All Photography By: Fridae Mattas



By: Fridae Mattas

Unfortunatly for me I missed all the cool stuff at Winter Woofstock, I  arrived an hour or so before it wrapped for the day. Once I walked in there were still plenty of cute little furballs roaming all over Hall C of the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. I love all Animals especially Dogs or as I would call them “Uberts”. Many dogs and cats were my pets I loved them all so dearly and still miss having them around. Very excited to see all these cutiefaced Uberts floating, they were all so soft and most even loved to strike a pose for me and my camera. Anyone want Doggy portraits let me know! 

A few of the Ubert’s I came across seemed sad, others anxious, extremely happy and then there were the poor doggys dressed in clothes they were not vibing. I feel bad for any animal when their owner dresses them up in hideous attire, the funniest were the people pushing their dressed up little dogs in pink strollers like children. Plenty of things to see at Winter Woofstock 2012, a chance for the dogs to get a photo with Santa, many dog shows, all kinds of different booths with canine affiliated accessories, food, bedding, strollers you get the drift. Next year I will be catching all the fun stuff and I can’t wait to hug, pet and play with all the cute dogs again! You can always find more photos of the adorable furries I came across, in the gallery posted at the end of this article.

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