Enter The Blurrr – CANADIAN MUSIC FEST WEEK 2011

ENTER THE BLURRRR..... By: Fridae Mattas There is a need for some sort of structure when planning coverage for Canadian Music Week / Canadian Music Fest whatever they choose to call it. There must be at least three bands you already plan to see or the festival will swallow you up and spit you out leaving … Continue reading Enter The Blurrr – CANADIAN MUSIC FEST WEEK 2011


Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Shad! “What Shad reveals of himself on TSOL is spiritual without being preachy,  righteous without being self-righteous,  and human without sounding mundane.” -Pitchfork We first had the pleasure of championing this act a few years ago around his video parody of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air where Shad plays the part of … Continue reading SHAD!