By: Fridae Mattas

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival 2014 finally arrived on a beautiful Friday, not too hot not too cold! Actually, it was a little crisp by the lake at the Molson Canadian Amphitheater for July 25th, I’m just so glad it didn’t rain! The only water flow noted other than a drunk girl lean peeing on the wall by the mainstage…Was when IceT decided to spray his water bottle everywhere. Instantly everyone with a camera in the media-pit covered their gear, myself included. Water dries but it still fucks up your equipment! Lately I have been covering only select events because my FridaeTV time is extremely scarce these days. I’m amazed that this editorial, photos included is being published so soon even with a technical issue. I guess that’s just how amazing my problem solving abilities have become over time. There was a slight delay getting to the venue but I reached just in time for the last Suicide Silence media tune. Was absolutely annoyed I missed “Veil Of Maya“, “Mushroomhead“, “Darkest Hour“, “Miss May IandTexas Hippie Coalition“. Another setback was losing my photographer before the festival even started. She was having technical difficulties with her phone and I couldn’t reach her. So, on my own it was! I had a fantastic time, met some new friends in addition to running into so many of my friends already at the festival. Between sets I had a few beers with as many as I could find. My head did not appreciate the festivities the next day, I had a crazy beerover because the shenanigans continued after the show.  SUICIDE SILENCE - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014 A few of the bands on the bill I have already seen and covered but hey who could say no to another Avenged Sevenfold or Trivium set? For me this was exciting, I love seeing how bands progress, some do amazingly with refining their talents and some hit roadblocks because not everyone has the same drive. Suicide Silence was rocking a tune “Cease To Exist” off of their new release “You Can’t Stop Me” the first record with new vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida. The band is: Chris Garza – Rhythm Guitar, Mark Heylmun – Lead Guitar, Alex Lopez – Drums and Dan Kenny on the Bass. SUICIDE SILENCE - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014SUICIDE SILENCE - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014The fans were loving the energy, perfect amount of guitar and angry growling for surfage…Crowd surfing that is! The security guards probably wanted to shoot themselves in the face (They did, I asked). Being in the front lines constantly pulling flying bodies from the crowd, never looks like a fun job. One of the security guards told me that they don’t look forward to country music shows the most because people get so hammered they start fighting everyone, including their friends. I’ll take his word for it because I wouldn’t know, I have only been to maybe four country shows and they were at smaller venues. Once I was satisfied with my one song shots, I migrated to the bridge between the Sumerian stage where Body Count was setting up and the Coldcock Whiskey stage to observe the performance. The following song in the seven track set was “Fuck Everything” from the 2011 record “Black Crown”, this is the song everyone needs to play when they’re having a bad day. Its always fun to watch the fans fly around and headbang to the bands. As the set was coming to an end, I kept seeing this one little Larry crowd surf over and over. When he popped out of the pit again, I heard him shout to his friend “let’s go again!” but his friend declined so he rewinded and dove right back in the crowd for another glide across the ocean of people. CROWD - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL TORONTO 2014CROWD - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014Body Count Frontman O.G Ice Mutha Fuckin T was up next and the fans at that stage were getting restless chanting “Body Count! Body Count!”. In case you only thought of IceT as the cop on Law & Order SVU, he’s the grandfather of rap/rock! He started his thrash metal career as frontman and co-founder of Body Count back in 1990, IceT has also dropped solo rap albums like “O.G Original Gangster” and the pre-Body Count days “Rhyme Pays”. The rest of the band is co-founder/Lead Guitar – Ernie C, Ill Will on the skins, Vincent Price  on Bass, Juan Of The Dead – Rhythm Guitar. I’m tripping out right now! I found out IceT has the same birthday I do, he also has the same beauty mark on his face in the exact same spot as mine. Now it makes sense why people were asking me if I was his daughter at the festival, I could very well play his kid! If I didn’t know better, I would absolutely think he was my dad, he’s only a year older than my mom. Maybe that’s why at first Coco was looking at me like I stole her money, I look like his long lost daughter ha ha. But now I completely understand IceT, his whole obsession with rock, he’s probably drawn to the sound of the guitar like I am, his confidence and he likes blondes! I love blondie boys, although I’ve dated brunettes and gingers there’s something about blondes I like more. Wow, he was my Dad in past life for sure, we are different beings.BODY COUNT FT. ICE T - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014BODY COUNT FT. ICE T - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014BODY COUNT FT. ICE T - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014As the band was finishing the gear setup, IceT’s gorgeous wife Coco popped out onto the stage with their two super cute bulldogs. I was more than happy to play with the dogs while fans took photos with Coco after the set. Never in my life did I think I would get the chance to cover or see Body Count live, never mind watching and listening to them cover a Slayer track (Disorder). The set started with old school tune “There Goes The Neighborhood” followed by “Bowels of The Devil” and before ending it off with the most controversial song in history “Cop Killer’, they dropped a newer tune “Talk Shit, Get Shot”. How ironic is it that IceT the man who created the track “Cop Killer” plays a cop on TV! I would love to check them out when they hit Toronto again, fantastic performance by the entire band, they brought it hard! BODY COUNT FT. ICE T - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014CANNIBAL CORPSE - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014The next band playing over at the Coldcock stage was Buffalo’s Cannibal Corpse, another veteran band I have never seen but more than glad to be checking out. Instantly I noticed the vocals weren’t very fluid in regards to diction, with Suicide Silence you could fully understand what he was singing but CC frontman George Fisher needs to clean it up a bit. Regardless, the band’s enthusiasm made up for it because they tore up that stage! I took as many shots possible so many photographers were in the pit, plus security and the continual flying bodies. I wasn’t about that life so I migrated to my little spot to watch the rest of their set. The band is: Alex Webster – Bass, Paul Mazurkiewicz – Drums, George  Fisher – Vocals, Patrick O’Brien – Lead Guitar, Rob Barrett – Rhythm Guitar. I would check them out again if they reached Toronto and all metal fans should definitely give these guys a listen. CANNIBAL CORPSE - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014TRIVIUM - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014Not only did I miss the six bands I wanted to see, didn’t catch any of the performances at the Victory stage either, had to keep reminding my ocd one person can only do so much. All of the side stages were wrapped by the time the mainstage was ready to be heated up by Trivium, who were breaking the ice. Surprisingly I have seen Trivium before, caught their set at Heavy T.O 2012 which was pretty good, this time around they were even more on point! They all looked like they were having fun, yes, a metal band was having fun! It was the trend of the evening for the mainstage bands, like everyone got laid and was in a fantastic mood. At first it was a little challenging to shoot the whole band because I couldn’t migrate freely, the pit was very crowded, seemed like there were more photographers than last year. Either way I still managed to get good shots, it just became increasingly difficult as the night progressed, by the time Korn hit the stage we could have created a photographer mosh pit. Obviously, some of the photographers were not supposed to be there but who am I to tell them to leave, that’s not my job. TRIVIUM LIVE @ ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL FRIDAY JULY 25THTRIVIUM - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014The set was very entertaining they even managed to get the crowd to participate, which is at times an extreme challenge with Toronto crowds.  There were some pitch issues but his diction was perfect and at least Vox Matt Heafy wasn’t using a voice box like many others do. Corey Beaulieu rocked his axe all over the stage, utilizing it like every guitarist should. Paolo Gregoletto on Bass had some expression on his face this time, he wasn’t all stone faced. I even caught a smile but that shot was too blurry to use in the gallery. The beat was kept tight and steady by Mat Madiro but it was nothing too fancy. If you like metal music with meaning then you must check out Trivium, they threw down tunes like the opener “Black” the tune “Strife” and ended the set with “In Waves” one of my favorite Trivium tunes. TRIVIUM - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014TRIVIUM - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014Next on the bill was Asking Alexandria from England, they’ve been to Toronto before. I don’t remember seeing them but for some reason I have a feeling that I have. We will pretend like I haven’t because my memory does not recollect anything. The only clue is that Warped tour keeps popping into my head, so maybe that’s where I’ve seen them. Asking Alexandria is the brainchild of Lead Guitarist Ben Bruce, he first started the band with different members in Dubai before migrating back to England for a fresh start. The stage set up had these giant brightly lit A’s on each side of Drummer James Cassells, who immediately began smashing those cans once he got behind his kit. Asking Alexandria to me, was the easiest band to shoot that evening. ASKING ALEXANDRIA - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014ASKING ALEXANDRIA GUITAR - BEN BRUCE LIVE @ ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYH ASKING ALEXANDRIA - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014ASKING ALEXANDRIA - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014

