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Since 1976 the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been screening Hollywood films. For as long as I can remember the festival is held every September and is the second largest film festival just under Cannes. At least TIFF has built a new home, The Bell Lightbox. It’s doors opened September 12th 2010 and contains a three-storey public atrium, five public cinemas, two galleries, three learning studios, a centre for students and scholars, the staff offices of TIFF, a bistro, a restaurant, and a lounge. Oh and let’s not forget it spans a whole block in Downtown Toronto’s core, housed at Reitman Square on the Northwest corner of King and John Streets.

When TIFF gets in gear all the local and global Moneysluts, Leeches, Leaves, Film buffs, Famewhores, Power players, A-Listers, Z-Listers, Has-Beens, Abee’s you name it! All of the different types gather in Toronto every year hoping to break out onto the scene or stay current by schmoozing all the right people, kissing all the pretentious ass possible. Those outside the industry are usually camped out in Yorkville star-searching hoping to get a glimpse. Some are specifically looking for a target get rich quick celebrity to manipulate. Last year I was sitting there doing some research and I saw this one money-slut lurking the block a few times hunting for someone well known and wealthy. Most of the high profile folk are here to chill with friends, catch up, promote their work, support their peers work and most of all party. Many are pathetically desperate for fame, some so hurting that every year they make their famewhore rounds of shameless self promotion trying to get as much camera time as possible. No names shall be mentioned, we know who you are.

Photography By: Mikey Sin For Fridae TV

There is so much going on in the summer when it comes to music, I always forget the media deadline for TIFF. My heart loves music more than film but not by much, that’s why next year I won’t miss it! I think I am ready for the craziness that is covering a monster festival like TIFF. I just hope that it will be nothing like Toronto’s 2009 Fashion week, that was disgusting…I didn’t write a review for a reason.

Hollywood…Ruthless, most of these people will cut someone to make it in the tabloids! As much as some cry about being famous they love the attention, it’s like an addiction that can’t be cured. I feel really bad for those who just want to create their art without boundaries but once you get to a certain status level you’re trapped in the fishbowl. I never understood how people idolized these humans to a point of unrealistic flawless perfection. They are not invisible, they have feelings, they are not perfect, they breathe, they bleed, they are just like you and me, from what I can tell anyways. You never know! Some of them could be Aliens, they do look like we do. (Laughs)

Photography By: Mikey Sin For Fridae TV

As the festival comes to a wrap for 2010, I decided to release two exclusive clips. At first I was hesitant about releasing this footage because it is research for one of  my films. There are many people out there who would die to get inside my creative mind, I must be cautious as to what is revealed. There have been way too many incidents where I randomly turned on the TV to a ‘music channel’ only to hear my published words coming out of someone Else’s mouth. Here are a few extremely EXCLUSIVE moments for You the FridaeTV audience, thank you for all the support!

CLIP ONE – Uma Thurman signing autographs for her fans after the screening for ‘Ceremony’. I missed the red carpet but here’s some exclusive after film footage! The film’s executive producer is Jason Reitman, and the director is Max Winkler, ‘Ceremony’ is his directorial debut.

Photography By: Mikey Sin For Fridae TV

CLIP TWO – Actress Yeardley Smith Signs autographs and corrects the mispronunciation of her name. Check the Beenie he is special!

Many thanks go out to my amazing friend, Designer/Photographer Mikey Sin who has captured some incredible still moments for FridaeTV!

There is absolutely No UNAUTHORIZED copying, replicating, reproducing, reposting, republishing of this article and or any of the photographs in any way. Use of photographs and or article is strictly prohibited, for more information Email:

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