think they are so amazing yet their whole set sounds like one long really shitty song. There was one of those bands between these two that intrigued me. Dush and Dissension are both very different bands with different sounds and genders, one band “Dush” is fronted by a Female and the other was Dissension your usual all male metal band. Both these bands were not phenomenal but have tremendous potential, Dush front Woman Mira Soloman has a spectacular voice but needs to work on her pitch but otherwise very powerful. The songs need work some sound identical, even the ballad type track they played had comparable sounds to the other songs in the set.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

The larries of Dissension rocked out hard; the growls were fantastic as was the playing of the instruments. There were moments when Vox Nathan Afilalo would talk to the crowd trying to get them all riled up with his angry face, it was comical to me I didn’t take him seriously because it all came off too contrived. I stayed for a few more tunes to tell you the truth I decided to call it an early night because Nikki Sixx’s interview was before noon the following day and I was still trying to free myself of this nasty cold. The one thing that I will never forget about the Montreal Metal showcase is the dude who was moshing in a grey suit. As I headed to the streetcar a friend called and begged me to join the festivities at the Horseshoe. I did get on the wrong streetcar because I was too preoccupied with the phone to notice until I passed where we should have turned, obviously it was meant to be. Recalling all of the next events…No idea! The band rocking the Horseshoe when I arrived I am guessing was ‘Chasing Amy’ who didn’t sound too bad, it’s all a blur after that. Five A.M and I finally make it home to unload and recharge everything and maybe catch a power nap…So much for my early night!

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Next day was buzzing, literally I was still buzzed from the night before yet surprisingly I was early and made it to catch Nikki Sixx have a little discussion with Jeff Woods about his current projects and the new Motley tour which actually has a Toronto date, I would hope so after all the noise the people made during the interview after he announced that Motley is touring this summer. Sixx had many relevant answers to Wood’s questions about various topics from his music, photography and the soon to be release ‘This Is Gonna Hurt” which is a book hitting shelves April 12th and Record by the same name with Nikki’s band SIXX: A.M dropping May 10th. The first single off the ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ album is “Lies Of the Beautiful People” available on iTunes. I have to give Jeff Wood’s much respect because he delivered an informative interview actually getting to some really interesting discussions in the hour long interview. You can find the links to the full Explore Music interview at the bottom but here’s a little conjoined clip I filmed of Nikki discussing Photography.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS)

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

That night I decided to check out Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS) at the Phoenix which is another outskirts venue, why I decided to trek all over the city this year is beyond me but I just wanted fresh spots you know! I love USS their energy is like nothing else you’ve seen! Two larries who entertain like there are more than just them on the stage, the crowd was insane! USS is their own entity; the fan base this Indie band has come to acquire proves they have something special. Once I reached the venue it was packed, completely impossible to get feasible video footage or photos but I did film a few clips and they will be in the CMW highlight video coming soon! The people love Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons and Ashley Boo-Shultz the dynamic duo that is USS, they will be dropping their new record May 3rd and set to embark on a Cross Canada tour in support of the record with Ashley MacIsaac on the fiddle! It’s weird to me I’ve never seen two male Ashley’s on one stage together should be interesting fun times if I can catch the Toronto show! When USS swings by your city go see them, they are spectacular.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Canadian Radio Music Awards and Troy Carter

Photography By: Fridae Mattas
Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Friday I checked out the CRMA’s (Canadian Radio Music Awards) last year I missed them and so I tried my best to make it to these ones and that I did. There were performances by a few of the nominees Ash Koley, Hollerado, JRDN who also won awards; you can find all the winners at

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

I kept seeing JRDN all over the place and he was always with this one guy who is seriously too hot! From what I remember of the presenters Melissa Etheridge was one but I missed her all together at CMW. This particular event was a super challenge the performances and awards were so close together no time to catch them all, I had to run all the way around to get back into the media room from the award room for some press shots. It was crazy! I had to work this one on my own but later was joined by my longtime friend Designer-Photographer Mikey Sin who came just in time for the Troy Carter interview. He took the shots and filmed a clip while I listened intently thinking there would be that golden piece of information that we can apply.

Photography By: Mikey Sin
Photography by: Mikey Sin

The interviewer Larry LeBlanc (His name actually is Larry!) didn’t have any questions pertaining to any formula used with Carter’s artists he focused more on what it was like meeting Troy’s most popular artist Lady Gaga for the first time and what she is like. Who cares, if you have to try that hard to be “Different’ clearly you’re just like all the other sheep! When you are too legit and absolutely born this way, there is no need to be so desperate for attention! I think someone has something to hide! The girl is obviously completely lost in the hype of the character she portrays and doesn’t know what’s real anymore. Think about it and watch Troy discuss a few things, the best response was “Canada is the Music industry’s best kept Secret” duh! That’s the only interesting thing I picked up as I was dozing in and out; Larry talked way too much and asked too many irrelevant questions there was no meat! Unlike the Jeff Woods interview with Nikki Sixx, this one had way too much lettuce! The coolest part was after the interview local Toronto band ‘Courage My Love’ played some acoustic songs in the hallway!