ASKING ALEXANDRIA - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014Frontman and co-founder Danny Worsnop was ready to rock with shades and a wobble. I’m surprised he didn’t fall into the crowd. Either way, vocally and performance wise he killed it! Wandering all over the stage, with his bandmates in tow actively helping him entertain the crowd. The fans were eating out of Worsnop’s hands, he was the only frontman of the night to get right in there at almost crowd level. Look wise, he kind of reminded me of a young Chris Jericho of Fozzy and yes, the wrestler…Interviewed him a few years back (Click to watch). 

Of all the bands I had seen up to this point in the day Worsnop had the best vocals and the band as a whole has impeccable chemistry on stage. So much talent for such a young bunch of Larries. I have seen bands ten years their senior who still haven’t figured out how to put on a show. Rhythm Guitarist Cameron Liddell was very laid back but he still had his skill and swagger, as did Bassist Sam Bettley. I guess there’s a reason these lads have been making waves on the scene, with their catchy melodic metalcore, I can see why. Go see these guys rock any stage it will be worth your time, I look forward to covering them again in the future. 

AAGDASKING ALEXANDRIA - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014ASKING ALEXANDRIA - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014 At this festival everyone who had lawn seats got lucky like Daft Punk! They were all upgraded to the 300’s section, which made it a full house and looked pretty cool. Even though nobody was on the lawns there were way more people in attendance than last year for sure! The People who would have been on lawns were drinking away at Beerfest across the bridge at the CNE fairgrounds. I passed by for a minute to visit with friends after the show and was to cover the event the following day. But…Due to solving my technical issues I couldn’t make it, I was mucho sad because I had been looking forward to it all year! And, I wanted to see the Trews! JONATHAN DAVIS - KORN - VOCALS - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVALKORN - BASS - REGINALD ARVIZU LIVE @ MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014 TORONTOBack to this festival, for the next band I couldn’t have been more excited than I was. On the outside I was the usual totally cool Fridae but inside I was teenying out hardcore! This band I could never see because I was like nine when they first emerged onto the scene. And, do you really thing my Sensei Father let me go to a rock concert? He didn’t even let me sleepover at my friends house next door! I only really got to know their music because my first high school boyfriend was obsessed with them. Randal was one of those “rebellious rich kids” who had a Korn patch and button on his backpack and probably still is a huge fan! Who knows, he may have been at the show. Always has been my ex boyfriends who have introduced me to rock music in my teen years. My Dad was into the old school classics like Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Queen, Genesis, The Police etc. And I love R&B, Soul, Rap. As for Korn, I have not had the opportunity to experience them live and to have the chance to watch and listen to some of my favorite tracks was incredible! Covering the band was the icing on the cake. As elated as I was for their set, one thing I was praying for was that Korn would be good live. So many bands and artists I’ve been a fan of that I have covered were horrendous live. KORN - DRUMS - RAY LUZIER LIVE @ ROCKSTAR MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014 TORONTOKORN - KEYS - ZAC BAIRD LIVE @ MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014 TORONTOThe moment of truth was upon us, would they blow my mind or totally blow and turn me off the band completely? The answer is…They were mindblasting! I loved every minute of Korn’s set and they truly showed their veteran skills off! The first to hit the stage was drummer Ray Luzier, he sat down and counted the rest of the band straight into the “Molested” intro, before they rocked the first track of the set “Falling Away From Me”. That tune was followed by “Twist” one of my favorites from the record “Life Is Peachy”. I was trying my best to get the cleanest shots possible in this media pit frenzie. Some faces I recognized others I didn’t and definitely can’t keep up with all of these new media outlets. I don’t pay attention to the competitors but I know most of them have grabbed a few ideas and words from me. Frontman Jonathan Davis is in surprisingly decent shape for a man of his age, and sang well enough to retain me as a fan. There were times in the set I thought his mic stand was going to go flying when he really got into a song but I think it was shellacked on the stage or something because it stayed.  From a critics perspective, a frontman with Davis’s experience should know how to build more of a connection with the audience, engage with the people a little more, they are there to see you, talk to them. At least Davis was visibly enjoying himself, throwing smiles at the fans here and there between songs. I remember seeing another favorite band and the singer was in a corner by himself the whole set, that was a huge disappointment. JONATHAN DAVIS - KORN - VOCALS - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVALKORN - GUITARIST BRIAN WELCH LIVE @ MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014 TORONTOKORN GUITARIST - JAMES MUNKY SHAFFER LIVE @ MAYHEM TORONTO 2014 Guitars by Brian “Head” Welch and James “Munky” Schaffer were fantastic, dreads were flying everywhere! I love the sound of electric guitars, that is what drew me to rock music. There’s something about the resonance of an electric guitar played by a true Axemaster that my ears can’t get enough of. The more guitars the merrier, as long as they are played well because if there were three of me playing the electric guitar, everyone would cringe and start throwing things at us as they booed. On the other hand, when you have the Axemasters in Korn rocking their tunes in your face, who can complain? I certainly can’t, even as a critic because they brought it! Their dexterity was more than obvious and absolutely amazing to listen to and watch. I wish all of my friends were there because concerts are always way more fun with friends than alone. Bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu was flying around everywhere and then there were these random times where he just stood there taking in the crowd. Don’t know why he hasn’t been in a “Pirates of the Carribbean” film yet, he looks like he would blend right in as the perfect pirate. KORN GUITARIST BRIAN WELCH LIVE @ MAYHEM FESTIVAL TORONTO 2014JONATHAN DAVIS - KORN - VOCALS - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVALHopefully I will one day get to see Korn rock out again, my favorite moment was when they played “Freak On A Leash” just before closing the set with “Blind”. “Freak On A Leash” is one of my all time favorite songs in history. If any of you rock and metal fans get the chance to see Korn live, take it and go, you will be glad you did! Mayhem fest is still on the road, check out the website here for the remaining tour dates. The day kept getting better of course, it was my day, Friday and good things always come to me on Fridays. There was still one band left to rock the stage, one of my favorite bands to date and the headliners of the 2014 Rockstar Energy Mayhem festival…Avenged Sevenfold!AVENGED SEVENFOLD GUITARS - ZACKY VENGENCE & SYNYSTER GATES LIVE @ MAYHEM FEST 2014 TORONTOAVENGED SEVENFOLD - JOHNNY CHRIST - BASS LIVE @ MAYHEM FEST 2014 TORONTONot too many bands out there that I can say I would watch more than once. However, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Lincoln Park, Finger Eleven, and The Trews, to name a few are the ones I could watch perform over and over without getting bored. Their music and live sets are that good, especially after you see Finger Eleven guitarist Rick Jackett in action you will be spoiled, no other guitarist that I have experienced is at that level of phenomenal. Love seeing bands that I have previously covered develop more into their talents, Avenged Sevenfold is a primo example of hard work paying off. Last time I saw these guys they needed to work on various things. The minute I saw them fire up that stage and hearing Synyster Gates drop that riff I was more than pleased. Guitarists Zacky Vengence and Synyster Gates were comfortable as soon as they hit the stage, past sets they’ve come off as shy and sad. Clearly they were both having a good day because they were smiling all over the place, much different than the somber mope. The skill level in their Axe play has improved tremendously as has their audience interaction, although they still need some work in that area. Keep up the good work guys! Backup vocals were excellent, definitely enjoyed hearing and watching them play, especially with all of those guitar solo’s! Music to my ears couldn’t be a truer saying. AVENGED SEVENFOLD - M. SHADOWS - VOX LIVE @ MAYHEM FEST 2014 TORONTOAVENGED SEVENFOLD DRUMS  LIVE @ ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVALAVENGED SEVENFOLD -ZACKY VENGENCE - GUITAR - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYEvery time I cover A7X I look forward to seeing the stage set up andAVENGED SEVENFOLD - M. SHADOWS - VOX - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FE how they’re going to use spectacular pyro! You can always count on A7X to deliver some awesome fire, they had random blasts from behind the drum kit lighting up across the stage. It was too cool, I love shooting bands with wicked fire! A pyro I am, my favorite film for the longest time as a kid was “Firestarter” starring Drew Barrymore. Bassist Johnny Christ was doing his thing, compared to his bandmates, I noticed he connected more with the audience. They all did exceptionally well putting on a show for the fans. Newbie drummer Arin Ilejay was stick handling like his life depended on it, if he was to save the world by drumming, I believe he could save us! M.Shadows on vox was not so great vocally the last time I saw them, this time was a completely different story! As soon as Sanders started in with the first tune “Shepherd of Fire” from the 2013 release “Hail To The King” he came in strong and kept that power for majority of the set. I even noticed some improvements with his range, especially on the softer tunes. As he gets more comfortable singing without growling, his range will continue to expand. Sing some R&B tunes when rehearsing by mimicking the vocals, it will give your vocal range a boost the more you practice. It doesn’t matter what genre you sing, having more of a vocal range enhances your ability. A few producers I’ve met with assumed because I have such a large vocal range my sound was going to be Mariahesq, filled with vocal gymnastics…I am not Christina Aguilera, I don’t need to show off my range. I sound like me and don’t over use runs, my flexible range helps me sing intricate songs and keeps my vocals in shape. AVENGED SEVENFOLD - SYNYSTER GATES - GUITAR - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAAVENGED SEVENFOLD - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2014The second tune of the set was another enjoyable sonata to my ears “Nightmare”, I love the riffs so haunting, it reminds me of “Nightmare on Elm Street” for some reason and not because the track is called “Nightmare”! The films could have used this song, it would have been perfect but these guys were in diapers when the original films were made. Right out of the gate it was an awesome performance, the crowd sang along to every song, definitely a good night for everyone. The last tune I was in the pit for was one of my favorites, it was the first Avenged Sevenfold tune I had ever heard; “Bat Country”. The newest single “This Means War” was the last before the encores “A Little Piece Of Heaven” and “Unholy Confessions” which closed the set with more pyro and a few explosions. If you have not seen or heard these guys yet, you should do yourself a huge favour and check them out as soon as possible. Absolutely would love to cover Avenged Sevenfold again and maybe do an interview. Funniest thing I heard all night was when a female fan kept yelling  “Put your dick in my mouth! I want to put your dick in my mouth!” when M. Shadows was on one of the risers to my left. I was dying and couldn’t hold a steady shot until I got the laughs out of my system. Major shout out to all the behind the scenes people who made this festival run on schedule, without their experience and precision many things could have gone wrong.  AVENGED SEVENFOLD  LIVE @ ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL FRIDAYAVENGED SEVENFOLD - M. SHADOWS - VOX - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FEAVENGED SEVENFOLD -  CROWD - ROCKSTAR ENERGY MAYHEM FESTIVAL 201The crowd was a little sad that the show was over but some didn’t even make it through to the end…They were either dragged out by security or passed out in their seat. So funny were the people that wandered this years Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, there were a few Larries asking the popo’s to take pictures with them like they were being cuffed, it was so amusing to watch. The festival is still on tour, all of the bands are worth your time so go see them!! Check the photos below, I had the best time! Thank you to everyone who made this possible, I was fully entertained! See you next year!

