Photo By: Fridae Mattas






By: Fridae Mattas

Additional photography by: Dipan Cheema

Last Monday December 8th, America’s first reality show musical group O-Town hit Lee’s palace in Toronto. First time across the border in ten years for their only Canadian stop on the reunion tour. Before American Idol existed and Puff Daddy took over Making The Band, there was O-Town. The last “Boy band” created by convicted con-man and alleged pedophile “Lou Pearlman” who is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence. You could probably find episodes of Making The Band’s first three seasons on YouTube. Unlike “The Backstreet Boys” or “N’Sync“, O-Town’s formulation was amidst Pearlman’s extreme legal issues. They didn’t even get the chance to sustain their momentum and stray from the boy band definition. The group released two albums and disappeared, until now! O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014

Late August of this year, O-Town released their third record “Lines & Circles”. The first single off of the new record is “Skydive”, a fantastic mid tempo ballad that you can watch here. The current group is Jacob Underwood – Vox/Guitar, Trevor Penick – Vox, Erik-Michael Estrada – Vox and Dan Miller – Vox. The group once had five members, Ashley Parker Angel the fifth member did not want to partake in the reunion. But hey, that’s okay because from what I saw and heard, the quartet will do just fine without him! Never have I seen them live before, I was expecting the worst. I’ve covered or seen pretty much every musical group except “The Beatles”, “The Jackson Five”, “New Edition” and a few more because I was not born yet or old enough to migrate! Bypassing the fans waiting in line at Lee’s, I ran straight into the venue thinking I was late! It was five-thirtyish, the bands publicist told me my interview time was at 5pm. Turns out the band wasn’t there yet, I breathed easier, so glad that I made it on time.O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan Cheema

Another media outlet was setting up their lighting across the room as I began unloading my gear. In the venue maybe five minutes before a guy walked over and introduced himself, his face looked familiar and the name Jacob rang a bell. One-fourth of the quartet and the business man of the band, which I later learned in my five second interview. Soon after the other interview began a blogger arrived to interview the group, adding to the time crunch. That pushed my interview back until she finished hers because mine was to be filmed, I didn’t mind for the time being. My priority was finding a plug to charge dead camera battery that was fully charged but somehow now dying…It was more than obvious that the Universe was being moody, something else was going to fuck up for sure.


When it was finally my turn, we were getting acquainted as I set up my tripod. Was being rushed to the point where I almost didn’t get the mic into their hands, nevermind check the audio levels! The guys were friendly and helpful, making suggestions on where I’d like them to be placed for the interview. After introductions I opened with “You guys are back! Why now?” Underwood answered with “Well, it was the right time for us, it has been difficult to get together in the past, with me living in Nashville and Dan being a father and all of our other projects. Now is the right time.” I can recall telling them their 2014 debut single “Skydive” was a good tune and asked if they were more hands on with this record? After thanking me for the compliment, they answered back with “yes” and a more in depth perspective that was lost amongst the static in the recording because my lip reading skills are not the greatest.

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Fridae Mattas

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaWhen I asked if they would do a reality show again, Dan was the most responsive, rapidly shaking his head “No”! We chatted about the difference of their first tour and this tour, at some point they were jibbering about visiting Niagara Falls (The big one is called Horseshoe Falls) before migrating to Toronto. Assuming it was their first time, judging by their excitement it sure sounded like it was. Niagara Falls Canada is the honeymoon capital of the world for a reason! The best time to see the falls is at night when they have the lights on, it looks too cool. Plus its fun to hit up a haunted house attraction and party there sometimes, on the Canadian side that is! Buffalo is ass! No offense Buffalo, I’m sure everyone notices how much it sucks compared to Canada’s Niagara and Toronto but, we are nothing compared to Manhattan. Oh yeah before I forget, single ladies…You are in luck! Three of the four are ready to mingle, as Jacob stated while he did the “call me” gesture on camera. They also chatted about their status during the show, playing the dating game theme song for shits and giggles.

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan Cheema

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaIt’s good to see them being responsible for their own careers. Underwood is basically the manager, handling most of the business, booking the gigs and apparently this is only the beginning, in 2015 we will be seeing a lot of O-Town!  There you have it Townies, they will be heading back on tour, hitting a city near you in the future! Literally in four minutes that is all I was able to get. Not the interview I had envisioned…But tour manager Chris (I think that was his name) looked like he was going to have a nervous breakdown when he told me to wrap it up… I blame my tech issues on that half hour interview because they fucked up the whole rotation! So annoyed, I went straight to my generic wrap, pretty sure the band read the annoyance of being cut-off on my face. Now multiply that by seven and add a livid LeTawniyah on level ten. That’s how pissed off I was when I played back the interview to no sound, just static…Couldn’t even finish eating my poutine. Clearly, the Universe was not happy with the brief little snippet. And, after spending the last week trying to resurrect the audio from Monday’s interview, I finally gave up. 


The opening act was “Todd Carey” American singer whose single “Nintendo” hit number one on the Billboard twitter charts. During one of the cover tunes, O-Town’s Jacob Underwood joined the stage to jam with Todd Carey and you can see how it all went down here. My ears were done after that, I had to find my ear plugs now! The sold out mostly female crowd was competing for the loudest scream, like Animals with the loudest mating call in the wild. Thankfully I was finally armed with ear plugs, they were my saving grace because that was only the beginning…Carey was good, a little too broadway and disingenuous for me but has potential, the fans were enjoying themselves. When Todd played his number one billboard twitter tune, my ears did not like that “Nintendo” song. The fans were screaming stuff like “Oh My Gawd, he’s soo cute” but not “I love this song” or any vulgar obscenities, that I heard anyway!  

TODD CAREY FT. JACOB UNDERWOOD LIVE @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaTODD CAREY LIVE @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaTODD CAREY FT. JACOB UNDERWOOD LIVE @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaAbout twenty or so minutes after doors opened we heard a commotion near the parking lot around the corner. Photographer “D” made a sarcastic comment about how the group probably popped up to check the fans. His words rang true, the quartet ran to the front entrance along the crowd causing “Bandimonium” because most of the fans were still waiting to be let into the venue. It was pretty amusing to those of us watching this madness unfold. Apparently an older woman looked absolutely disgusted as she passed by. I was laughing, this was hilarious and obvious they still have an effect on Canadian females.

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaO-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan Cheema

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaThe set up was pretty basic, a computer played the instrumentals as the group kicked off their sold out set with the song that started it all, “Liquid Dreams”. At first I could not hear them over the shrill screams of five hundred or so grown ass women with a few boyfriends in tow and a couple of gays sprinkled in the mix. To be exact, two Queen’s dancing the night away in the middle of the venue like nobody was watching. Both myself and photog D, refused to even attempt shooting anywhere near the front of the stage. D was stage left, closer to the pit area and I just chilled on the steps by the sound booth, stage right. Was hoping to get decent footage without too many heads and hands…But of course the struggle was real, Andre the Giant’s daughter decided to wear stilettos and a messy bun to this concert…You can see her head bobbing all over my footage and she was standing below me…My weakness is filming in crowds without media pits! Wish I wore heels to make my 5’8 stature at least 5’11 or 6 feet and if only I could find a good spot to set up my tripod! Nowhere in the chaos was that possible. 

