All Photography By: Joanna Glezakos For FridaeTV




Written By: Anthony Dell’Orso

Knowing that this band is the original Horror Punks, I was expecting to kick off my Halloweek in fashion! Or so I thought…Upon entering the Phoenix Concert Theater, I was excited on the prospect of seeing a band who’s T-Shirt is one of the most recognized pieces in music history. “History” should be highlighted to make this point because I was about to witness a pioneer, a game changer, something that changed the landscape of a time that once was.

Kicking off the night was Juicehead, with their bassist Tommy Kloss not being able to cross the border, the remaining two members; Vocals/Guitar Rob Vannice and Percussionist Mike Garelli hit the stage and gave it their all. Missing that huge bass tone was a huge detriment for these boys, too bad, they had a wicked drummer and a good punk singer but I can’t base what I witnessed on that, not fair to anyone, will have to see them again full band. When the Misfits were getting ready to unleash their Horror Punk to an awaiting half filled venue, I could not help but notice the lack of Mohawks in the crowd. Maybe, it is a sign of the times? Or Am I getting old? When I was younger I remember seeing them everywhere I went, Rancid shows were always the best for fan visuals.

As Misfits came on stage, the crowd seemed half lost and confused. From where I was standing the pit was tiny and majority of these “Punk Rockers” were on their cell phones. They were not even recording the show, just using it to communicate with the outside world. Very punk, eh? The band roared through over an hour of music without many breaks, the banter in between songs was my highlight of the set, this was also due to the fact that the sound system must of been on eleven because I could not make out one song from the other, very messy indeed.  I loved the energy, the setup, the stage and most of all the vibe these Misfits Jerry Only (Gerald Caiafa) – Vocals/Bass, Dez Cadena – Guitar/Backing Vocals and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce on the Drums emitted. Unfortunately the music was so overbearing drowning the vocals most of the set not doing the band any justice and as a result it did not make for a full experience. Not the start to Halloween that I had been anticipating, maybe some things should be left in the past.


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