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BYECThe Orlando, Florida-based band of brothers have been playing ever since they were young. The group consists of Connor McDonough, 20, (Vocals/Guitar), Riley McDonough, 18, (Vocals), and younger brother Toby McDonough, 16, (Vocals/Guitar) and they’ve already began to make their mark on the world.

 With their most recent EP, I Like That, the three brothers have crafted a soaring pop album of uplifting relationship songs that effortlessly blend sharp hooks with bright and buoyant rock. “We were searching for a sound, and wrote with as many people as we could. It helped us grow and write better songs. For this album we wrote 30 to 40 songs and picked our favorites,” Riley McDonough says. The band drew inspiration and wrote songs from sessions with such seasoned vets as Robert Ellis Orall (Taylor Swift), Dan Book and Alexei Misoul (Hot Chelle Rae), Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low), and Stephen Barker Liles (Love and Theft). The album standout and first single, “I Like That”, is a tune with tenderly romantic lyrics and big pop-rock beat. Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo, along with Connor McDonough, produced the album. “They really listened to what we wanted to do and let us try out our ideas, no matter how crazy,” Connor says laughing. “Because of that, we feel really connected to the way the recording turned out,” Riley adds. The group is even more excited for the release of their brand new music coming soon!

BYELLWith the I Like That EP, the band has been critically acclaimed by the likes of  MTV, J-14, Seventeen, Radio Disney, Teen, Teen Vogue, Popstar!, Just Jared, just to name a few. The band has also toured/played with high profile acts such as Cody Simpson, Olly Murs, The Wanted, Fifth Harmony, and even the Jonas Brothers.Conjuring up the optimism in the band’s name-inspired by the sentiment “make a difference before you exit”- the band works daily to make their way to the top but they never fail to stop and appreciate what has got them thus far. “There’s no way we’d be anywhere without our incredible fans. They are behind us every step of the way and are a huge piece of this band,” states youngest brother, Toby. In light of the many short lived and fly by night artists, this young, singer/songwriting, brother driven band, is one to be around for a while.

Purchase Before You Exit’s new single, “Dangerous”, on iTunes, here!
Tour Dates with Fifth Harmony

5.4 SunFest 2014 West Palm Beach, FL
5.17 Samsung Hall Manila, Philippines
6.4 The Fillmore* Silver Spring, MD
6.5 Baltimore Soundstage* Baltimore, MD
6.7 Digifest NYC New York, NY
6.8 iPlay America’s Event Center* Freehold, NJ
6.9 Bergen Performing Arts Center* Englewood, NJ
6.12 House of Blues* Chicago, IL
6.14 DigiFest Toronto Toronto, Canada
6.21 Tanger Outlets @ The Arches* Deer Park, NY
6.25 Jacobs Pavilion @ Nautica* Cleveland, OH
6.26 Stranahan Theater* Toledo, OH
6.27 PNC Pavilion* Cincinnati, OH
6.28 Farm Bureau Lawn* Indianapolis, IN
6.29 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion* Columbus, OH







 Toronto, ON – Canadian R&B / Pop sensation JRDN is set to release his highly anticipated self-titled EP (Kuya Productions / Fontana North / Universal Music Canada) on February 11, 2014.JRDN includes his smash single, “Can’t Choose,” ft. Kardinal Offishall, which hit the Top 5 on the CHR charts with the accompanying music video receiving heavy rotation on MuchMusic and M3. Additionally, JRDN is set to join Hedley for select dates on the Wild Live tour alongside Danny Fernandes and Alyssa Reid, beginning February 14 in Prince George, BC.

“I am in love with what I do,” says JRDN. “Sometimes the road we travel isn’t what we expect it to be, but it’s up to us to be patient and persevere. Recording this collection of songs has truly been a musical education and I feel very blessed to be able to share this journey with my fans.”

Written and recorded with longtime collaborators, Kuya Productions (Nelly, Ginuwine, Akon), Danny Boy Styles and Chuck Harmony (Ne-Yo, K’naan), among others, the new EP finds JRDN expressing himself more candidly than ever. Showing substantial growth as an artist, his evolving sound can be heard on tracks like “Ali” and standout ballads including “Reset” and “Rebel.” The second single off JRDN, “Love Ain’t Enough,” was released to radio on January 6 and is now available for purchase at

JRDN’s 2010 breakthrough follow up album, IAMJRDN, debuted at #13 on the Canadian R&B charts, yielding the Top 20 Gold-selling singles, “U Can Have It All” and “Like Magic.” Additionally, the release garnered him a 2011 SOCAN Urban Music Award, a Canadian Radio Music Award (CRMA) in the category of Dance/Urban/Rhythmic and a 2012 nomination for Fans’ Choice. Nominated for New Artist of the Year and R&B Soul Recording of the Year at the 2012 JUNO Awards, JRDN was a part of the live broadcast for the first-ever ‘Mixtape’ performance.