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaO-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan Cheema

They sang a mix of their new and old track’s, sounding absolutely tight without needing any live auto-tune! The performance shocked me actually, because my ears were liking all of their voices and that is rare when it comes to vocal groups. The only ones able to accomplish that thus far were “Boyz II Men” who are impeccable live, watch them for yourself on FridaeTV Youtube.  As for The Backstreet Boys; my ears don’t really like Howie D’s vocals, N’Sync; JC’s vocals were the strongest, did not like the rest especially Chris’s tone. Occasionally Justin’s vocals were tolerable, the nasal whine in his falsetto still bothers my ears to this day. New Kids weren’t really known as a vocal group and 98 Degrees doesn’t even make the list! My ears don’t like any of their voices and they are so boring on stage. Saw them live when I was a youngin, it was the first time I was attacked by fans, all because one of the Larries handed me a rose. Never went to another 98 Degrees show or saw the rose again because the teenies yanked it out of my hand. 

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaO-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaRight out the gate, O-Town could have done anything and sounded like shit, yet the fans still would have eaten it up. A great example was when Jacob decided to try something new where he threw and caught his mic during the hit tune “All Or Nothing”. My reaction to the little trick was similar to Trevor and Dan’s but the fans loved every second! You can watch that big tune unfold here. At least he tried it and in the end it worked out for him.

O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaO-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan CheemaToronto embraced O-Town with open arms, except for this douche behind me who kept DAN MILLER: O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan Cheemayelling “You suck, you fucking suck!” during an acoustic performance of a song they’ve never done live before. It was a little rough as expected for a first attempt, it was a lot better than many “Rock Bands” have done on the fly. That man was aggravating LeTawniyah, lucky for him he disappeared before she was unleashed. The crowd was entertained without the JACOB UNDERWOOD: O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan Cheemabells and whistles of a huge production. O-Town’s talent and personalities we’re more than enough for the fans in Toronto. Next time, hit up the Phoenix where there is ample room for more fans and stage tricks ha ha.

My ears did not mind a few of the newer tunes like “Lines & Circles” and “Rewind”. Those songs stood out after briefly listening to the latest record and hearing them live. O-Town has been trying to gain respect in the industry, working hard to find a place in the world of today’s music as legit musicians. Is it possible for them to gain momentum in an era where everything is over processed and manufactured? I believe these indie underdogs of pop could slowly climb to the top! Ashley who? Keep practicing, writing and always remember what Drake says; “Started from the bottom now the whole team fucking here!” O-Town is Fridae approved, if you get the chance, go see their brand of non-autotuned musical infusions. Muchas gracias to D for assisting me in shooting the set, publicist Matt for all his help. And of course thanks to O-Town for taking a few minutes to chat, it was great to meet you guys! Reach out and I’ll see ya’ll in 2015, we need a new interview! Enjoy the holidays everyone and don’t forget to grab your copy of O-Town’s newest album “Lines & Circles” here in the US and here in Canada.

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O-TOWN @ LEE'S PALACE MONDAY DEC. 8TH 2014 Photo By: Dipan Cheema
Photo By: Dipan Cheema



Die Mannequin





 By: Fridae Mattas


Canadian shit disturbers “Die Mannequin” are back with a new “Neon Zero” feel for everyone to groove with! Watch the new video below, read the press release and sooner rather than later you can read my review on the new record. Buy “Sucker Punch” here and keep your ears and eyes open for the new album “Neon Zero” to be released in October!

Die Mannequin is:

Care Failure – Vox/Guitar

Tony Bleed – Bass

Dazzer Scott – Drums

Stacy Stray – Guitar

“Proving people wrong is my favourite pastime,” laughs the singer-guitarist. “I always feel like I have something to prove. It’s kind of in my DNA. I know people have been like, ‘Oh crap, what is Die Mannequin doing?’ Because I haven’t been in the forefront for the last few years. I’ve been regrouping. But now I’m back.”

And back in the grPasted Graphic 24oove. Make that a new groove. A neon groove. Neon Zero, the band’s third full-length and their first for eOne Music Canada, finds Die Mannequin not just resurrected but reborn. Rejuvenated. And retooling their wham-bam-thank-you-man punk and guttersnipe metal with an inspired injection of edgy electronics, big beats, massive melodies and polished production. It’s the sound of the mosh pit invading the club floor (and vice versa). The look of a studded leather jacket over a miniskirt and heels. The equivalent of Courtney Love sucker-punching Metric’s Emily Haines and teaching Iggy Azalea the real meaning of a new classic. You need it simpler? It’s an album that puts the DM in EDM. And turns it into Evil Dance Metal.

You could call it a comeback. An evolution. Even a revolution. But you already know what Failure will say about that.

“It’s really just been a natural progression,” she explains. “If it sounds like a big change for people, that’s just because of the years between the last record (2009’s Juno-nominated Fino + Bleed) and now. I’ve been DJing quite a bit over the past few years, and what I do is very contemporary and quite dancey. And I’ve been writing a lot on piano again. I’ve always had so many different influences that weren’t necessarily just rock. But when I started in music I was 14 and 15 and I kind of got stuck in this teenage punk hell of having to play the same songs for 10 years.”

Well, it hasn’t all been hell. Those songs — like Do it or Die and Saved by Strangers (from their EP-compilation Unicorn Steak), not to mention their 2009 top-20 track Bad Medicine — helped Failure and longtime partner-in-grime bassist Tony Bleed crawl their way from underground clubs to arena stages where they’ve opened for dudes named Marilyn and Axl. Along the way, they earned that Juno nom for Rock Album of the Year, along with a nod in the New Group category. But for every high on the rock ’n’ roller coaster there’s a comedown, and Failure has been no exception to the same catalog of professional setbacks and personal indiscretions as countless other fluorescent heroes.

Getting here from there didn’t come easy. But then, nothing good does. And even if it did, Failure doesn’t do easy. For Neon Zero, she spent eight months of madness holed up with co-producers Arion Anderson and Nathan Quinn and mixed by Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, The Trews) and Lenny DeRose (Metric, Hey Ocean, Walk Off The Earth), sleeping in the studio and painstakingly crafting these tracks — mostly by herself, mostly from scratch. Then she got down to business, bashing and belting out the bulk of the album in an eight-day marathon with Vancouver’s Andrew Conroy. The ends justify her means. The stomping swagger of first single Sucker Punch, the ecstasy and violence of Welcome to the Badlands, the pulsing fuzz of Murder on the Dance Floor, the grind-groove of Knock Me Out, the ominous slow-burn of Pretty Persuasion, the live-for-the-moment anthem We Own the Night, even the tender-hearted neo-balladry of I’m Just a Girl — they upgrade and update DM’s scrawled sonic signature with sharp synths, layered vocals, undeniable grooves. But Diemaniacs needn’t fear the repurposing — it all comes without sacrificing one iota of Failure’s guitar-shredding grit.

