TORONTO – Saturday, January 22, 2011

By: Fridae Mattas

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Finger Eleven!! When I found out they were playing The Queen Elizabeth Theater in Toronto I had to cover them because everyone needs to know about the Axe-Mastery that goes on at this bands show! One problem though, Ms. Lauryn Hill also had a show in Toronto at the Sound Academy the same night (on the real, if you don’t know who Lauryn Hill is where have you been?) for me the dilemma was, who do I cover? One of my favorite female singers who I have never seen live or a phenomenal Canadian band who is also a favorite, the only difference is I have seen F11 and covered them back in 2009. My decision was broken down into little sections of pros and cons, extremely pleased with the outcome of my choice. I really do not like trekking to the venue Ms. Lauryn Hill was performing at especially in the winter and she didn’t start her set until midnight! People who don’t drive definitely were screwed over, that place is the most inaccessible venue ever! You would think by now the TTC would make a direct bus route to that end of the city, its only been a venue for a decade and a half.

Finger Eleven guarantees a good show without ‘Divo’ moments and punctual start times! Prior to signing with a major they were called ‘The Rainbow Butt Monkey’s’, I won’t be getting into specific details about their background they have a website for a reason so go check that out! However, if you still don’t know who Finger Eleven is, as always I will introduce you to the Burlington Ontario natives who started this band in 1989. Scott Anderson – Vocals, Rick Jackett – Axe Master Extraordinaire, James Black – Guitar, Sean Anderson – Bass and Rich Beddoe on Percussion. Finger Eleven released their sixth studio record ‘Life Turns Electric’ October of last year and are currently doing a tour in support of the new disc. Amongst the slew of current dates they will be hitting Toronto again at the Mod Club March 9th 2011 for The Canadian Music Week opening night party! I think I may drop by as should you, it will be a spectacular show for sure!

It was snowing like crazy in different parts of the city and because of the storms I missed the opening bands Elias and The Envy. It’s okay though you can check out previously filmed tunes of The Envy on FridaeTV but sorry Elias band next time! Finger Eleven kicked off their set with a new track ‘Any Moment Now’ from the new ‘Life Turns Electric’ record. The track is a high energy song, perfect to open a set with. Vocals were a little pitchy during a few tracks within the set but Anderson did deliver a more refined vocal performance this time around compared to the set I last saw at Trudeau Parks ‘Rock ‘N The Park 2009’. Scott genuinely feels the emotions of the song they are visible on his face but I wish there was more movement from him because he pretty much just stands there for the whole set, it gets a little boring. Thankfully the amazing skills of Rick Jackett’s Axe Ballet keeps the energy to a maximum giving the crowd a show they will never forget nor will they ever see a performance like this from another guitarist! I call him the ‘Axellerino’ he is truly one of a kind!

All Photography By: Fridae Mattas

Jackett embodies everything that is rock and roll with the magic and genuine love of the music he plays , always giving two hundred percent every show. He shreds that guitar impeccably, not one note missed while doing twirls and guitar throws; there is no other guitarist that owns the instrument like he does! I must say, if it wasn’t for Jackett the “Axellerino”, Finger Eleven shows would never be the same, Jackett is the life force of the band.

James Black the other guitarist did well, he holds his own against Jackett but also needs to switch it up a little more, it gets too redundant and bland. His backup vocals were a little off key more confidence needed in his voice, seemed like he was shy about singing louder or his nerves got the best of him. Whatever it was get yourself together mang, you’ve been in this band how long? He should be used to this by now after all he has his own solo music and another side project with fellow band mate Rick Jackett titled ‘Blackie Jackett Jr.’, them as a duo I have yet to see live. Sean Anderson on Bass worked it as best he could, how can anyone top Jackett? Sean meshed well with Rick trying to match his performance level giving a lot more energy and fire than his brother on Vox. Of course Beddoe kept the beats swiftly tight and faultless the drummers are usually most always awesome!

There was a surprisingly good turnout, I wasn’t expecting that many people but it is always best to surpass peoples expectations. That’s what every performer should aim for, it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes we all do, as long as you try your best and give the people their money’s worth. The band played a nineteen track set with majority of their hits along with a few oldies they haven’t played live in a while. To end the night off with a bang they rocked out to the hit single ‘Paralyzer’ which made the crowd go insane. My favorite tracks of the set were “One Thing”, “Good Times”, “Complicated Questions” and “Don’t Look Down”. The entire show was a wrap by 11pm, the crowd was a vast variety of different people and age groups definitely an unexpected blend. Looks like anyone can adopt Finger Eleven as a favorite, they are Fridae approved!

COPYRIGHT ©2011 FRIDAE MATTAS. All Rights Reserved



1. Any Moment Now

2. Pieces Fit

3. Above

4. Falling On

5. Complicated Questions

6. Living In a Dream

7. Don’t Look Down

8. Good Intentions

9. I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague

10. One Thing

11. Obvious Heart

12. First Time

13. Drag You Down

14. Quicksand

15. Talking To The Walls

16. Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me

17. Good Times


18. Stone Soul

19. Paralyzer

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