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Most Canadian Hip Hop sounds wack and I think I’m the only one in the world that doesn’t like Drake. He’s Lil’ Wayne’s prodigy who stems from a Canadian television series “Degrassi – The Next Generation.” My opinion is I don’t like the sound of his voice, no wonder they use all that Autotune but his flow is alright. Anyways back to the Hip Hop tunes at hand, Slave To The Game the debut record from Underground RealRoad a Hip Hop duo out of Montreal, Quebec. I was scared to play the tunes because most Canadian Hip Hop I don’t like. Majority of the time it sounds weird to me, the tunes I have heard just don’t blend nicely into my ears.

In the tune “Maybe” Featuring Mr. Bits, first thing I notice is the production its done very well, it does not sound at all like an indie record or typical Canadian Hip hop. The way the first verse was dropped onto the beat flowed smoothly, you could tell he was dying to get that out. You could hear the aggressive passion of the hunger to get to what you love. Its a catchy tune, very relatable here’s the hook “Maybe, there’ll come a time / when I wont be sad and lonely.” I like this track it’s actually one of my favorites on this record, everyone has those days. This song has to be picked up by all radio stations, it’s a guaranteed hit.

Next tune is the title track “Slave 2 Da Game” this tune is fast and fierce with an old school feel. The beat samples a classic Ashford & Simpson track that Marvin Gaye performed with Tammi Terrell way back in the day. This tune could be classified as Underground Realroad’s anthem. Another tune to listen to is the big tune Be Who U-R Featuring Miss Tee. The hook drew me in If you got it straight / find it baby just go crazy / You gotta love you / If you really wanna be who you are. I like her voice Miss Tee even her rhyme flow is tight. I wasn’t feeling the lyrics too much near the top of the first verse and as the tune came to an end the arrangement was a little too Black-eyed Peas, overall this tune is worth a listen.

A few other fantastic tunes that must be mentioned are “Homegrown” Featuring Dj Overflow. The beat sounds a little dirty with a Middle Eastern feel adding plenty of horns and thumping bass. “This Is Me” has a little rock and roll edge in the beat, the rhymes are self-explanatory talking about haters and how they stay themselves. Mid track there’s a little guitar solo and I am totally vibing it! First time in a long time I heard a Hip Hop group throw in such a long guitar solo but whose complaining, I loved it!! The final track I will speak about is “Something to Believe In” Featuring Young Fam. The first verse the way he spit on the beat sounded again too much like Will I Am of Black Eyed Peas. They talk about bringing their own swagger to the hip hop scene to give you something to believe but it’s kind of hard to actually believe if he sounds like someone else.

This record was above par coming from the Canadian Hip Hop scene. On occasion a few tracks came off a little redundant on the beats and melodies but otherwise a very good record. I have never heard a Canadian Hip Hop record like this, definitely worth picking up and taking a listen.

Underground Realroad (Full length CD out now!!) on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads



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