Pasted Graphic 35

“I am such a riffy chick,” she admits. “I can’t help myself. I’m a guitar wanker. There is never enough rock in it for me. I love bands like Sleigh Bells and The Kills, where you have both electronic and rock. That was the whole point, to show you could have it all together. It’s trickier. You have to put more brainpower into it. But when it works, it’s way deep and way more guttural. The music sounds better when you can get it to run hand in hand.”

Now, freed from the shackles of her past, with the most focused, consistent and fully realized work of her career firmly in hand, Failure is ready to run headlong into the future.

“I made this album because I want to kick down doors,” she explains. “I want to be able to really evolve and grow as an artist and not have to do the same old thing again. I don’t want to have to play by the rules. That’s why I needed to do this.”

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All Photography By: Dipan Cheema For FridaeTV
All Photography By: Dipan Cheema For FridaeTV





All Photography By: Dipan Cheema
































BYECThe Orlando, Florida-based band of brothers have been playing ever since they were young. The group consists of Connor McDonough, 20, (Vocals/Guitar), Riley McDonough, 18, (Vocals), and younger brother Toby McDonough, 16, (Vocals/Guitar) and they’ve already began to make their mark on the world.

 With their most recent EP, I Like That, the three brothers have crafted a soaring pop album of uplifting relationship songs that effortlessly blend sharp hooks with bright and buoyant rock. “We were searching for a sound, and wrote with as many people as we could. It helped us grow and write better songs. For this album we wrote 30 to 40 songs and picked our favorites,” Riley McDonough says. The band drew inspiration and wrote songs from sessions with such seasoned vets as Robert Ellis Orall (Taylor Swift), Dan Book and Alexei Misoul (Hot Chelle Rae), Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low), and Stephen Barker Liles (Love and Theft). The album standout and first single, “I Like That”, is a tune with tenderly romantic lyrics and big pop-rock beat. Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo, along with Connor McDonough, produced the album. “They really listened to what we wanted to do and let us try out our ideas, no matter how crazy,” Connor says laughing. “Because of that, we feel really connected to the way the recording turned out,” Riley adds. The group is even more excited for the release of their brand new music coming soon!

BYELLWith the I Like That EP, the band has been critically acclaimed by the likes of  MTV, J-14, Seventeen, Radio Disney, Teen, Teen Vogue, Popstar!, Just Jared, just to name a few. The band has also toured/played with high profile acts such as Cody Simpson, Olly Murs, The Wanted, Fifth Harmony, and even the Jonas Brothers.Conjuring up the optimism in the band’s name-inspired by the sentiment “make a difference before you exit”- the band works daily to make their way to the top but they never fail to stop and appreciate what has got them thus far. “There’s no way we’d be anywhere without our incredible fans. They are behind us every step of the way and are a huge piece of this band,” states youngest brother, Toby. In light of the many short lived and fly by night artists, this young, singer/songwriting, brother driven band, is one to be around for a while.

Purchase Before You Exit’s new single, “Dangerous”, on iTunes, here!
Tour Dates with Fifth Harmony

5.4 SunFest 2014 West Palm Beach, FL
5.17 Samsung Hall Manila, Philippines
6.4 The Fillmore* Silver Spring, MD
6.5 Baltimore Soundstage* Baltimore, MD
6.7 Digifest NYC New York, NY
6.8 iPlay America’s Event Center* Freehold, NJ
6.9 Bergen Performing Arts Center* Englewood, NJ
6.12 House of Blues* Chicago, IL
6.14 DigiFest Toronto Toronto, Canada
6.21 Tanger Outlets @ The Arches* Deer Park, NY
6.25 Jacobs Pavilion @ Nautica* Cleveland, OH
6.26 Stranahan Theater* Toledo, OH
6.27 PNC Pavilion* Cincinnati, OH
6.28 Farm Bureau Lawn* Indianapolis, IN
6.29 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion* Columbus, OH







By: Fridae Mattas

Sitting here in my trailer all processed waiting to shoot my scenes and instead of rehearsing my lines a few more times with coworker, we have decided a break is most definitely needed. The choices are to either listen to some music or watch the 3rd episode of “Sons Of Anarchy”, we can’t leave the trailer processed unless we’re called on set. So, I chose to hear what Marianas Trench Lead Guitarist Matt Webb has to bring on his sophomore EP “Right Direction“, released February 4th 2014. Time these days is very limited, but I always listen to as much music as I can because music is my life and many of yours. Without music most of us would not be here, it has helped us through some serious shit in life.

For those who need a little more background info on Matt Webb you can check out his Facebook here. Matt has been with his band Marianas Trench since 2001 which is amazing, some bands don’t last together a year, never mind thirteen! Personally, not a fan of the bands music they are not my cup of tea. However, I do commend them on their accomplishments for a Canadian band. 


Webb’s Right Direction EP has six tracks, the first being the title track “Right Direction”. It starts in with your basic acoustic guitar and some percussion prior to dropping the first verse. The vibe is mellowed out and his voice isn’t too bad, needs to strengthen those chords but his tone is not making my ears cry. This track is okay, not exactly award winning but it is a well done production as is the rest of the EP. A few things I’m not feeling about most of the tunes on the record are that the lyrics are a little too rhymey, redundant and adolescent sounding for Webb’s age group. From what I hear, the above mentioned seems to be the trend for the whole album. The two songs I could not fully listen to and had to skip were “Don’t Turn Your Back on Me” and “123”. Don’t shoot me Trenchers, it is just my opinion.

Very surprised though, I was expecting worse! It is always a good thing when an artist is better than expected! Prior to getting the press release for this record, I had no idea he even was a singer. And, in a few weeks we will find out if he can hold his own on stage when he hits Toronto’s Adelaide Hall March 7th 2014 to kick off his Right Direction tour across Canada, in support of the new EP. 

