By: Fridae Mattas   

 I saw Ari’s band The Honey Brothers at the Tattoo Rock Parlour not too long ago and I thought why not have a little chat. Orginally I wanted to do a live interview when Ari came back to Toronto for the Screening of his film ‘Adventures of Power’, But I was booked solid those days and our schedules conflicted. Just for you my loyal growin readers here is a little insight on the REAL ARI GOLD! You can find links to videos from the Tattoo show at the end of the interview!

Photo By: Fridae Mattas for Fridae TV


Fridae Mattas: As I was doing some research I had to type ‘The Honey Brothers’ after Ari Gold because coincidentally the Entourage character pops up, a little ironic I’m sure people ask about that one all the time! Who is the real Ari Gold?  

Ari Gold: I’m a filmmaker and ukulele player. My name was ripped because it’s a cool name, though they say it’s a coincidence. I’ve also played in a band with Adrian Grenier (Vinnie Chase) for several years longer than Entourage has existed.  But I’m not in the mood to sue people.  I’m just going to name a serial rapist “Doug Ellin” in my next movie.


Fridae Mattas: Too funny, at least you’re being the bigger person! Originally you are from New York (I Love Manhattan), what are your favorite places in the city?

Ari Gold: Mogodor on St. Marks is my favorite place for breakfast and lunch. But other than that, my favorite place is to be anywhere in the city – uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, bridges – on a bicycle. 


Fridae Mattas: What are the pros and cons for an artist living in such a massive metropolis?

Ari Gold: It’s great to be surrounded by other artists and by the stimulation of so many different kinds of people.  On the other hand, NYC has gotten so expensive that it doesn’t feel like the city where “anything can happen” quite the way it once did.  You have to go to Myanmar for that.


Fridae Mattas: Why do you make music?

Ari Gold: The Honey Brothers was born out of people who did other things, wanting to form a “family” where we could sing songs together.  It was a way for all of us to get out of our heads and out of our solitary obsessions, and do something communal that could be enjoyed in real-time.


Fridae Mattas: What was your dream growing up as a kid?

Ari Gold: I loved playing piano and drums but also wanted to write stories and make movies.  The only thing I actually thought was possible was writing stories; the others seemed too hard to figure out how to do, until one day I realized there was no reason not to try.


Fridae Mattas: How did the band come together, where did everyone meet?

Ari Gold:  Vladeck, D.S and I went to Columbia together.  Vladeck and Dan Green had played music together separately.  I met Adrian when I was one of the cameramen on his documentary “Shot in the Dark.”  A while after shooting, he saw me riding my bike with a ukulele and followed me to our first gig, which was an acoustic singing trio at that point.  Since there were only a few people in the audience, it was easy for him to propose electrifying and joining the band. 


Fridae Mattas: Why start a band? (It’s expensive in many ways.)

Ari Gold: The real estate business isn’t what it used to be.


Fridae Mattas: What sets The Honey Brothers apart from other bands?

Ari Gold: We’re an enjoyment-based musical experience.  We believe that if music and performance don’t bring pleasure to the audience, they’re not worth doing.  We’re not out to impress people, we’re out to make them feel good.


Fridae Mattas: Who writes the songs, every band is different how is that done with you guys?

Ari Gold: Sometimes an idea will come out of a jam and someone will develop it, and sometimes one person will bring a partially-baked idea to the room and pitch it to the band to develop.  It’s fairly democratic, and like in a good democracy, there’s a lot of debate.  If we don’t feel good playing something we don’t pursue it.


Fridae Mattas: You recently had a screening for your film ‘Adventures Of Power’ please do elaborate on what the film is about.

Ari Gold:  “Adventures of Power”  ( is a comedy about love, labor, rock’n’roll, air-drumming, and the American Dream.  It was inspired by my love of drumming, and by seeing the copper miners in the town I once lived in, in New Mexico, fight for a living wage. I realized that the story of an air-drumming copper miner could be absurd, funny, soulful, spiritual, and political all at once.  It’s about making something out of nothing.  By air-drumming he changes his whole world.  He starts as a fool and the world realizes he’s wise.  The movie’s been touring, with screenings going to support music-education for disadvantaged kids, and it will be on DVD/VOD on January 25, 2011.  Anyone who emails me saying “soundtrack” at will get sent original songs from the soundtrack!


Fridae Mattas: Your band is still on the indie radar has not hit the mainstream yet, are you signed to a major? If not would the band sign a major recording contract or do you prefer to stay indie?

Ari Gold: We’re not on a major.  We’re not opposed to it, because it would be great to be available everywhere, but we haven’t chased it since we seem to enjoy the freedom we have as a band and as individuals.


Fridae Mattas: What are the plans for the future of The Honey Brothers?

Ari Gold: Our album “Time Flies Like a Peach” is done and we will release it in 2011 and do whatever touring we have time for to promote it. 


Fridae Mattas: How important is artistic expression to you?

Ari Gold: It’s almost everything.  The other 20% is breathing.  Being present is the most important thing in the world; expressing yourself artistically just happens to be one of many good ways to be present.


Fridae Mattas: Do you have any other films in the works?

Ari Gold: I’ve written nine scripts.  One of them, set overseas, keeps threatening to happen, but it’s tough to find the money.  I’m also writing a few others that I’m really passionate about, but it’s hard to talk about – it takes the gas out of the engine.  I’ll just say I’m writing, and meanwhile directing music videos to stay limber.  If people want to see stuff they can look on, and please write to me because I don’t post everything there, but some stuff just to my friends and fans.


Fridae Mattas: Thank you for your time and hopefully we can do a live interview in the future!

Ari Gold: I hope so!






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