Hellooo Everyone!!  

Thank you so much for reading!  This website is just forming, please help me spread the word! Finally I can truly control every aspect; from the filmage to the writage, photography and content! Don’t forget to check the Youtube and Facebook for content not yet available on here!

 I will try my best to continue bringing you fress news, tunes, fashion, films  basically anything entertainment! check out my interview with iLLScarlett here

Who will rise and who will fall? Fridae’s words will say it all..  

 KEEP IT LOCKED for the other half of my CMW  review “The Madness”, Relection Eternal record review and My review of The 2010 Toronto Freedom Festival. Followed by interviews with Saukrates  and Marc Emery! Marc Emery turned himself in today, he’s awaiting the decision on his extradition to the  US for selling marijuana seeds. You can check his links below that explain in detail.  

For ALL FRIDAE TV inquiries email (That includes interview requests, event coverage, press releases, and where to send music for review.)



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