Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Shad!

“What Shad reveals of himself on TSOL is spiritual without being preachy,  righteous without being self-righteous,  and human without sounding mundane.” –Pitchfork

We first had the pleasure of championing this act a few years ago around his video parody of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air where Shad plays the part of Will Smith.  Since then, Shad‘s career has picked up quickly, now with a new record TSOL out on Black Box Music in Canada and Decon Records in the US.

Having just finished up a North American tour with K-OS, and heading off to Europe in a few weeks (see dates on your left), Shad’s style of hip-hop is far from traditional.  Incorporating elements of humor, irony, intellect, and instrumental brilliance into both his live show and recordings, Shad’s splash has already hit home with the likes of Pitchfork, URB, and OkayPlayer to name a few, but we still like to think of ourselves as the true discoverers of this Canadian hip-hop anomaly.

A big shout out to Shad’s bandmate, DJ T-LO who has a slew of awards for his scratching abilities across the globe and to his management at The Faculty Of who are just amazing people.

We saw Shad premier his new video for the single, “We, Myself, and I” in Toronto during TIFF week and can’t seem to get enough of it!  Check it out for yourself, along with the Fresh Prince parody titled “The Old Prince”.

Watch Shad’s music video for The Old Prince’ on Youtube



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