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Toronto’s female fronted punk rockers Die Mannequin released their third studio album Neon Zero today! They will be celebrating tonight at Cherry Colas where Tony and Care will be spinning their favorite tracks off of the new record. Since receiving this album back in August, I have been listening to it every chance possible and I’m so glad I did! Opening track “Welcome To The Badlands” sets the tone for this musical journey, collectively modern yet retro with an anthemic feel. Their strong first single “Sucker Punch” was an instant ear pleaser, if you haven’t heard it yet I suggest you take a listen and don’t forget to get your copy of Neon Zero. There were a few songs on this record like “Blood In Blood Out” and  “Pretty Persuasion” that I skipped at first listen. Had I not absorbed the records tunes entirely, they wouldn’t have grown on me as they have. Now, “Pretty Persuasion” is one of my favourites, I love the sound of the guitar riffs, they give the track this haunted vibe my ears are drawn to. “Murder On the Dancefloor” is another catchy tune that is worth a listen, compared to their previous records this is the most radio friendly I have heard DM. Quite surprised to tell you the truth but it turned out to be a pretty fucking fantastic surprise!

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They have created a vibe that reminds you of 80’s music with a slice of Hip Hop, 90’s, Punk, Grunge and Dance. You can hear all of those influences in there. One track in particular “Girls At the Mall”, reminds me so much of Veruca Salt’s “Volcano Girls” with a little Nirvana to end the track. Very impressed with vocals, major props go out to Care for showcasing her vocal versatility, keep up the amazing work! The band sounded tight, the quality of sound in the production of each sonata is crisp and proper, no ghetto recordings here. “Prettier lips tell prettier lies” from the last tune, “Outta Time” on this eleven track musical adventure is one of my favourite lyrics. I also loved the randomness at the end of the fast paced “Ka-Ching” with the bonus. There are a few tunes like “I’m Just A Girl” that I just couldn’t get into. I tried, and I commend vocals, but the tune itself was a little too Avril Lavignesque for my ears to handle. Neon Zero is worth many listens, from the first time I saw Die Mannequin rock out at the Horseshoe to this album here in 2014 they have come a very long way and I’m liking this new direction. The nicest people you’ll ever encounter, and so beyond talented! Die Mannequin is; Care Failure – Vocals/Guitar, Anthony Bleed – Bass/Backing vocals, Stacy Stray – Guitar/Backing vocals and Dazzer Scott on the Drums. NEON ZERO is an essential listening need! Everyone needs to buy this record and support these great Canadian talents, Die Mannequin’s Neon Zero gets 4 music notes ♪♪♪♪ out of 5!  

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Die Mannequin





 By: Fridae Mattas


Canadian shit disturbers “Die Mannequin” are back with a new “Neon Zero” feel for everyone to groove with! Watch the new video below, read the press release and sooner rather than later you can read my review on the new record. Buy “Sucker Punch” here and keep your ears and eyes open for the new album “Neon Zero” to be released in October!

Die Mannequin is:

Care Failure – Vox/Guitar

Tony Bleed – Bass

Dazzer Scott – Drums

Stacy Stray – Guitar

“Proving people wrong is my favourite pastime,” laughs the singer-guitarist. “I always feel like I have something to prove. It’s kind of in my DNA. I know people have been like, ‘Oh crap, what is Die Mannequin doing?’ Because I haven’t been in the forefront for the last few years. I’ve been regrouping. But now I’m back.”

And back in the grPasted Graphic 24oove. Make that a new groove. A neon groove. Neon Zero, the band’s third full-length and their first for eOne Music Canada, finds Die Mannequin not just resurrected but reborn. Rejuvenated. And retooling their wham-bam-thank-you-man punk and guttersnipe metal with an inspired injection of edgy electronics, big beats, massive melodies and polished production. It’s the sound of the mosh pit invading the club floor (and vice versa). The look of a studded leather jacket over a miniskirt and heels. The equivalent of Courtney Love sucker-punching Metric’s Emily Haines and teaching Iggy Azalea the real meaning of a new classic. You need it simpler? It’s an album that puts the DM in EDM. And turns it into Evil Dance Metal.

You could call it a comeback. An evolution. Even a revolution. But you already know what Failure will say about that.