A song worth a listen that I have to mention is “Hang Tight” which has more of a jazzy vibe and is different than the rest of the tracks on the record. As far as Webb launching a successful solo career with this EP…A lot more work is needed to refine him as a solo artist, but he is headed in the Right Direction… I give Matt Webb 2.5 music notes out of 5 ♪♪♪♪♪ Download your copy of “Right Direction” here

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March 5 – Hamilton @ Bay City Music Hall

March 6 – Ottawa @ Mavericks

March 7 – Toronto @ Adelaide Hall

March 8 – Peterborough @ The Red Dog

March 9 – London @ London Music Hall

March 13 – Thunder Bay @ Black Pirates Pub

March 14 – Winnipeg @ Park Theatre

March 16 – Regina @ The Exchange

March 18 – Saskatoon @ O’Brians Event Centre

March 21 – Edmonton @ Avenue Theatre

March 22 – Calgary @ The Den

March 23 – Red Deer @ Memorial Centre

March 27 – Vancouver @ Rio Theatre






 Toronto, ON – Canadian R&B / Pop sensation JRDN is set to release his highly anticipated self-titled EP (Kuya Productions / Fontana North / Universal Music Canada) on February 11, 2014.JRDN includes his smash single, “Can’t Choose,” ft. Kardinal Offishall, which hit the Top 5 on the CHR charts with the accompanying music video receiving heavy rotation on MuchMusic and M3. Additionally, JRDN is set to join Hedley for select dates on the Wild Live tour alongside Danny Fernandes and Alyssa Reid, beginning February 14 in Prince George, BC.

“I am in love with what I do,” says JRDN. “Sometimes the road we travel isn’t what we expect it to be, but it’s up to us to be patient and persevere. Recording this collection of songs has truly been a musical education and I feel very blessed to be able to share this journey with my fans.”

Written and recorded with longtime collaborators, Kuya Productions (Nelly, Ginuwine, Akon), Danny Boy Styles and Chuck Harmony (Ne-Yo, K’naan), among others, the new EP finds JRDN expressing himself more candidly than ever. Showing substantial growth as an artist, his evolving sound can be heard on tracks like “Ali” and standout ballads including “Reset” and “Rebel.” The second single off JRDN, “Love Ain’t Enough,” was released to radio on January 6 and is now available for purchase at

JRDN’s 2010 breakthrough follow up album, IAMJRDN, debuted at #13 on the Canadian R&B charts, yielding the Top 20 Gold-selling singles, “U Can Have It All” and “Like Magic.” Additionally, the release garnered him a 2011 SOCAN Urban Music Award, a Canadian Radio Music Award (CRMA) in the category of Dance/Urban/Rhythmic and a 2012 nomination for Fans’ Choice. Nominated for New Artist of the Year and R&B Soul Recording of the Year at the 2012 JUNO Awards, JRDN was a part of the live broadcast for the first-ever ‘Mixtape’ performance.

JRDN – EP Track Listing

Love Ain’t Enough
Can’t Choose
Live My Dream


Wild Live Tour Dates w/ JRDN

February 14, 2014                                CN Centre                                               Prince George, BC

February 15, 2014                                Prospera Place                                      Kelowna, BC

February 16, 2014                                Interior Savings Centre                         Kamloops, BC

February 18, 2014                                Crystal Centre                                        Grande Prairie, AB

February 19, 2014                                Imperial Oil Place (Energy Centre)    Cold Lake, AB

February 20, 2014                                Enmax Centre                                        Lethbridge, AB

February 21, 2014                                Medicine Hat Arena                              Medicine Hat, AB

February 23, 2014                                Spectra Place                                         Estevan, SK

February 26, 2014                                Copps Coliseum                                    Hamilton, ON

February 27, 2014                                Memorial Auditorium                             Kitchener, ON

February 28, 2014                                GM Centre                                               Oshawa, ON

March 1, 2014                                        WFCU Centre                                         Windsor, ON

March 3, 2014                                        Molson Centre                                        Barrie, ON

March 4, 2014                                        Sudbury Arena                                       Sudbury, ON

March 7, 2014                                        Peterborough Memorial Arena            Peterborough, ON

March 8, 2014                                        K-Rock Centre                                        Kingston, ON

March 10, 2014                                      Aitken Centre                                          Fredericton, NB

March 13, 2014                                      Mile One Stadium                                  St. John’s, NL

March 15, 2014                                      Pepsi Centre                                           Cornerbrook, NL

March 17, 2014                                      Centre 200                                              Sydney, NS

March 18, 2014                                      Metro Centre                                           Halifax, NS

March 20, 2014                                      Moncton Coliseum                                 Moncton, NB

March 21, 2014                                      Palais Municipal                                     Saguenay, QC

March 22, 2014                                      Colisee Pepsi                                          Quebec City, QC

March 25, 2014                                      Budweiser Gardens                                London, ON







By: Fridae Mattas

Once again Marshall Mathers teams up with Miss Fenty Riri to throw down another “Monster” masterpiece. I vowed to not write another video news release because music channels out there have fallow video hosts who like to use my words on air. Main example is a little news piece back in the day on “Love The Way You Lie“, thanks to my loyal friend who informed me of this faux pas. If you’re going to plagiarize someones work at least change up the words, laughs! This is not a news release more like a song and video review…Did not go into too much detail regarding this track in the review of “MMLP2” for good reason! I had this up my sleeve for a minute now, today it can be published because the video has been released.


The song itself is in reference to Eminem’s multiple personalities and how he is still actively feeding the monster under his bed and vice versa. In the video directed by Rich Lee, Mathers plays a patient and Rihanna is the doctor. As Rihanna sings “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed / Get along with the voices inside of my head / You’re trying to save me, stop holdin’ your breath / And you think I’m crazy, yeah, you think I’m crazy.” Mather’s reflects on his past accomplishments and demons using flash backs of The Monster’s reign. It was clever to redo and incorporate those specific videos to tell the story of the song, which goes fittingly with the lyrics. People fail to convey the message in video form these days. “Cause I need an interventionist to intervene between me and this monster / And save me from myself and all this conflict”. One of the video clips embedded within was when Eminem had his moment with Elton John, my guess is to reiterate he is not a homophobe. “I’m just relaying what the voice in my head is saying / Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just friends with the…” People need to remember he is just utilizing his freedom of speech, does not mean he actually believes some of the things he says, it’s just art.

Rihanna’s vocals on this track are very well done, she knows how to use her voice to the best of her ability. Fenty is not the strongest vocalist but as an entertainer she has the charisma and determination, not to mention she is one hell of a performer. Mathers solidifies his top spot in the music industry with a sharp flow and passion filled feelings behind the lyrics. Even though you don’t want more fame, this is your job, now werk bitch! Haha! That is, if you still have something left to say. At the end of the video Eminem comes face to face with the Monster locked in the cage being watched by two teflon padded gunmen, we all know who the moster is even before you see him. Watch this epic video and see for yourself what I’m talking about! 

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By: Fridae Mattas

Found out about this show when a few girls were talking about it as I waited for the same bus. Then a thought popped into my head maybe I should go on a mission, haven’t seen those Larries in forever and the fans searching MDD on FridaeTV everyday will be happy! At first I was going to force one of my photographers to mission with me to The Historic Red Dog in Peterborough on Friday, November 15th, for the first My Darkest Days performance in like a year. Then I remembered a pretty awesome photographer who lives there and would let me use some of her shots if I needed to. So I trekked it to the boons myself, I’m a big girl now and none of my friends were free that day except a stalker ex who does not belong on anymore adventures! “Laughs!” Almost did not make it out of the city because someone stole my wallet with all my money except forty five bucks that I had put in my pocket at some point for some reason and glad I did! Pissed off, frustrated, trying to cancel my cards, I was very close to cancelling my journey overall and just go back home. Then the little voice in my head kept saying, “You’re already halfway there, just do it bitch! Do it! Do it!” My spontaneous Aquarian nature carries me through life, as my curiosity and determination drives me, I’m always up for an adventure! Fuck staying at a hotel I rented a house down the street from the venue, I was not about to trek it back to the city that night.

