You may have heard his song ‘Girlfriend’ on the radio or seen the video on TV but you haven’t seen this!

I was on set for the filming of Tyler Medeiros’s first music video featuring ‘Danny Fernandes‘ who is helping his young cousin to achieve his dreams. That is amazing of Danny to help out his lil’ Couz, everyone should always have their families back there is no one else like your Famz regardless of what issues you may have. I don’t know why so many people compete with their family you should all love everyone while they are all still with you, I love all three of my siblings and would do anything for them. The kids in this video were all teenagers and were shooting this video until the wee hours of the morning but no worries they got to play some free games on location at Playdium Mississauga. Below is a little interview I did with Tyler at Three in the AM and at the very end of the editorial there is a slide show. I have to give a huge thank you to my baby sister for coming out on her very first video shoot to help me with the filming and photography learning some of the family business.

Tyler was such a good sport doing scene after scene, take after take dancing wandering around rehearsing, he did amazing on this first video. This is only the beginning for young Tyler, he sure will have a lasting impression on the teen scene when he drops his album this year giving Justin Bieber a swift run for his money.

Photography By: Fridae Mattas

COPYRIGHT ©2011 FRIDAE MATTAS. All Rights Reserved



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