JRDN – EP Track Listing

Love Ain’t Enough
Can’t Choose
Live My Dream


Wild Live Tour Dates w/ JRDN

February 14, 2014                                CN Centre                                               Prince George, BC

February 15, 2014                                Prospera Place                                      Kelowna, BC

February 16, 2014                                Interior Savings Centre                         Kamloops, BC

February 18, 2014                                Crystal Centre                                        Grande Prairie, AB

February 19, 2014                                Imperial Oil Place (Energy Centre)    Cold Lake, AB

February 20, 2014                                Enmax Centre                                        Lethbridge, AB

February 21, 2014                                Medicine Hat Arena                              Medicine Hat, AB

February 23, 2014                                Spectra Place                                         Estevan, SK

February 26, 2014                                Copps Coliseum                                    Hamilton, ON

February 27, 2014                                Memorial Auditorium                             Kitchener, ON

February 28, 2014                                GM Centre                                               Oshawa, ON

March 1, 2014                                        WFCU Centre                                         Windsor, ON

March 3, 2014                                        Molson Centre                                        Barrie, ON

March 4, 2014                                        Sudbury Arena                                       Sudbury, ON

March 7, 2014                                        Peterborough Memorial Arena            Peterborough, ON

March 8, 2014                                        K-Rock Centre                                        Kingston, ON

March 10, 2014                                      Aitken Centre                                          Fredericton, NB

March 13, 2014                                      Mile One Stadium                                  St. John’s, NL

March 15, 2014                                      Pepsi Centre                                           Cornerbrook, NL

March 17, 2014                                      Centre 200                                              Sydney, NS

March 18, 2014                                      Metro Centre                                           Halifax, NS

March 20, 2014                                      Moncton Coliseum                                 Moncton, NB

March 21, 2014                                      Palais Municipal                                     Saguenay, QC

March 22, 2014                                      Colisee Pepsi                                          Quebec City, QC

March 25, 2014                                      Budweiser Gardens                                London, ON



All Photography By: Fridae Mattas





All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

By: Fridae Mattas

It has been a few years since I first saw Hollywood Undead live at the Sound Academy, they have recently dropped a new record “Notes From The Underground” released January 8th 2013, a review for that album will be published in the near future. This was the first official show of 2013 for Fridae TV, I chose to cover this band once again last Wednesday January 23rd because the people love them! From the day I published the 2011 editorial HU has been searched every day and the review is still one of the top viewed on Fridae TV. What the people want, I try my best to give. It was a sold out show and the people were already hype and ready to see Hollywood Undead in action. Too funny it was, the scalpers were asking everyone if they had extra tickets for them to buy. One scalper was so mad that this woman wouldn’t give him her extra tickets, I was laughing as he bitched about it to some chick.Once they let me in I wandered the venue to find a spot to shoot from, no pit for this one. The venue was the Virgin Mobile Mod Club which usually never has a pit. I brought different size lenses for that reason, there was no way I was going to shoot from the front of the crowd. The HU set in 2011 was insane, bodies were flying before they even hit the stage! This show was a little calmer but that didn’t stop the crowd from moshing and surfing, sometimes even a few of the band Larries dove in. As the crowd waited for the band, I was trying to find the perfect camera settings but that didn’t matter because majority of the lighting was red, I hate red lighting. Anyway, the crowd started to chant and the band eventually hit the stage kicking off the set with their hit tune “Undead” after an instrumental intro.CHARLIE SCENE - MC/VOX/GUITAR - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

DANIEL MURILLO - VOX - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE - All Photography By: Fridae MattasThey mixed the tunes well in their eighteen track set with a variety CHARLIE SCENE - MC/VOX/GUITAR - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MODCLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae Mattas of new and older material. The crowd was mostly males but I did see quite a few females and people of all ages, at the last show it was a much younger crowd. I loved the boys who were near me, so polite and helpful. They also rocked out hard and knew every word to majority of the tunes. It’s always fun seeing the fans reactions as they watch their favorite band live in the flesh. There were moments when the whole crowd started chanting the song that they were to play before they even played it! Yes, the venue was smaller but the band and the fans tore it up like they were at the ACC. Vocals by the whole band were pretty good considering this was the last show of the tour. I heard a few pitchy notes and some cracklies from Danny but that is understandable. He did throw it down with plenty of energy, truly engaging the crowd as every frontman should. All of the MC’s were on point but I wish a few would have a little more conviction. However, I must say, they all have  improved vastly and I noticed they are looking healthier and have more stamina. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae MattasJ3T - MC - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 20 DA KURLZZ - MC/DRUMS - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae Mattas                                                                                                                                                                                                                    FUNNY MAN - MC - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae Mattas              George Ragan “Johnny 3 Tears/J3T” who I thought is the most improved wasn’t so out of breath,  his  flow is getting pretty slick and he  interacted with the crowd a lot more. Charlie Scene – Jordon Terrel held it together by rocking that axe and rhyming! He does need to be a little tighter and give a little more attention to the fans even with the axe in hand. They had two fantastic drummers Daren Pfeifer who is always behind the kit while Matthew St. Claire “Da Kurlzz” floated around and rapped when he wasn’t drumming. I wish there was more visibility from Funny Man he was lingering in the background while the others took command of the stage, I noticed the same thing last time. He needs to gain more confidence and come out of his shell. They all have some phenomenal masks, the coolest ones being those that light up like J-Dog’s mask “Jorel Decker”. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae MattasMy favorite part of the set was when Danny pointed out a fan in the front who was decked out from head to toe like Charlie Scene and brought him up on stage to rap with the band. I’m sure it was the highlight of his life so far and for a little white boy he wasn’t half bad. Like all of the fans, he knew every word to the track. I love it when bands randomly do things for their fans because they are the most important part of the show and so many artists and bands forget that.HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD LIVE @ THE VIRGIN MOBILE MOD CLUB 2013 - Photography By: Fridae MattasThe newer tracks sound pretty solid but one track they played “Another Way Out” totally reminded me of a Backstreet Boys tune and I’m scratching my brain trying to figure out which one, my fourteen year old self would have known! The last track of the set before the encores was “Hear Me Now”, the crowd was so loud I wasn’t expecting those high decibels. I watched the set from every angle of the room and once I reached the back there was  one man who stood out, he looked about fifty or so and was rocking out hardcore joining the teens and twenty somethings head banging to the beats! They closed the set with their first single off of their new album  “We Are”, another crowd favorite. Hollywood Undead did it again, their fans love them and I’m sure people that went to the show not knowing who they were are now guaranteed fans. They finally stopped talking about their dicks every five minutes and now can be taken seriously as legit musical powerhouses in the making. Thanks to the fabulous folks at Live Nation for being so amazing! If you can and haven’t yet, I recommend you go see Hollywood Undead live and grab their latest record here.