The rest of the evening was fantastic, I was already tipsy from all the free beers when the band was about to hit the stage at the packed Peterboonz venue. Last time I saw My Darkest Days live was either at the Opera House or when they opened for Three Days Grace at The Direct Energy Centre in like 2010, really don’t remember. Now, frontman Matt Walst is Lead Vox for Three Days Grace and My Darkest Days is missing guitarist Sal Costa who left the band last year. My intuition kind of already knew Sal would leave the band the day I met him. Costa is always pleasant and polite when I run into him but have not heard boo from him in years, I’m sure he found others to hook him up with shows. Like many in this industry we all get busy and drift our separate ways the busier we become or sometimes the fame hungry egos take flight and feel they are too cool until their bubble has burst. A good example of losing touch is changing phones, not many of the same contacts are in my new phone from previous years because my old phone swiped everything but I still talk to my friends, real recognizes real and always finds each other. Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Turned out my sense about Sal was as authentic as my “Chavril” duet prediction, but hey, I think My Darkest Days found a stellar replacement! An incredible guitarist whom I thought should have been in this band a while ago, hopefully they keep Trevor MacLeod and he keeps them.

People need to calm down and stop hating! Bands have new members all the time, so many rude comments in regards to Walst numero dos stepping in to save his other band of brothers so they can support their families and not disappoint the fans. I’m sure he probably doesn’t mind all the perks and groupies that come along with the touring life but it’s like people sometimes forget that touring is work. Being in a band and rocking out for the fans is their job, he has big shoes to fill but clearly was the obvious choice for anyone who is loyal to their family and friends. Yes, vocals are not the same because they are different people, with different types of voices. Not to mention, Adam has what, like ten years more professional experience on stage and people must be reminded Walst has contributed his talents on a few tunes for Three Days Grace records in the past. I love Adam’s voice he has grown into an incredible vocalist and will always be one of my favorites but he left his band and fans high and dry just before a huge tour and regardless of the reasoning behind it, that is not cool. As of yet I have not had the time to trek it to see Walst play with Three Days Grace, but hey, who knows? Maybe in the very near future you will get my full perspective on that set, if the label lets me…This was not the first time I’ve been to Peterborough or the Red Dog it was my like my fourth “laughs”. Previous expeditions were to check homies Art Of Dying and I was not alone for those journeys, good times! Amazingly, I actually knew more people this time, did not feel completely out of place in the small town, except for the usual randoms staring at me for long periods of time. It wasn’t just men who creeped me out this time some of the females were pretty special. My Darkest Days has always been a blonde Matt Walst – Vox/Guitar it was different seeing the darker doo, Doug Oliver – Drums and Brendan McMillan – Bass with Reid Henry on Keys and newly added Trevor MacLeod who is in “Cold Creek County” with Oliver and McMillan and was in a few other bands back in the day.Trevor is a true rock and roll guitarist in every aspect, he is not one to stand still on stage like a scared little goose and no more long hair, he finally chopped the bush! Didn’t even recognize him at first without the hair, we shall see how things go.

They opened with a cover of AC/DC’s TNT which Reid “Mean Jean” Henry was on lead vocals for and did a smashing job! I was surprised how well he actually did, little Smudgie the roadie stage tech has come a very long way! Reid is developing into quite a talent thanks to his older MDD brothers from different Mothers taking him under their wing. Once the song came on I was like wait I know this one so I started to record it but my mic battery died so you can’t hear shit. I had a spare battery in my wallet which was no longer with us so I just took my mic off for the rest of the tunes using the camera’s internal microphone.MY DARKEST DAYS LIVE @ THE RED DOG 2013 PETERBOROUGHMY DARKEST DAYS WITH CHRIS MILLAR LIVE @ THE RED DOG 2013 PETERBListening to AC/DC always reminds me of when I ran into Vocalist Brian Johnson on my lunch break when the band hit Toronto for a show a few years ago. He was super nice, actually just randomly started jibbering away when I was walking past him. Couldn’t place his face, it was familiar to me but I sure as hell couldn’t remember his name. I made a comment about his hat and he introduced himself doing a little dance, that was funny coming from this little man, he was clearly a character. Once we finished chatting it finally came to me what band he was in. As I turned around to walk back over to work this older woman popped out of nowhere and started screaming in my face. She was asking me if I knew who I just talked to, before I could even answer she yelled “Brian fucking Johnson! Brian fucking Johnson! Oh my God I wish I was you! Do you know how lucky you are?” that was too funny, I was trying so hard not to laugh as she asked me what he smelled like, if I got his number and other stupid ass questions I didn’t answer.

Much props to you little Reid who looked like a member of the Beatles, he’s growing up and refining his talents, Henry is not the only one who has been growing into his talents. Brendan McMillan who can now have his mohawk back is much more relaxed and looked genuinely excited to be there. He totally killed it on Stutter and it was very natural when he was interacting with his band mates. After they rocked TNT it was time to move on to a blend of originals and covers like the formerly stated “Stutter“, “Move Your Body”, “Save Me”, “Come Undone”. They even covered the Grandkids’ “ClockTower” featuring a Larry named Chris Millar but that wasn’t the only feature of the night. Nervous Brandon Scott of Cold Creek County helped Walst with vocals on the ballad “Without You” which can be seen here. I am really digging their renditions of LMR and High Road a Medley containing a blend of R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion” with Nirvanaesque vocals, Three Days Grace’s “High Road” mellowed out to the same melody of their tune “Set It On Fire”. Walst’s vocals were almost pitch perfect and the rest of the band did a phenomenal job with backup, you can view said medley here.

