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By: Fridae Mattas

Last Wednesday May 30th 2012, American rock band Thrice made a stop at Toronto’s Kool Haus for their Farewell tour, the show was originally scheduled for the Phoenix but was moved to the Kool Haus. This was not Thrice’s first show in Toronto nor is it Fridae TV’s first time covering a set. However, it is my first time seeing them live and the last time they will be performing as a band in Toronto. We shall see how long this hiatus lasts, it is not uncommon for bands to part ways and reunite years later. As for front man Dustin Kensrue he will continue pursuing his solo endeavors and I’m sure Teppei Teranishi – Keys/Lead Guitar, Eddie Breckenridge – Bass and Riley Breckenridge on the Drums also have side projects they are working on.

The opening bands were to be O’ Brother and Animals As Leaders but due to a scheduling conflict with a band member’s court date in Boston, Animals As Leaders could not make the Toronto show. I missed O’ Brother but I do hope they come back in the near future! Everyone I ran into was ranting and raving about how amazing they were, I’m sad I missed the set! Did not think I would make it on time even for Thrice, a couple hours earlier I landed in Toronto from New York where I flew that morning and was supposed to be off to Vegas that afternoon. Once I found out I was to cover Thrice’s final show in Toronto I switched my Vegas ticket for the next flight back home. Everyone asked me why I didn’t skip the show or send a team member to cover it? Very simple my friends, the show is part of the Farewell Tour and I have never seen them live! There is no guarantee the band will ever regroup to tour again, so I had to cover the set myself no matter what! Vegas, will always be there.

Thrice have been on the music scene since 1998 and have garnered a loyal fan following that is continually growing. Personally not a huge fan of Thrice but I do appreciate their music and artistry, tracks like “Image of The Invisible”, “Silhouette” and “Deadbolt” are just a few of the tunes I blast every now and then. All of the above songs mentioned were played in the twenty three track set chosen by the fans, the opening track was “Yellow Belly” from their latest album released last year and they ended off the set with the encore tune “Anthology” from the same record “Major/Minor”. In between those tracks they played material from earlier works and a cover, their version of The Beatles song “Helter Skelter” which I absolutely loved! Their blend of melodic post hardcore rock is what draws you in and Kensrue’s vocals are what keep your attention. Major thank you to Live Nation for the ear candy, Thrice sounds so much better live than on any of the records I have heard, hard work pays off. I am extremely happy for the fans because they are recording tracks from the sets to create a live album of this tour.

Almost every male I have ever met that likes rock music is a fan of Thrice and of course I ran into many of those Larries at the show. As always at rock shows there were more males than females, ranging from teens to mid fifties along with many couples and large groups. Near the end of the set it looked like a few guys were going to cry once Kensrue announced the final song, the crowd then booed because they did not want the show to end. I can see why the boys are obsessed with this band, Kensrue can really sing and I mean he can really fucking sing! His vocals have turned a full three sixty from when the band first emerged, hands down the best male rock vocals I have heard all year! Performance wise he could be a little more enthused but after thirteen years of playing the same songs I guess he’s lost some of the magic he once had for them as a performer. Kensrue played his axe well, his emotions were apparent in certain tunes and for others he looked completely blank. It was when he really got into a song, feeling it to the core he shined, vocally sounding phenomenal.

Bassist Eddie Breckenridge was amusing to watch as he played that Bass as if it were an Electric Guitar, providing the most visual entertainment for the crowd other than the surfers that evening. His brother Riley was equally as fantastic with those sticks, one of the hardest to shoot because his hands were moving so fast. Guitarist Teppei Teranishi sounded incredible on the axe and when he migrated away from the mic and keys for a minute you could kind of see his personality coming through when he let go and rocked out. I was expecting more from him and the band as a whole, they did not use the stage to their advantage, staying in their own corners majority of the set like a boxing match coming off a little awkward at times. The only one who spoke to the crowd was Vox – Dustin Kensrue, he was continually thanking everyone for their support throughout the years as he introduced some of the songs.

For all the Thrice fans at the packed Kool Haus on May 30th this was a memorable show but definitley a bittersweet feeling for most, it was the last time they would see their favorite band perform live. For a set without any major bells and whistles it was very well done, a performance I won’t soon forget! Thrice still has a few more dates in the US before they end the tour in their home state of California on June 19th 2012, I would go see them again if I could! Check out Thrice’s website to see if they’re coming to a city near you, this is your last chance!

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