Seventh Rain and Chris Assaad

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Prior to manager Troy Carter’s interview I did an interview myself with a band from Calgary “Seventh Rain” who were in town to perform at the festival, I could not make it out to the show unfortunately for me but they did give me their current record “The Ghost In Me” and I have to say when I listened to it I was pleasantly surprised, they are so good! The band is Ryan Williams, Rich MacFarlane, Luke Sheppard and John Byskal watch the interview below, I loved their personalities! When they come back to Toronto will most definitely cover the set!

Photgraphy By: Mikey Sin
Photography By: Mikey Sin

Later that night I was to hit up Good Charlotte’s set at the Phoenix but I was told FridaeTV was declined media access so I didn’t go but then I checked my email a few hours after and I was approved. If they told me sooner I could have made it out! Instead I saw a few artists at The Royal York, like the fabulous Chris Assaad who has such a smooth voice and totally wowed everyone in the Library Bar at the Hummel Entertainment showcase, myself included. He needs some work on the vocals and some catchier tracks but the talent is unspeakable, it was too small a stage for such a great talent in the making. Carter was right about Canada being the best kept secret but we Canadians already knew this and everything else that was said in the interview. Chris Assaad has an extremely bright future, he plays the Guitar well the construction of his songs are fitting to him he doesn’t try to be anyone else. Looking forward to seeing more of his live shows, this set was long overdue but definitely worth the wait.


Photography By: Mikey Sin
Photography By: Fridae Mattas
The Indies!! I wasn’t able to hit up conferences in the afternoon prior to The Independent Music Awards (The Indies) as I planned. The days prior I was literally running all over the place in my new boots while fighting a virus, it was not exactly a pleasant experience but as always I was a trooper and made it to the Indies! I am extremely glad I did because I managed to film a Hollerado track which I failed to accomplish at the CRMA’s the day before and I also managed a few shots of Sammy Hagar but Mikey was able to capture more when Hagar presented with Much More Music’s Matt Wells, winning! The headliner for the evening was Janelle Monàe but setting the stage a blaze prior to her set Juno winner Shad threw down a few rhymes hyping the crowd even more than they already were, with tracks like ‘Telephone’ and ‘The Old Prince Still Lives At Home’. The turnout at the Indies was amazing so many more Canadian artists came out this year like  Die Mannequin who are an amazing female fronted Canadian band that can shred harder than many male fronted rock bands, they presented an Award and had a set later that night.

Photography By: Mikey Sin

Not quite as many bodies in the actual concert room as last year but definitely more enthusiasm and lots of fabulous energy from the people. Once Janelle hit the stage the crowds screams echoed, one directly to my right was literally making me deaf

Photography By: Mikey Sin

and  you can hear her scream in one of the tracks I filmed, it’s all silent then she lets one rip, too funny I love Teenies! Miss Monàe was a little behind getting on the stage and once she was on it, the whole production drowned her out. The intro was her on screen as a futuristic Alien lady jibbering about Dancing or Dying the song about to be played and some other stuff.  Once visible on stage she still seemed to just blend she did not stand apart from her dancers the stage was not commanded! She just needs to relax a little you can tell her nerves were in full force and her outfit needs to be different than her dancers otherwise she just becomes background in her own performance as she did here. Vocally the girl turned it out, she has talent that is versatile and I like that, I wish her mic levels were up a bit there were moments when the live instruments were drowning her out. I would recommend checking her out if you can!! That my friends, is CMW 2011 festivities in the shortest possible way I could adapt it! I didn’t even have a  chance to check out any films but you can catch some tunes filmed on FridaeTV Youtube and FridaeTV Facebook! As promised here are the links to the Nikki Sixx interview with ExploreMusic’s Jeff Woods! Part 1 and Part 2 see you next year the week after SXSW, weird but true they are flipping the script for Canadian Music Week next year! A  huge Thank you goes out to the wonderful people of Planet3 Communications for all their hard work and help.

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Nikki Sixx would be a man of many hats, if they didn’t cover up  his hair! Iconic founder, bass player and songwriter for the genre-defining rock band Mötley Crüe; author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Heroin Diaries and the accompanying soundtrack with Sixx:A.M.; co-founder of rock couture fashion line Royal Underground; Chief Creative Officer of Eleven Seven Music; philanthropist; photographer and more. The creative force behind a multitude of projects, Nikki is an international superstar who never stops inventing new ways to express himself. Mötley Crüe has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide, The Heroin Diaries stayed atop the New York Times Best Seller list for more than six months and the accompanying soundtrack by Sixx:A.M. solidified the supergroup with “Life Is Beautiful,” the most played rock track of 2008. Sixx is currently exploring the art of photography and working on the next Sixx:A.M. record as well as his next book, in addition to launching the syndicated radio sho w “Sixx Sense” and its companion weekend show “The Side Show Countdown With Nikki Sixx…..

Canadian Music Week wants you to get a backstage look into the world and mind of a rock star on Thursday, March 10 at Canadian Music Week, where Nikki Sixx will be the subject of an exclusive celebrity interview.

Check out some Nikki 2011 CMW & Book signing shots HERE & HERE!!