Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Uni5: The World’s Enemy

Release Date: MAY 4TH 2010

Labels: BTNH Worldwide/Asylum/Reprise/Warner

The record is finally out for all of you to buy! I’ve been listening to bits and pieces of the tunes here and there amidst the madness of the last couple of weeks. This review is long overdue planned to publish prior to its release but I am only human not a machine or an alien! It would be cool to be a Transformer though with super powers!

As a pre-teen I first discovered Bone Thugs and as a teenager I continued to listen to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s music. To this day one of their tracks “Tha Crossroads” off of their debut record “E 1999 Eternal” released in 1995 is one of my all time favorites, always in my IPod. Five from Cleveland, Ohio: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is:  Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-N-Bone.  Another BTNH favorite of mine is “Thug Luv” a tune featuring my favorite rapper of all time Tupac. The track is off their third record a double disc album titled “The Art Of War” (“Thug Luv” is track two on the second disc “World War 2”).  Bone Thugs started their career as “B.O.N.E Enterpri$e aka Bandaid Boyz” in 1991, added a member and signed onto Eazy-E’s label Ruthless Records in 1994. They dropped their debut in ‘95 as stated above, from there they skyrocketed. “Uni5: The World’s Enemy” is the fifteen year Bone Thugs reunion record with all five original members fans have been waiting for. Flesh is fresh out the bin! Let’s find out if they still have the illest flavor or if they sunk the boat.

“Rebirth” is the first track on the LP and the second single to drop. They released the tune along with the video on my birthday February 16th 2010 which was too ironic that it fell on a Tuesday. I actually popped out on that exact day not on a Friday like most believe! “Rebirth” one of my favorites on this album and yes, people can relate to this track! BTNH speak about how everyone wants to be and sound like them. It is a true statement, they have their trademark swift slick and melodic floetry that many a rapper tries to throw down like Bone do but it doesn’t workout! I can sit here and name about fifteen just off the top of my head but we don’t need any of that. Most who listen to Rap and Hip Hop already know who is copping whose swagger.

The beat for this tune is epic! Super daps for the beatmasters of this track “Pooh Bear and King David” of Blue Magic Productions. The tune starts in with some serious strings, followed by some background vocal echoes that give the beat its own brand blended with bass. Beautifully haunting to my ears is the music, in their floetry they have found a balance between aggression and understanding. A slice of the chorus spit by Thin-C and Krayzie Bone “As we continue to pick up the pieces, they follow us Kings ‘til the sundown. / Deadly issues of telekinesis, better show love or lay down.” it’s all about the way they spit those words on this beat with such precision. Beyond comprehendible at how quick and sick their flow still is to this day. Krayzie, Flesh and Bizzy had the tightest hyper spitfire flow in their verses on this track.

Next tune! “See Me Shine – Featuring J Rush” produced by Krayzie Bone and Excel. This is the first single off UNI5 record. It touches upon the haters a little more in depth, it relates to many moments in my life as I’m sure it can transmit to many of yours. Everyone has those envious haters who wish nothing more than to see you fall and fail because they are jealous of you, something in your life, your talent, your personality, your material possessions and in a few situations some haters won’t stop until you are left without a breath. I really liked the end of Layzie Bones rhyme All of my time is occupied. / I’m gonna grind & I’m gonna shine! / Ballin’ ‘til the end of time. Hate on me and its all fine! / You just ain’t no friend of mine.”

During Wish Bones  verse he was pitchy, the harmonies sounded flat, I recoil every time it hits my ears but I did like a clip of his lyricsWatch out if you kiss and tell. You know not to show ‘em love. / It’s just that they talk too much. You just never know who to trust. / And just when you get enough, a target – you will become. / That’s just the (..?..)”. Here are a few lines in Krayzie Bones that needed to be noted “Twenty-four seven grindin’! Tryin’ to get my shine on. / That don’t give ‘em a reason to hate me, hate me, hate me! / But I know my mind’s strong. None of you suckas can break me! (Ha!) / Nothin’ can save ya now! They caught the Krayzie vapors! / Stay away, fade away, playa hater! / There’s really no need to be crowdin’ me, ‘cause I can’t deal with you haters surroundin’ me, houndin’ me!” An incredibly inspiring song mostly everything about the song is out of this world except the chorus, the vocal arrangement and melody remind me of T.I’s tune “Whatever You Like”.

So far this record is a keeper and I’m just two tracks in, which means holy novel eleven tracks to go, let’s wrap this puppy up! The intro track to the record “The Law” is vicious! Jared Scott added this whole futuristic mission impossible feel that has this ambiance of readying you for the battle of your life, Mortal Kombat! The beat was produced by DJ U-Neek he made that shit surround sound even on the ghettoist little laptop, cd player, pc, whatever you listen to your tunes on, it will sound phenomenal,  as does the rest of the production on this record.

The tune “Wanna Be” is poppin’! I have met so many people in my life that so desperately want to be famous and will do anything to be a celebrity. Why? Honestly, to become famous scares me more than getting lost in East Harlem. Yeah, you finally get paid but is the money worth all of that baggage and drama? “The more money we come across / the more problems we see”. If I was Britney I woulda drop kicked a few stalkerazzo’s long time! As much as people want to live the life think about it? Is being a prisoner in a fishbowl really living the life? People are always up in your business, judging every little thing you do, follow you everywhere you go and give absolutely no privacy whatsoever. Run as fast as you want but you can’t hide – If they want to find you they will because there is always a snitch. The tune “Wanna Be” explains some of it just listen…”I think your gonna have to find who you are / Can’t find your way but you wanna be a star.” This joint can definitely bounce as a single, the hook is too catchy!

Uni5 has a more inspirational vibe rather than the old school Bone Thugs poppin off tunes, I still like the retro tunes because many of the BTNH sonatas are in the soundtrack of my life! When I can’t find a tune that matches my situation I write out my own but that’s me. I also love listening to metal tunes with crazy guitar and screamage when extremely angry but sometimes the loud just don’t cut it. That’s when I play a little Pac, BTNH, Dre, Snoop, Biggie, or 50 mellow out and laugh it off. Music & Laughter is the best medicine, I once saw an old lady on the news I think she was 102 years old can’t remember but she was old and the best advice she had to give was “Music! Listen and play as much music as you can.” True word someone’s great granny true werd!

A few other notable tracks you have to listen to are “Only God Can Judge Me” and “Gone Feat. Ricco Barrino” great tunes apart from some of Ricco’s vocals in Gone, they bothered me because it sounded like he was over enunciating the words but this tune can fly as a single.  Bone Thugs have always had their distinct original lightspeed flow, but it’s also the harmonies they bring with the different tones in their voices that unify remarkably well together. This group was meant to stay floating they brought something different to the scene when they first popped out with their unique sound but they need to work on better lyrics and hooks to get back to the top of the game. Congrats to them for keeping my attention longer than most records these days but after the following joint I was feeling nappy because the content in the songs were becoming exceedingly monotonous. I suggest linking with Eminem, Dre and Snoop those three would be a ridiculously insane collaboration! The last tune on Fridae’s list of must listens for this record is the current single “Meet Me In The Sky” Featuring K Young. Another inspirational track to keep you “Flying above the haters”. The melody is soft and rich, a classic Bone Thugs experience.

UNI5: THE WORLD’S ENEMY LP is a better comeback attempt than a lot of other artists, groups and bands that have recently tried to relive their glory days. I enjoyed the record but I feel it could have been better, especially with all of their resources and talent. The boat is rocking but still a float – this record is good enough for everyone’s ears to eared, looking forward to another BTNH record.






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