COPYRIGHT © 2013 FRIDAE MATTAS. All Rights Reserved





Artwork By Sir Peter Blake
iTunes Festival Appearance

(Toronto, ON) – UK ska and pop legends Madness have today announced details of their 10th studio album “Oui, Oui, Si, Si, Ja, Ja, Da, Da.” The album of all brand new material will be released on October 30, 2012 in North America through eOne Music. The band is also delighted to announce that the artwork for the album has been designed by the legendary British artist Sir Peter Blake. The first single, “My Girl 2” will be serviced to radio shortly.
“Oui, Oui, Si, Si, Ja, Ja, Da, Da” sees the band team up with a number of new producers, the first time in their illustrious career they have decided to do so, to create an album of incredible pop songs. Fans have already been given a taste of what is to come from the album with track “Death Of A Rude Boy” which was made available as a free download from their official site in August.
It has been an incredibly busy summer for the band; playing on the roof of Buckingham Palace, a number of high profile festivals and to millions of people at the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony. It has also been confirmed that they will appear at the iTunes Festival on September 27th. 
My Girl 2
Never Knew Your Name
La Luna
How Can I Tell You
Kitchen Floor
Circus Freaks
So Alive
Small World
Death of A Rude Boy
Bonus Tracks
Powder Blue
Black and Blue
My Girl 2
Madness are performing dates in the UK throughout Winter 2012 and are expected to tour the U.S. in early 2013.










JEFF SCHROEDER, drummer MIKE BYRNE andbassist NICOLE FIORENTINO—will embark on a North American tour launching October 2 in Winnipegincluding one night at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on October 25th.  Tickets go on sale Friday, August 24th at 10am at the Air Canada Centre Box Office, or chare by phone 855-985-5000.

“Wow, seriously. What a sight. What a sound. What a show. The Smashing Pumpkins have still got it.” –Love Rod & Dave-O, TRIPLEM.AU, August 1, 2012   (headline show in Sydney)

Look for the band to perform their critically acclaimed album OCEANIA–which entered the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart at #4 and earned the #1 spot on the Independent Albums Chart this past June–in full and for the second half of the show they’ll play classics and deep cuts from their body of work.  The PUMPKINS will be backed by visuals prepared by Sean Evans, whose most recent project was assisting Roger Waters on the newest staging of “The Wall.” THE PUMPKINS will be using new technology in video-mapping to create something new and previously unseen.

A limited amount of VIP Packages will be made available giving fans access to an amazing, exclusive opportunity.  In addition to a premium ticket or GA ticket with elevated viewing access, packages may include a 3-song Backstage Performance with the band including a Q&A, an autographed limited edition tour poster, an on-site VIP Concierge, a copy of the new CD OCEANIA, and exclusive merch. Visit for more information on these VIP Packages.

OCEANIA (Martha’s Music/EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution) was created by the band at Corgan’s private studio in Chicagoas a true album experience for listeners to fully immerse themselves in. The powerful 13-song collection was produced by Corgan and Bjorn Thorsrud and mixed by David Bottrill.  Marking THE SMASHING PUMPKINS’ 7thstudio record and 7th Top Ten album, it is “an album within an album,” part of their 44-song work-in-progress TEARGARDEN BY KALEIDYSCOPE. Of OCEANIA, USA Today said Corgan’s “creative engines are roaring with an intensity and creative pluck unmatched since his mid-’90s classics” (6/19/12); the Los Angeles Times said it is “the best thing the Pumpkins have done since the ‘90s” (6/19/12); and the Chicago Tribune called it “Corgan’s best work since the ‘90s” (6/15/12).

The PUMPKINS are coming offa successful tour of Australia, New Zealand and South Korea that ran from July 26-August 14.  They headlined festivals and, at their own shows, performed OCEANIA in full, followed by a set of classics and deep cuts (see critical quotes below).

Oceania is a great album….this record transports you back to the ‘90s Pumpkins, when things were epic, huge, and felt just oh-so-connected-and-good. ‘Panopticon’ and ‘Pinwheels’ were standouts, and the remarkable thing is while I had a month of listening to his album before the show, my friend who hadn’t heard a thing still enjoyed it.”

–David Farrier, 3NEWS.CO, August 5, 2012 (headline show)

“’Quasar,’ the opening track from Oceaniawas pulverising, an exhilarating collision of tumbling drums and piercing, wailing guitars that announced the band were here to play with intent and conviction. From there on the new album slowly revealed itself over the next hour, shifting between the riff heavy tracks and the moodier, quieter moments that often featured addition synths and loops. ‘My Love Is Winter’ felt like the moment where it all began to gel with Corgan delivering the melodically anthemic chorus that felt like a return to some of his stronger songwriting moments. ‘One Diamond, One Heart’ and ‘Pinwheels’ continued the same vibe with an added electronic nod…drummer Mike Byrne nailed everything and played with bombast and subtlety in equal measures and Jeff Schroeder was Corgan’s equal in terms of paint peeling solos and some wonderful textural playing to match.”

FASTERLOUDER.AU, August 1, 2012 (headline show)

“… included the head-spinning thump of ‘Quasar,’ the pounding positivity of ‘Panopticon’ and ‘The Celestials’–a Corgan singalong special that’s worthy of inclusion on the band’s landmark 1993 album Siamese Dream. Other standouts included the shimmering ballad ‘Pinwheels,’ the epic and moody shapechanging title track that finished with a classic Corgan guitar freak out, and ‘One Diamond, One Heart,’ which came with an electro stomp like something from the band’s controversial but underrated 1998 record Adore.”

–Chris Schulz, NEW ZEALAND HERALD, August 5, 2012 (headline show)

“There definitely are not many musical acts that can wow an Auckland audience consisting of fans from different generations but The Smashing Pumpkins did just that last night.”

–Trevor Quinn, STUFF.CO, August 5, 2012 (headline show)

“…they wrapped the three-day festival on Sunday with a monster set…”

— Lars Brandle, BILLBOARD.COM, July 30, 2012 (review of band’s show Down Under when they were one of the headliners of the Splendour In The Grass festival)

“…a triumphant headline set spanning their 20-year career.”

–Ross Purdie, COURIERMAIL.AU, July 30, 2012 (Splendour In The Grass festival)

“…a massive 17 song festival set that would satisfy any fan, with a perfect blend of old and new material.”

