Photography By: Fridae Mattas


 Well, I definitely think it is about time I interviewed Spee, Mike, Paul and Brendan because they have been one of the top searched bands since I published the introduction article for the “About Us” Video release party. A lot has been going on for these four young fellas from Toronto since they dropped their first single. I managed to find the quietest spot for a little chat with the band, even hotel staff approved of the location. The interview took place just before the Canadian Radio Music Awards where the hit single “About Us” was nominated. Neverest ended up winning the award for Mainstream AC and Favorite Pop Artist or Group of the Year (Forgot about this one because I wasn’t there yet, still was at Slash interview), congratulations on the wins Larries! (For those who are new to my lingo Larries = Guys, Dudes etc.)

Photography By: Joanna Glezakos

Enough of my talking just watch the interview below to hear what’s new with Neverest. I apologize for the shakiness at the beginning I was holding my phone and the camera at the same time trying to read the fan questions. Thank you to the fans for submitting questions I chose two of them to ask. Lisa B. I had to shorten your question and rephrase, I hope the reworked question still reflects your original query. You can find more photos below and on FridaeTV FB.

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