“It’s really just been a natural progression,” she explains. “If it sounds like a big change for people, that’s just because of the years between the last record (2009’s Juno-nominated Fino + Bleed) and now. I’ve been DJing quite a bit over the past few years, and what I do is very contemporary and quite dancey. And I’ve been writing a lot on piano again. I’ve always had so many different influences that weren’t necessarily just rock. But when I started in music I was 14 and 15 and I kind of got stuck in this teenage punk hell of having to play the same songs for 10 years.”

Well, it hasn’t all been hell. Those songs — like Do it or Die and Saved by Strangers (from their EP-compilation Unicorn Steak), not to mention their 2009 top-20 track Bad Medicine — helped Failure and longtime partner-in-grime bassist Tony Bleed crawl their way from underground clubs to arena stages where they’ve opened for dudes named Marilyn and Axl. Along the way, they earned that Juno nom for Rock Album of the Year, along with a nod in the New Group category. But for every high on the rock ’n’ roller coaster there’s a comedown, and Failure has been no exception to the same catalog of professional setbacks and personal indiscretions as countless other fluorescent heroes.

Getting here from there didn’t come easy. But then, nothing good does. And even if it did, Failure doesn’t do easy. For Neon Zero, she spent eight months of madness holed up with co-producers Arion Anderson and Nathan Quinn and mixed by Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, The Trews) and Lenny DeRose (Metric, Hey Ocean, Walk Off The Earth), sleeping in the studio and painstakingly crafting these tracks — mostly by herself, mostly from scratch. Then she got down to business, bashing and belting out the bulk of the album in an eight-day marathon with Vancouver’s Andrew Conroy. The ends justify her means. The stomping swagger of first single Sucker Punch, the ecstasy and violence of Welcome to the Badlands, the pulsing fuzz of Murder on the Dance Floor, the grind-groove of Knock Me Out, the ominous slow-burn of Pretty Persuasion, the live-for-the-moment anthem We Own the Night, even the tender-hearted neo-balladry of I’m Just a Girl — they upgrade and update DM’s scrawled sonic signature with sharp synths, layered vocals, undeniable grooves. But Diemaniacs needn’t fear the repurposing — it all comes without sacrificing one iota of Failure’s guitar-shredding grit.

Pasted Graphic 35

“I am such a riffy chick,” she admits. “I can’t help myself. I’m a guitar wanker. There is never enough rock in it for me. I love bands like Sleigh Bells and The Kills, where you have both electronic and rock. That was the whole point, to show you could have it all together. It’s trickier. You have to put more brainpower into it. But when it works, it’s way deep and way more guttural. The music sounds better when you can get it to run hand in hand.”

Now, freed from the shackles of her past, with the most focused, consistent and fully realized work of her career firmly in hand, Failure is ready to run headlong into the future.

“I made this album because I want to kick down doors,” she explains. “I want to be able to really evolve and grow as an artist and not have to do the same old thing again. I don’t want to have to play by the rules. That’s why I needed to do this.”

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You heard right! Avenged Sevenfold’s Waking The Fallen: Resurrected will hit the shelves on August 26th – exactly eleven years after the original release of Waking The Fallen! Check out the awesome album trailer at: www.hopelessrecords.com/resurrected

unnamedThe new release includes 11 never before heard songs, 23 total tracks, new artwork, the original first cut of the music video for “Unholy Confessions” and a 30 minute film featuring never before seen archived footage up to the present day band, directed/edited by Rafa Alcantara.



You can pre-order Resurrected NOW at: www.hopelessrecords.com/resurrected

The special packages and items found here are available only through this pre-order, including the exclusive deluxe version of the CD with two bonus tracks, limited edition 4-disc vinyl LP box set with exclusive 7-inch, Deathbat t-shirt and more. Avenged Sevenfold headline Mayhem Festival tour this summer – trek over to their website for tickets and to see when they’ll be near you!

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BJ2 COVER 300dpi 1400x1400





Dani Rosenoer is a classically trained pianist, vocalist and composer. Born in Russia and raised in Israel, Dani is now based in Toronto, Canada and plays keys for the Canadian rock band Three Days Grace as a touring member. He is also working on a new full-length album.

Basement Jams 2 was released on April 3, 2014. It is the second in the series of EP’s by indie artist Dani Rosenoer, collecting his collaborations and solo productions with fellow Toronto artists such as Canadian Idol semi-finalist Oliver Pigott, rappers Truezt & Boris Giller and the psy-metal act PsyCoPath. 