 — MTV.COM.AU, August 1, 2012 (Splendour In The Grass festival)

The PUMPKINS’ confirmed Canadian tour dates are below:

October 2, 2012                  MTS Centre                          Winnipeg, Manitoba

October 4, 2102                  Scotiabank Saddledome    Calgary, Alberta

October 5, 2012                 Rexall Place                          Edmonton, Alberta

October 7, 2012                  Rogers Arena                       Vancouver, BC

October 25, 2012               Air Canada Centre              Toronto, Ontario

October 28, 2012               University of Montreal      Montreal, Quebec


THE SMASHING PUMPKINS have created one of the most acclaimed bodies of work in musical history having sold more than 30 million albums, and won multiple Grammy Awards in the process.  Formed in Chicago in 1988, they released Gish, their influential and platinum debut in 1991, which was followed by albums including the nine-time platinum Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness and the four-time platinum Siamese Dream, as well as the platinum certified 1998 album Adore.   The pivotal group’s many hits defined the alternative music era and continue to resonate on modern rock radio, influencing a whole new generation.   The PUMPKINS returned in 2007 with their acclaimed sixth album Zeitgeist.  They have since remained on the cutting edge of music and technology with various online releases. In June 2012, the band released the album Oceania, via Martha’s Music/EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution. Marking THE SMASHING PUMPKINS’ 7th studio record, it is “an album within an album,” part of their 44-song work-in-progress Teargarden By Kaleidyscope.





Photography By: Jess Baumung East coast singer-songwriter Tim Chaisson is set to release his fifth studio album nationally on September 25, 2012 via Bumstead (The Trews, Two Hours Traffic Poor Young Things) and is also pleased to announce Canadian tour dates including stops in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and Charlottetown in support of the new release. 

Recorded at Woodshed Studio under the guidance of producer Colin Linden (Bruce Cockburn, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, Lucinda Williams), The Other Side blends Maritime roots and folk music with a lush yet minimal arrangement. As with previous releases, Chaisson’s golden-toned voice and signature guitar are at the forefront, embracing a warm transparency that fans and critics have come to love. New tracks including the standout “Beat This Heart” featuring songstress Serena Ryder are bound to become favourites, along with “Bail You Out” which Chaisson recorded for Southern Souls along with “Blast Your Way Out” earlier this summer. 
It’s no surprise coming from a musically influenced family that Chaisson set his sights on solo artistry at a young age. With the 2009 release of Broken Hearted Beat, Tim Chaisson’s fourth studio album, the multi-instrument became a force on the national music scene garnering attention including a #1 spot on the MuchMoreMusic Countdown, “Touring Artist of the Year” by Music PEI, and solo tours of Australia. With recent festival dates under his belt including Hamilton’s Festival of Friends and the inaugural Boots and Hearts Music Festival, Tim Chaisson has already been treating audiences to new material, hinting at what The Other Side promises. Between the new release and national tour dates, it’s evident that Tim Chaisson is an artist to watch in 2012. Download link and tour dates below. 
Sept. 22 @ Canada’s Walk of Fame, TORONTO, ON 
Sept. 25 @ Dakota Tavern, TORONTO, ON 
Sept. 26 @ Quai des Brumes, MONTREAL, QC 
Sept. 28 @ Seahorse Tavern, HALIFAX, NS 
Sept. 29 @ Hunter’s Ale House, CHARLOTTETOWN, PE


Secret Broadcast Make 3-year Olds Cry in New Video

eOne Music Canada rock group Secret Broadcast ( has released their brand new music video for “Raygun”, the forthcoming single from their latest EP “Hungry Ghost”.

The song has quickly became a fan favorite, performing it as part of their encores on their previous cross-Canada tours in 2012. Right from the start, this was the single of choice from Canadian radio programmers and will be going to radio in September.

The video features the band performing at a day care centre. “We thought it would be a lot of fun to put on a rock n roll show for a bunch of 3-year olds and see what happened,” says Matt Lightstone, Guitarist and Vocalist.  “Some kids cried hysterically, some kids covered their ears, but for the most part we were able to win over the crowd.

“Raygun” was directed and co-produced by filmmaker Josh Warburton of Vulture Culture Films who has previously directed videos for Monster Truck, Arkells and Cancer Bats. Says drummer Keith Heppler. “Music has been proven to be a highly effective tool to foster learning and deepen children’s understanding and comprehension. Except for the smell of urine, the kids held exactly the same patience as teenagers. Actually, at some of the festivals we’ve played at, the smells were the same, too.”

Secret Broadcast have shared the stage with such acts as Metric, The Stills, Matthew Good, and Tokyo Police Club. They performed at Toronto and Calgary’s Virgin Festivals in 2008, main stage at Virgin Festival Calgary 2009, and have showcased at CMJ, NXNE, CMW, JunoFest, and New Music West. In 2009, their debut LP, Exploding Spiders, quickly climbed the Canadian college and commercial radio charts, hitting the Top 40 on the Canadian Campus Radio Chart while the first single, Out Of Control, reached #60 on the Canadian Alt/Rock charts. In late 2010, Secret Broadcast relocated to Toronto and created their new Hungry Ghost EP with acclaimed producer, Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, F**ked Up, Arkells, Dinosaur Bones). The group will be performing exclusively at HMV in-stores with a club tour in September:

August 18th  Waterloo, ON – HMV In-Store Performance – Conestoga Mall
August 19th Cambridge, ON – HMV In-Store Performance – Cambridge Centre
August 25th Guelph, ON – HMV In-Store Performance – Stone Road Mall
September 15th Toronto, ON – Cherry Cola’s
September 21st Waterloo, ON Maxwell’s
September 22nd Brantford, ON Two Doors Down
September 24th Sault Ste Marie ON – The Speak Easy (Algoma University)
September 25th Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks
September 26th Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret
September 28th Edmonton, AB – Haven Social Club
October 4th Calgary, AB – The Republik

Stream their new album here!

Project Mars TO Open For Legendary Metallers ANVIL in OTTAWA MAY 22ND!

   Project Mars Open For Legendary Metallers ANVIL

Aylmer, QC heavy rockers Project Mars have been given the nod to open in Ottawa on May 22nd for legendary Canadian metal band ANVIL whom for the last 30-plus years have unleashed 14 full-length albums and one critically acclaimed documentary – Anvil! The Story of Anvil, and have influenced heavy hitters like Slayer and Metallica.

Show Details:

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Venue: The Brass Monkey, 250A Greenbank Rd.