Can smasher Doug Oliver joins in on the improvements but he’s always been a slick snare slayer. If anyone in this band has been beyond consistent with his skill level it would be Dougie, his tricks are smoother and he was looking happier than the last time I saw him play. There were a group of fans I heard about that drove in from the US, I believe the farthest trek was Nebraska and here I thought my little two hour journey was a trek!Speaking of fans, I suck at filming in crowds because I get scared of the crazies from past experiences, yet I still go in them…The media pit is my best friend but this time they didn’t have a pit so I hid in a corner stage left and took some photos while filming, not the best shots but good enough. Everyone was pretty chill except for this one sloppy fuglymess drunk chick behind me with drink in hand spilling everywhere! I was going to crack her jaw if she didn’t stop pushing me on purpose, her drink was getting a little too close to my camera and clothing also dripping all over this short girls head beside. My filming is ass thanks to her but low and behold a few tunes with her crazy drunk ass passed and she was booted from the bar, some people just can’t handle their liquor. After the drunkerella fiasco, it was winding down to the last tune of the night, the hit poppy rock tune “Porn Star Dancing“. Chizzy (Chad) honorary lifetime member of My Darkest Days filled in for Luda, spitting into the mic like he just came home. I could not see the rest of the band during that tune but everyone was a good sport with all those fans on stage! The performance was the best I have seen to date, the sound man was fantastic he did a superb job and the crowd was loving every second. I noticed all the touring has been good for building their skill sets and taking their talent to the next level. Even Matt has made huge progress with his vocals, he has more control, they are steadier and his range has grown. Not quite there yet with the growls but much improved and he did not seem as shy on stage but still has a lot of work to do. Forget the haters just be who you are, keep practicing and everyting will be as it should. Fronting both Three Days Grace and My Darkest Days is a challenge but, the talent is there just remember not to burn yourself out. The band had an autograph signing meet and greet after the set, talking and taking pictures with their fans. Initially I wanted to get a few shots of the signing but was preoccupied with my bleeding finger dripping too much blood, how it happened who knows? Obviously at some point during the set, possibly drunkerella’s fault…Only the future can tell what is in store for My Darkest Days, I will definitely try my best to be at the next show to support these underdogs and their catchy tunes, as should you! I give this performance 4 music notes ♪♪♪♪ out of 5.

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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15TH 2013 All Photography By: Fridae Mattas




Released: Nov. 5th 2013

Label: Aftermath / Shady / Interscope

Written By: Fridae Mattas

 Everyones favorite schizo rapper from Detroit has released his eighth studio album and people are telling me the other critics are praising the MMLP2. Have yet to read anyone else’s perception on the album, truth is I just don’t have the time and these days the only opinion that matters to me is my own ha ha. Totally forgot Mathers was even dropping his album this month. I was working on the Rob Zombie record review but decided to hold those thoughts and get these ones out as soon as possible. The instant I played the first track I noticed the pieces of the original MMLP being blended with this 2.0 version. I was surprised to see the reuse of the title but it is relevant to the theme of the record and why not? Lil Wayne has The Carter 1, 2, 3, 79, 357 and Jay-Z with his five hundred blueprints.MMLP2PPDid not think I would be reviewing another record by Eminem and his personalities, honestly thought he was going to take a permanap from the industry. The world is clearly happy he did not permanap, it hasn’t even been a full week since the release and it’s already making waves like a tsunami! Word on the industry tip is that the “MMLP2” will surpass Drake’s first week sales and debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 making it Eminem’s seventh number one when the chart is revealed Nov.13th. Everyone that hated on him in the past seems to have a closeted guilty pleasure affair with the music. Eminem’s haters remind me of the Canadian music industry who laughed at Drake until America started to love him…That’s when they instantly turned into yes people and his biggest fans. Personally don’t mind some of his songs but professionally speaking he is not the strongest “rapper”? Stylistically he is not at all comparable to the level of the Emcee’s I grew up listening to like N.W.A, Dr. Dre (Who served as executive producer for this record along with Rick Rubin.), Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Snoopy Dogg, Warren G, Naughty By Nature, KRS-One, 2Pac, Biggie, Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Queen Latifa, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Jay-Z, Nas, Missy Elliot, Mos Def, DMX, WuTang, Ludacris, Fugees and of course Eminem. I would like to see any Emcee in today’s game battle Eminem, it would be fun to watch and hear, actually that should be a rap reality show where they get different Emcee’s to freestyle battle each other.
MMLP2RThe Marshall Mathers LP 2 has various tones to it like his colourful personas, you have the old school throwback vibes and some candy tunes. In a few he spits like he’s the missing member of N.W.A. and then your classic “Asshole” Ft. Skylar Grey, produced by Alex Da Kid and fueled by the vibrance of that vengeful fire flow he had on the Marshall Mathers original record. Here is a true line: “But you can’t ignore the fact that I fought for the respect and battle for it.”. Tunes like “Bad Guy” have that laid back beat where it’s just chilling and then you hear Eminem emulating “Stan’s” little Brother Matthew plotting revenge on his idol. And you are sitting there wondering how that song was birthed in his brain and as always only Eminem, Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady knows this. He revisits the skeletons he had in his closet and a few new ones popped out. On the song “So Far” he throws in a few shit ticket old school lines revamped. In the hook he declares his love for the city that took him in. “Maybe that’s why I feel so strange. Got it all, but I still won’t change. Maybe that’s why I can’t leave Detroit, it’s the motivation that keeps me going. This is the inspiration I need, I can never turn my back on a city that made me.” It is astonishing to see how quickly Detroit is deteriorating, I’ve been there a few times this year visiting friends and meeting with so called “Producers”. Every time I’m there I notice there are more and more abandoned places to wander. Funniest part about a lot of people I met in Detroit is once you tell them you’re a singer and a Journalist everyone is either an industry expert or knows Eminem and Kid Rock personally…Ha Ha sure they do!

On my last Eminem review for “Recovery“, I added the only two photos I managed to save from the Anger Management tour in Toronto at the “Skydome” back in October 2000, one of the two is below. Earlier that same year Eminem dropped the original Marshall Mathers LP, I did not review that album because well I was not old enough to be a Music Journalist back then, laughs. In 2000, I was in high school (sometimes) and trying to be the new “Destiny’s Child” with my group “Girlz Ink”. Ah haha yes, true words and sadly it wasn’t the only group I was in…Don’t recall telling the world the full story behind those photos I took and that was a day I will never forget. Those shots and FridaeTV almost never happened…My “friend” and I managed to get to the front of the floor, stage right audience left near the middle of the barricade…Huge mistake, once Papa Roach hit the stage it was over, I was getting crushed into the barricade by everyone behind me, crowd surfers were flying couldn’t breath it was getting darker, all I could hear were echoes and felt myself drifting off.emprooffm1The bitch who called herself a friend was just watching, she didn’t help or try to get help. At this point I could see colours and doubles as people were fading everything was going black. I was praying to God I would survive yet another fucked up adventure as my short teenage life was flashing before my eyes again. Just before it went completely dark I faintly heard someone asking me if I was okay, I couldn’t even speak and didn’t need to. He immediately started yelling at the crowd to move back, pulling mostly dudes off of me and was joined by the other security guards who did the same. They gave me water and kept my purse on the barricades inside and handed me my camera when I needed it. As I was regaining consciousness a few security guards were always nearby or hovering to keep me safe for the rest of Papa Roach and all of Eminem’s set, until I asked them to pull me out when it ended. Those security guards saved my life and am so thankful to them. When I could finally talk again a few minutes before Mathers and the whole D12 crew hit the stage I turned to my “friend” to tell her I almost passed out and died. She said “I know, I don’t care I’m here to see Eminem, you’re not important.” Fuck I wanted to drop kick the bitch and just as she finished rolling her eyes at me she was kicked in the head a few times in a row by crowd surfers and security did nothing to help her. Karma! Haven’t spoken to that bitch since, who needs enemies when there are “friends” like her. I saw two completely different sides of humanity that day and will always be petrified of extreme crowds.
eminem-mmlp2Mathers continues to find a way to express himself with words, he knows what formulas to use if he wants radio hits but also proves on this record it’s not about that, it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to recreate MMLP more like recapitulate. In many songs on this record and past singles, Mathers states how unaware he was of how fame would be and still has a love hate relationship with it. All you can do is embrace situations as they come the best you can, use your talent to help all those fucked up kids and people who still need a rebel superhero, someone imperfect to be their perfect. It happens to too many entertainers #1: They either evolve into a better version of themselves like Eminem seems to be doing? #2: They end up like Amanda Bynes who cracked out like Lindsey Lohan with a little Courtney Love mucho crazy sprinkled in…Or #3: they end up getting killed or killing themselves by accident or on purpose.