The EP includes the 1 st  single ‘Whoa Whoa Yeah’, which was filmed on location in Costa Rica. And track number seven is not your ordinary song its the soundtrack to the short film of trhe same moniker  ‘A Horny Ghost Named Buster’ (Feat. Alexey Dolgansky on vocals).. The film has been submitted to film festivals all over the world.

You can find Dani’s Basement Jams 2 at any of the below links or stream it here!





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Americano band Taking Back Sunday just dropped a new record March 18th called “Happiness Is”, you can grab yours here America and Canada you can download here! Why not a little Q&A with the band? Bassist Shaun Cooper took one for the team and answered a few of my questions…


FRIDAE: Your Sixth studio album was released March 18th, for everyones ears to hear, how excited are you?

SHAUN: I am so excited that tears of joy are streaming down my face as I type this!

FRIDAE: HaHa…When birthing the record, what journeys were taken? How was it conceived?

SHAUN: We actually conceived and birthed four children during the writing and recording of this record, so that was really something. We were just trying to write the best songs we are capable of.

FRIDAE: What can people expect on “Happiness Is”? Does it follow the same format as its predecessors or is it a completely different formulation of sounds?

SHAUN: I don’t know that any of our records followed a specific formula. Happiness Is is diverse and raw and probably the most interesting sounding album Taking Back Sunday has released. 


FRIDAE: Over the years there have been many changes with the band, what obstacle was the hardest to overcome?

SHAUN: Some people like to think of us as solely a nostalgia act. I think Happiness Is will shatter that notion. It’s very rare that any band has their best release 6 albums in. In my opinion we did just that.

FRIDAE: I remember how crazy the crowd was last year at Warped tour when you guys tore up the stage. What was the craziest show you can recall?

SHAUN: We played an amazing sold out show in Singapore a few weeks ago. The crowd was amazing. It seemed like everyone in attendance knew every word to every song we played that night.

FRIDAE: Are there any artists out there today you would like to collaborate with?

SHAUN: What is Sisqo up to these days? I thought The Thong Song was rad.


FRIDAE: Who came up with the idea of a Co-Tour with The Used?

SHAUN: I don’t know who initially had the idea. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time though so I’m glad it finally worked out.

FRIDAE: Any plans to add anymore tour dates this year in Canada?

SHAUN: I don’t know yet but we would love to.

FRIDAE: What are your top five favorite albums of all time?

SHAUN: Guns ‘n Roses Appetite For Destruction, The Beatles Abbey Road, Nirvana Nevermind, Rancid …And Out Come The Wolves, Radiohead The Bends.

FRIDAE: For all of the new bands out there, what piece of wisdom would you like to share?

SHAUN: Persistence pays!

FRIDAE: The horror fan in me needs to know…Have any of you been to the Amityville house?

SHAUN: When Eddie (Guitarist) was a kid he used to give tours of the place to tourists, he’d charge them $5 apiece. He saved that money to buy his first guitar.

FRIDAE: That story is fantastic! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my random questions, epecially the Amityville one! Looking forward to seeing you all rock the stage again at the sold out Kool Haus show with The Used in Toronto April 8th!