Time: 7:00pm – 19+

Cost: $20

Ticket Link:

Bands: ANVIL, CAYM, Project Mars

Event Link:

In additional news, Project Mars recently teamed up with to spread to the masses their latest single and tribute to Canadian soldiers “Don’t Hold Back” for free download at the following link –

Don’t Hold Back is written as dedication to Canadian troops and our good friend / former bassist Jordan Elliott who broke the news to us that he was going to be stationed in Afghanistan and before he left gave me his guitar telling me that if anything were to happen to him that he wanted someone to write some good tunes and keep his spirit alive.” says guitarist Jason Connolly. “We also wanted to write a song that described a soldiers point of view of going into battle and not letting anything get in his or her way along with illustrating the fear that goes along with it and the thoughts of not knowing if you’ll ever return the same mentally or physically and alive to your friends and family.”

“Don’t Hold Back” is from Project Mars upcoming debut album set for release in later 2012.

Single Stream Lyric Video – Don’t Hold Back –

Video – Hey (Live) –

About: What began as some plain good ol’ banter on the job between three coworkers at a restaurant, soon became prog rock band Sound Addiction, morphed into a power trio and eventually evolved into alt rock band now know as Project Mars.

After purchasing all the necessary gear to record a debut album, tackling the learning curve that followed and playing a number of successful shows, a mix of unforeseen factors led to the dissolution of Project Mars a year later. But not too long after that is when, in 2010, a reunion between high school friends Jason Connolly (Guitars/Vocals) and Ron Henry (Vocals/Guitars) resulted in the beginning of the resurrection of Project Mars.

Now, Project Mars is gearing up to release its debut full-length album, Don’t Hold Back, in September 2012. With the title track an ode to the band’s former bassist who left to join the Canadian army, the record deals with everything from war and politics to more personal struggles.

Packed with in-your-face rock and tons of attitude from track to track, Don’t Hold Back’s first mission is to kick listeners’ asses and its second is to help raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis research, following a recent diagnosis that hit close to home.

Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | CBC 3 | Myspace




Chaos, tempered by love and delivered with great fury. That’s Dearly Beloved. And when they collide with their friends in Die Mannequin what you have is a pairing of daring, gargantuan rock bands, stomping all over North America on tours, leaving past record labels round the bend, and finally – coming together for what could already be the Canadian Rock Tour of the Year.

Newly signed to eOne Music Canada, Dearly Beloved’s new album Hawk vs Pigeon was recorded in Joshua Tree, California at Rancho De La Luna and the band’s Phoebe Street Studios. Coming out on May 22nd, the album is dominated by band member Rob Higgins’ rebirth of sorts and a disappearance to the desert for a recharge and a rethink on mortality. Partner in music and life-long friend Niva Chow and new drummer Gavin Maguire extend the spirit of barrier-trashing rock innovation, coming together for what is most certainly their most fully-formed album of their career. Hawk vs. Pigeon features guest appearances by Dave Catching of Eagles Of Death Metal /Earthlings?, Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene and Patrick Pentland of Sloan.

Cutting his teeth in seminal indie rock bands like Change of Heart and Tristan Psionic while Niva was wowing crowds in the punk band, Sticky Rice, their chops were put to good use on Dearly Beloved’s first LP, You Are The Jaguar”, where the band played 40 shows in 60 days across Canada in 2007, and a slew of shows in the US with Juliette Lewis and Sloan to promote their They Will Take Up Serpents album in 2011.

At the centerpiece of Hawk vs. Pigeon is a genuine heart-stopper – “To Better Days” an intensely personal song of inspiration and future building in more ways than one. Care and Tony from Die Mannequin perform on the song, and it’s a call to arms that resonates with both bands.

Die Mannequin is a group not without their own dramas. They started in the spring of 2006 when Failure recorded her first EP, How to Kill. Death from Above 1979’s Jesse F. Keeler took care of the drum duties as well as production. Die Mannequin opened for Guns N’ Roses on the Canadian dates of their 2006 North American Tour, and supported Sum 41 on their Strength in Numbers tour during the fall of 2007.

2009’s Fino + Bleed marked Die Mannequin’s first true studio album, and things get a little bit eventful after that. The record was produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Children Of Bodom, No Doubt) and mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne) and features Jack Irons (Pearl Jam, RHCP, The Wallflowers) on drums. Two massive tours followed, one headlining, and one supporting Marilyn Manson. In 2010 director Bruce McDonald started to work on his acclaimed film Hard Core Logo sequel – Die Mannequin was his first choice in carrying the torch of the original films’ group which featured Hugh Dillon as Joe Dick.

In this follow-up film Bruce McDonald (reprising his role as himself), sets out to follow Care Failure (who claims to be channeling the spirit of Joe Dick) and her band Die Mannequin out to Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan in the dead of winter to document their new recording at the famous Danceland ballroom. While filming Hard Core Logo 2, Bruce set up the production so that the band was actually recording new tracks live off the studio floor with legendary Canadian producer Peter Moore (Neil Young, Diana Krall, Cowboy Junkies). HCLII wrapped up production 2011 and is now set to hit theaters across Canada this week and will launch Die Mannequin onto a whole new fanbase.

On June 12th, The Danceland EP entitled features new songs along with tracks recorded during the filming of Hard Core Logo 2. The music is raw and stunning, and represents a group that is starting to enter the zenith of their career.

Tour Dates
11-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Thunder Bay     ON      Crocks          
13-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Winnipeg        MB      Pyramid         
15-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Calgary AB      Dickens Pub             
16-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Edmonton     AB     Pawn Shop               
18-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Vancouver    BC      Cobalt          
19-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Nanaimo  BC   Queen’s Hotel           
20-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Victoria        BC      Club 919                
23-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Lethbridge  AB   The Rhythm House                
24-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Regina          SK   The Exchange            
25-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Brandon MB    North Hill Inn          
30-May-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Ottawa  ON      Zaphod Beeblebrox               
15-Jun-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Toronto ON      Mod Club                
16-Jun-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Peterborough    ON  Red Dog         
21-Jun-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin            Windsor ON   Dominion House          
22-Jun-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin           London  ON      Call The Office         
23-Jun-12       Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin           Guelph    ON      Vinyl           
24-Jun-12       Dearly Beloved only                         St. Catharines  ON      Scene Festival