No Eminem album is complete without a few fabulous features from repeats Rihanna on “The Monster” tune, Nate Reuss of Fun on “Headlights”, Skylar Grey on “Asshole” as mentioned above, Sarah Jaffe, Sia and a few more vocalists also make appearances. The only rapper to spit on this record other than Mathers is Kendrick Lamar on the eccentric tune titled “Love Game”. A very hickory blend of samples from “Game Of Love” By: Clint Ballard Jr. and “The Object Of My Affection”. This tune is a comical experience in typical Shady fashion and the style of Lamar’s verse was very fitting to the concept of the tune. I like Lamar’s flow overall, he just added a whole different dimension to his talent on this record, definitely stepping up his game. I can see why he is signed to Aftermath because he has that special quality to his flow.
MMLP2 TRACKLISTEminem is 41 in human years but only really a semi-adult who will never fully grow up because he didn’t have a normal childhood. I call that (MJS) Michael Jackson or (PPS) Peter Pan Syndrome… I feel so sorry for his girls and their future boyfriends, I know first hand how intimidating fathers can be with that area of stuff…You can’t be scary in those moments or they will shut you out. Just be what your parents were not. Be Dad, someone who they can talk to, trust and always rely on. If you show them everyday how much you love them, regardless of your shenanigans they will always love you. My Father raised my siblings and I, he wasn’t perfect but always had our backs until the day he died. Although track three “Rhyme or Reason” on this record is kind of funny with the way he starts on the beat, it’s pretty shitty that Mathers never had his Father in his life. Then again he wouldn’t be who he is today like all of us, if it weren’t for his past, the good and the bad. “(What’s your name?) Shady (Who’s your daddy?) I don’t give a fuck.The beat for this track samples the 1968 hit song “Time Of The Season” written by: Rod Argent and performed by the Zombies. The music is also sampled by the fantastical Melanie Fiona on her 2008 hit “Give It To Me Right”. Some of my favorite lines of the cut are “Had a fire in my heart, and a dire desire to aspire, to DIE HARD. So, as long as I’m on the clock punching this time card, Hip hop ain’t dying on my watch.” we’ll see…
marshallmatherslpNThe continuation record is not as vulgar as the first, all of the songs are well done and he still tears people new ones. “Your ass backwards like motherfucking Bob and Silent Jay.” He still has that maniacal mind frame of an almost serial killer, which he most likely would fully be if he didn’t make it as an Emcee. The only tune that I wasn’t feeling too much is “Berzerk”, the beat is too sick with all of those old school samples but something about how he sounds on the hook made my ears cringe. That single is the only song where I heard severe nasal to the point of skipping. On the track “So Much Better” he talks about what a Hobag Hip Hop is, like a groupie not about an actual female just an analogy. I really liked the tunes “Legacy” and Beautiful Pain off of the deluxe version featuring Sia, it has an interesting little vibe to it. Marshall Mathers and all his voices would be a cool homie to have, you know he’d be loyal and always have your back but not so fun if you somehow ended up on the chopping pad with his silver bullet words aimed at you. Ta da! Surprise, Eminem actually didn’t say boo about Mariah this time around! Another surprise was the follow up to “Cleaning Out My Closet”, I’m glad Mathers has an apology of sorts for his Mom on this album. In “Headlights” Mathers seems to understand now, that yes his childhood was fucked up but his Mother tried. “Did I take it too far? Cleaning out my closet and all them other songs. But regardless I don’t hate you cause ma! You’re still beautiful to me, cause you’re my mom.” seems as though he has finally put those demons to rest. A reason I could relate to his music when I was younger was his Mother and mine share the same name and are equally as crazy…Actually, mine I think wins the Manic Biopolar award because at least his mother kind of stuck around. Some people say this record is his last and others say SSLP2 should or will follow. Who knows what he has planned for the future??
EMCRAYZEEThe main reason I even gave Eminem’s music a chance as a lickle youth was because he was a slick wordsmith. I did not like a few of his singles and actually wanted to backhand pimp slap him a few times for being so disrespectful. But, I didn’t take any of the super fucked up shit to heart because like millions of people I understand expression through artistic outlets. “Who the fuck wants a plain Eminem?“. He’s just getting issues off his chest people, it’s like 2000 all over again with attention seekers crying about how misogynistic or homophobic this and that lyrics is. Don’t you see it’s a game to him he’s a character, of course he wants to push buttons he says this himself but is he really homophobic or a Woman hater? No, he’s just a guy and they say and do stupid shit all the time and you all just keep geMMLP2Etting played. Back then and today I somewhat understand where the psycho bottled blonde was coming from, as did millions of others. It doesn’t matter how old Marshall and his “Evil Twin” get, people will still be able to relate to the “Rap God” because he is the poster child for ” The Almost American Dream” which is more common and there is a little Slim Shady in all of us. Buy your copy of MMLP2 USA here and Canada here. I give Eminem’s MMLPII Reboot 4 music notes ♪♪♪♪ out of 5!

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Photo By: Fridae Mattas
Photo By: Fridae Mattas




By: Fridae Mattas

Canadian Music Week continued! If you have yet to read the other parts of the Canadian Music Fest coverage you can view them here and here.

This year I wanted everything to be different, told myself not to stress over anything…Yeah, now I am stressing over stupid technolgy not working as it should!  I tried Final Cut Pro on my friends computer a few weeks ago…I wanted to shoot myself in the face, don’t understand why Apple makes the simplest things so time consuming and complicated! After listening to more than half of the bands playing the festival, I concluded that there was nothing new appealing to my ears. Most of the good bands on the Toronto scene I already love, know about, have heard of or don’t like. There were a few Australian and Japanese bands I saw for a few minutes but they were just mediocre.

Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV
Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV

On March 21st I had a few bands to check but it turned out one of the bands was not even playing, regardless of what the book said. I thought why not just hit up a few clubs on Queen and then reach Incura’s set at the Hard Luck. Absolutely thrilled that I was able to catch their set and I arrived early!! The first time I saw Vancouver band Incura was at the Rivoli in 2009, they were so fantastic I had to check them out again but kept missing the sets in the city. This time I was determined, I even agreed to an interview with dynamo frontman Kyle Gruninger when the bands publicist reached out. To watch the interview click here or go to

Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV
Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV

Incura is:  Kyle Gruninger – Vocals, Royce Whittaker – Guitar,  Jono Olson – Bass, Jim McLaren – Keyboards and Phil Gardner on the kit. You cannot describe their music by genre-boxing them. They have such a fantastically different blend of artistic sounds and if anyone tries to change them that will be a sad day.Kyle is one of the best frontmen I have seen ever! His vocals and stage presence surpass many of the veteran artists out there today, if Freddie Mercury and David Bowie had a son it would be Kyle. You can see him shine by watching the band live or viewing a video on Fridae TV youtube.

Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV
Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV

The rest of the band did well, Whittaker was immense on the axe but there were a few tuning issues that I heard, but this time I will let it slide because they played four shows back to back in three days. When I notice mistakes at least I know he is actually playing the guitar and not “Rock Banding it” with a backing track pretending to play the instrument. (I have seen that happen far too often these days!). Phil Gardner on the Drums was tight the whole time! Most Drummers I have seen and know are always on top of their game. Bassist Jono Olson kept those Bass lines crisp , he was very energetic and not overly enthusiastic.  They all have chemistry beyond words that you have to see for yourself, keep Incura in your thought because soon enough they will have a huge following!

Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV
Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV
Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV
Photo By: Dipan Cheema for Fridae TV

On Friday March 22nd an interview was scheduled with James Black of Finger Eleven who also has his own solo project and an Alt-Country band “Blackie Jackett Jr.” with fellow guitarist Rick Jackett. You can watch the very informative interview here. Once his set wrapped I was to run down to The Indies but instead I ran into an awesome friend as I was leaving the Rivoli and decided to check the Protest The Hero set at The Hoxton which I have never been too. I did feel a little guilty for fucking up the coverage rotation but I really wanted to see PTH kill it! Fridae TV photographer Dipan was already at The Kool Haus shooting the show, so my guilt wasn’t too overwhelming. The Hoxton looked nice, the sound system was shit up close but farther back it sounded decent, invest in your sound system people. Did not stay too long because it was getting crazy and I didn’t want to miss Matt Mays and El Torpedo I take it and go.


The Indies were held at the Kool Haus this year due to the relocation because of the construction on front street by Union station and the usual CMW HQ Royal York. Next year they should have CMW/CMF at the Sheraton Centre, after all it is a spacious hotel and centrally located. The band playing when I arrived was Diamond Rings…The bands music was good but the singer was horrible, he ruined everything, my ears were screaming! Thankfully, the set was almost over and Matt Mays was hitting the stage next. It is beyond tragic that band member Jay Smith of El Torpedo was died not even a week later. Smith was found dead Wednesday March 27th in his Alberta hotel room, cause of death is yet to be released. He was a strong influence on the band and a very talented musician who left behind a young family. My condolences to all of his family and friends, it is always hard to lose people so suddenly. When people say time will heal, I don’t agree with that saying when it comes to the death of someone close. You never really get over it, you just learn how to cope and live your life. 


The band was fantastic they were all so cohesive and I loved the guitars, always a sucker for the sound of a guitar played well. I don’t know why but the more guitars squealing the better for my ears! Mays has a soulful mellow voice and is a fabulous frontman with great stage presence. The crowd was hypnotized by his every move, see for yourself and watch “Loveless” and “Stoned” the two best tracks I filmed of their performance at The Indies.


This year CMW had over a thousand bands playing but not enough quality entertainment that I wanted to hear. Always remember it is about quality, not quantity. The headliners for The 2013 Indie Awards were Metric, the crowd was waiting patiently for the first twenty minutes and then they began to get restless because the band was still not on the stage after an hour.



The crowd forgot about the delay the minute vox Emily Haines walked onto the stage. Metric started off their set with Artificial Nocturne, followed by Youth Without You which I absolutely think sounds like “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. There were moments when it seemed as though Haines wasn’t singing, photographer Dipan even notice that, maybe everyone should lay off the vocal effects and sing normally. They were okay, I don’t get the hype but Haines does put on a respectable performance.


Next!! Six Side Die at Cherry Colas!! Prior to their set I was on a mission to find a good band! So I trekked up and down Queen street in search of new quality entertainment. Most of the good bands I have already seen and like the days before the bands playing were not mesmerizing enough to keep me. I did a new interview with Six Side Die but it is still being edited, like Kyle’s it was to be right here for you all to see but I don’t always get what I want.



Six Side Die is in the process of recording their debut record “That F’N Album” which should be out this summer for everyone to listen to. SSD’s fans raised enough funds for the band to make the record possible. Many people know frontman Bryan Crouch from his previous band “Hail The Villain” and I have noticed by the comments left on a few FridaeTV videos some of his Villain fans are not happy with the migration. People don’t understand how harsh hard rock vocals are on your chords, all of the screaming and growling damages the vocal chords causing them to deteriorate because of continual misuse. There are so many metal and hard rock bands that have had to hold off on tours because the vocalist needed some voice rest or had to get legit surgery to try and repair some of the affliction. Honestly people need to get over it and move the fuck on, he is a talented guy who wants to continue evolving as an artist on his own terms. If you don’t love it anymore, you have to let it go to truly find what you are missing because in the end the only one watching out for you is you.



They rocked Cherry Cola’s “Tiny Tim” stage to the fullest of their ability, it was so hard to get photos of everyone because there are five Larries on a tiny stage at once overlapping one another. Six Side Die is: Bryan Crouch – Vocals, Anthony Xander – Lead Axe, Kelly Voelkel- Drums, Mike Liske – Rhythm Guitar/Vox and Pat Kavanagh- Bass/Vocals.



I love Pat’s has screamage skills he sounds fantastic and plays bass pretty well keeping the moment up. Mike on the rhythm needs to relax a little bit, have fun on stage! The hardest was getting shots of Kelly he was always blocked by a Larry but shit I managed one still. Loving their sound, very eclectic and Bryan still kills it as a frontman, he brings the vibrancy needed to make this new venture a successful endeavour. It’s amazing how the band interacts with their fans on the regular either by doing random fb or twitter updates or playing video-games with them. Xander is great guitarist, he tried to do some tricks with a bottle…Didn’t exactly work but at least he tried something different. People are too afraid of risks and change but if you don’t take a chance on something you are not living. Check out all of the above bands and artists as well as the others mentioned in the previous CMW editorials and keep it locked for those interviews, that’s all for this year!

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