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Adam Lazzara – Lead Vocals

Eddie Reyes – Rhythm Guitar

Shaun Cooper – Bass

John Nolan – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keys

MarkO’Connell – Drums, Percussion



All Photography By: Fridae Mattas
All Photography By: Fridae Mattas





By: Fridae Mattas

A few weeks ago I published Matt Webb’s record review on his sophomore EP “Right Direction”. On Friday, March 7th 2014 I migrated to Adelaide Hall downtown Toronto to check him out live. I have never actually paid attention during a Marianas Trench set not my cup of tea. So, I went to this gig not knowing what to expect, except that he would be performing tunes off of his latest album. The venue itself I have never been to or so I thought, but once inside I had to go upstairs and then down the hall and back downstairs to reach the stage area. The venue then reminded me of this club “LimeLight” I went to before I was legal to even go clubbing. Once downstairs I saw that the stage area did not have a media pit and was already surrounded with fans, I was not about to try reaching the front. A fan I was talking to told me a interesting little fact about the venue, there are two Men’s restrooms downstairs but only one Female washroom all the way up a flight of stairs…Not exactly the most logical or convenient layout if you expect female patrons to regularly visit the venue.MATT WEBB  & BAND LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7TH 2014MATT WEBB & BAND (THE QUKES) LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7TH 2014Somehow I forgot that Webb is in a hugely popular Canadian band with mostly female fans…I was reminded, well more along the lines of startled when the screams erupted, I regretted forgetting my ear plugs so much. For all of you MT fans according to the bands guitar man Webb, Marianas Trench are working hard on a new record. I was surprised to see he had a band backing him up, thought it was going to be an acoustic set for some reason. I am assuming they have named themselves “The Qukes”, I saw a banner hanging with that moniker and a sliced cucumber. Don’t remember how many tracks were played but I did hear all of the tunes from the record, the band played well, they were getting into the tunes feeding off of the crowds energy.MATT WEBB BAND DRUMS (THE QUKES) LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7THMATT WEBB BAND (THE QUKES) LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7TH 2014MATT WEBB  & KEVIN JAMES MAHER (KEVVY MENTAL - FAKE SHARK- REALAlthough I did not get a chance to catch the openersone of them, “Kevin Maher, aka Kevvy Mental”  vox from the band “Fake Shark – Real Zombie” did make a guest appearance for one of the tunes. Maher was not the only guest to sing with Webb, he had a contest winner join him on stage. Her name escapes me but I do recall Webb reassuring the crowd she was qualified to singMATT WEBB LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7TH 2014 because of her training at the Royal Conservatory of Music. The guests did well from what I could hear over the fans. Most of the fans I encountered were chill and at one point I did try to get a little closer, my mistake…A few colourful words were unleashed by a few teenies decked out in stilettos, booby shirts and muff wraps (mini skirts) thinking they were gonna get lucky with Webb that night…So funny are groupies. MATT WEBB  & CONTEST WINNNER FAN LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7THMATT WEBB  & CONTEST WINNNER FAN LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7THMATT WEBB LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7TH 2014For a guitar player Matt Webb held his own on stage, he looked comfortable enough, interacted with the fans but did not talk too much. And, although I heard a few pitchy vocals because breathing work is needed, it was decent enough. Much worse these ears have heard and have come to the conclusion everyone is better than Scott Stapp live, even Chad Kroeger. Trying to get a shot of the drummer was a challenge, one of the band Larries was always in the way. Upstairs I went for some aerial shots, even with the angle change I still couldn’t get decent shots of the drummer, so I just migrated back down to try again. Most of the crowd cleared out once he thanked everyone and the lights dimmed but a lot of girls were not budging. The remaining crowd began chanting “Encore” until Webb and friends popped back on stage.MATT WEBB BAND LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7TH 2014Toronto was the first date of the tour across Canada, if you want to take your child or younger sibling to hear some live music and can handle screaming females, go see Matt Webb and The Qukes rock out. COPYRIGHT © 2014 FRIDAE MATTAS. All Rights ReservedMATT WEBB & BAND GUITAR (THE QUKES) LIVE @ ADELAIDE HALL MARCH 7




