By: Fridae Mattas

Sitting here in my trailer all processed waiting to shoot my scenes and instead of rehearsing my lines a few more times with coworker, we have decided a break is most definitely needed. The choices are to either listen to some music or watch the 3rd episode of “Sons Of Anarchy”, we can’t leave the trailer processed unless we’re called on set. So, I chose to hear what Marianas Trench Lead Guitarist Matt Webb has to bring on his sophomore EP “Right Direction“, released February 4th 2014. Time these days is very limited, but I always listen to as much music as I can because music is my life and many of yours. Without music most of us would not be here, it has helped us through some serious shit in life.

For those who need a little more background info on Matt Webb you can check out his Facebook here. Matt has been with his band Marianas Trench since 2001 which is amazing, some bands don’t last together a year, never mind thirteen! Personally, not a fan of the bands music they are not my cup of tea. However, I do commend them on their accomplishments for a Canadian band. 


Webb’s Right Direction EP has six tracks, the first being the title track “Right Direction”. It starts in with your basic acoustic guitar and some percussion prior to dropping the first verse. The vibe is mellowed out and his voice isn’t too bad, needs to strengthen those chords but his tone is not making my ears cry. This track is okay, not exactly award winning but it is a well done production as is the rest of the EP. A few things I’m not feeling about most of the tunes on the record are that the lyrics are a little too rhymey, redundant and adolescent sounding for Webb’s age group. From what I hear, the above mentioned seems to be the trend for the whole album. The two songs I could not fully listen to and had to skip were “Don’t Turn Your Back on Me” and “123”. Don’t shoot me Trenchers, it is just my opinion.

Very surprised though, I was expecting worse! It is always a good thing when an artist is better than expected! Prior to getting the press release for this record, I had no idea he even was a singer. And, in a few weeks we will find out if he can hold his own on stage when he hits Toronto’s Adelaide Hall March 7th 2014 to kick off his Right Direction tour across Canada, in support of the new EP. 

A song worth a listen that I have to mention is “Hang Tight” which has more of a jazzy vibe and is different than the rest of the tracks on the record. As far as Webb launching a successful solo career with this EP…A lot more work is needed to refine him as a solo artist, but he is headed in the Right Direction… I give Matt Webb 2.5 music notes out of 5 ♪♪♪♪♪ Download your copy of “Right Direction” here

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March 5 – Hamilton @ Bay City Music Hall

March 6 – Ottawa @ Mavericks

March 7 – Toronto @ Adelaide Hall

March 8 – Peterborough @ The Red Dog

March 9 – London @ London Music Hall

March 13 – Thunder Bay @ Black Pirates Pub

March 14 – Winnipeg @ Park Theatre

March 16 – Regina @ The Exchange

March 18 – Saskatoon @ O’Brians Event Centre

March 21 – Edmonton @ Avenue Theatre

March 22 – Calgary @ The Den

March 23 – Red Deer @ Memorial Centre

March 27 – Vancouver @ Rio Theatre

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