Toronto, ON – Since the release of their highly celebrated debut House of Ill Fame (2003), The Trews have gained a reputation as one of Canada’s most electrifying live Rock bands. Ten years, five studio albums and thousands of gigs in, the East Coast-bred, Ontario-based rockers are still going strong and are as willing as ever to break the mold, as their 2014 self-titled album, scheduled for release on April 22, 2014, proves without a doubt.
“This album is our thank you letter to our fans,” says Colin MacDonald, lead vocals and guitar. “We felt that we owed them a great record because without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do, make music. We worked really hard on this new collection of songs and we are so proud of what we’ve built.”
The Trews blazing lead single “What’s Fair Is Fair” hit the ground running at radio and nabbed the #1 Most Added song at Canadian Active Rock radio (Mediabase) the week of February 24. The single was released via iTunes.ca on March 4 and the accompanying lyric video is currently on YouTube.com. To celebrate the upcoming release, The Trews will host an official launch party at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on April 26, 2014. Tickets to the show are available via Ticketmaster.ca.
Produced by Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, The Tragically Hip) and guitarist John-Angus MacDonald (The Trews, The Glorious Sons), The Trews (Home Music / eOne Music Canada), not only boasts a guest spot by Canadian songstress, Serena Ryder, but contributions from die-hard Trews fans on some tracks; just one of the perks available to fans who contributed to The Trews’ hugely successful PledgeMusic campaign. In addition to allowing loyal supporters unparalleled access to the band during the recording process and partially funding the record, the PledgeMusic campaign, which concludes on April 22, is an effort by The Trews to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Canada in honour of a friend who passed away from CF last year.
The blend of upbeat rockers and raw ballads on The Trews displays the foursome’s growth as songwriters and performers as never before, and nowhere more so than on “In the Morning” featuring Serena Ryder, and “65 Roses,” a song inspired by their close friend’s struggle with CF. The Trews will donate 5% of any additional funds raised during their campaign to Cystic Fibrosis Canada (Peel & District Chapter). To learn more about the PledgeMusic Campaign visit, http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/thetrews.
The Trews have had 13 Top 10 singles on Rock radio, hitting #1 with “Not Ready to Go,” (the Most Played song of 2004 on Rock Radio) and “Yearning” from their 2005 sophomore album, Den Of Thieves. With two Gold Certified albums to their credit, they have cemented themselves as one of Canada’s most distinguished Canadian Rock bands. The band has won multiple East Coast Music Awards, the 2009 Annual Independent Music Award in the US for Best Rock/Metal Song, received numerous JUNO Award nominations and played well over 1,000 shows worldwide, both on their own and supporting legendary acts including The Rolling Stones, KISS, Robert Plant, Guns ‘n Roses, Kid Rock and Bruce Springsteen.

The Trews – Track Listing
1.     Rise In The Wake
2.     Age of Miracles
3.     Permanent Love
4.     The Sentimentalist
5.     65 Roses
6.     What’s Fair Is Fair
7.     Where There’s Love
8.     In The Morning
9.     New King
10.   Living The Dream
11.   Under The Sun





(NEW YORK, NY) – BLACK LABEL SOCIETY have released the album art, track listing and first single from their forthcoming LP due later this year. “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” is available immediately for iTunes preorder and the brand new single “My Dying Time” is also available for purchase.

Fans who pre-order the iTunes version will get the “My Dying Time” immediately as an instant gratification download.

Zakk Wylde recently appeared on VH1 Classic’s That Metal show. Wylde also stopped by the Artie Lange show while in NYC to talk all things “Catacombs of the Black Vatican.”

“Catacombs of the Black Vatican,”  will be released Tuesday, April 8th, 2014.


“Catacombs of the Black Vatican” is the first all new LP from BLS since “The Order of the Black”was released in 2009, which debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

Most recently, the band released  the 2-CD set Unblackened,” which found Black Label Society in a mellower mood in a performance taped at Club Nokia in Los Angeles last year.

The band recently announced “An Evening With Zakk Wylde,” a 13-city Canadian tour across Canada featuring intimate versions of some of the band’s most popular songs, as well as songs from Wylde’s best-selling solo album “Book of Shadows.

Since their late nineties inception, Black Label Society, formed by guitar legend Zakk Wylde, has been at the forefront of their genre. Their taste for hard riffs and blazing solos has resulted in a slew of hugely successful albums and a reputation as one of the most powerful live bands of their generation.

Zakk Wylde, who has been called one of the true guitar heroes in modern history, served as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist for over 20 years in addition to his work with BLS. This collaboration led to a string of multi-platinum albums, including Osbourne’s biggest selling “No More Tears,” for which Wylde wrote all the music.

In addition to holding Guitar World Magazine’s MVP four years straight Wylde has been bestowed with such accolades as “Best Rock Guitarist” from Guitar Player,  “Metal Guru” from the recently held Classic Rock awards in the UK, “Golden God” by Metal Hammer, the “Best Guitarist” Award from Revolver Magazine. Wylde has proven time and time again that his songwriting, guitar prowess, and on-stage persona, along with his larger-than-life personality, have made him a force to be reckoned with.

Black Label Society continues to enthrall fans around the globe, and “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” is another incredible piece in the band’s catalog.


Track list:

01. Fields Of Unforgiveness
02. My Dying Time
03. Believe
04. Angel Of Mercy
05. Heart Of Darkness
06. Beyond The Down
07. Scars
08. Damn The Flood
09. I’ve Gone Away
10. Empty Promises
11. Shades Of Gray
12. Dark Side Of The Sun (bonus track)
13. The Nomad (bonus track)







 Toronto, ON – Canadian R&B / Pop sensation JRDN is set to release his highly anticipated self-titled EP (Kuya Productions / Fontana North / Universal Music Canada) on February 11, 2014.JRDN includes his smash single, “Can’t Choose,” ft. Kardinal Offishall, which hit the Top 5 on the CHR charts with the accompanying music video receiving heavy rotation on MuchMusic and M3. Additionally, JRDN is set to join Hedley for select dates on the Wild Live tour alongside Danny Fernandes and Alyssa Reid, beginning February 14 in Prince George, BC.

“I am in love with what I do,” says JRDN. “Sometimes the road we travel isn’t what we expect it to be, but it’s up to us to be patient and persevere. Recording this collection of songs has truly been a musical education and I feel very blessed to be able to share this journey with my fans.”

Written and recorded with longtime collaborators, Kuya Productions (Nelly, Ginuwine, Akon), Danny Boy Styles and Chuck Harmony (Ne-Yo, K’naan), among others, the new EP finds JRDN expressing himself more candidly than ever. Showing substantial growth as an artist, his evolving sound can be heard on tracks like “Ali” and standout ballads including “Reset” and “Rebel.” The second single off JRDN, “Love Ain’t Enough,” was released to radio on January 6 and is now available for purchase at iTunes.ca.

JRDN’s 2010 breakthrough follow up album, IAMJRDN, debuted at #13 on the Canadian R&B charts, yielding the Top 20 Gold-selling singles, “U Can Have It All” and “Like Magic.” Additionally, the release garnered him a 2011 SOCAN Urban Music Award, a Canadian Radio Music Award (CRMA) in the category of Dance/Urban/Rhythmic and a 2012 nomination for Fans’ Choice. Nominated for New Artist of the Year and R&B Soul Recording of the Year at the 2012 JUNO Awards, JRDN was a part of the live broadcast for the first-ever ‘Mixtape’ performance.

JRDN – EP Track Listing

Love Ain’t Enough
Can’t Choose
Live My Dream


Wild Live Tour Dates w/ JRDN

February 14, 2014                                CN Centre                                               Prince George, BC

February 15, 2014                                Prospera Place                                      Kelowna, BC

February 16, 2014                                Interior Savings Centre                         Kamloops, BC

February 18, 2014                                Crystal Centre                                        Grande Prairie, AB

February 19, 2014                                Imperial Oil Place (Energy Centre)    Cold Lake, AB

February 20, 2014                                Enmax Centre                                        Lethbridge, AB

February 21, 2014                                Medicine Hat Arena                              Medicine Hat, AB

February 23, 2014                                Spectra Place                                         Estevan, SK

February 26, 2014                                Copps Coliseum                                    Hamilton, ON

February 27, 2014                                Memorial Auditorium                             Kitchener, ON

February 28, 2014                                GM Centre                                               Oshawa, ON

March 1, 2014                                        WFCU Centre                                         Windsor, ON

March 3, 2014                                        Molson Centre                                        Barrie, ON

March 4, 2014                                        Sudbury Arena                                       Sudbury, ON

March 7, 2014                                        Peterborough Memorial Arena            Peterborough, ON

March 8, 2014                                        K-Rock Centre                                        Kingston, ON

March 10, 2014                                      Aitken Centre                                          Fredericton, NB

March 13, 2014                                      Mile One Stadium                                  St. John’s, NL

March 15, 2014                                      Pepsi Centre                                           Cornerbrook, NL

March 17, 2014                                      Centre 200                                              Sydney, NS

March 18, 2014                                      Metro Centre                                           Halifax, NS

March 20, 2014                                      Moncton Coliseum                                 Moncton, NB

March 21, 2014                                      Palais Municipal                                     Saguenay, QC

March 22, 2014                                      Colisee Pepsi                                          Quebec City, QC

March 25, 2014                                      Budweiser Gardens                                London, ON




Taking Back Sunday Announce New Album ‘Happiness Is’

We are thrilled to announce that Taking Back Sunday will release their new album Happiness Is on March 18th! You can pre-order the album now here!!

The band released a new track off of the album also! You can hear the studio version of “Flicker, Fade” now here.