All Photography By: Fridae Mattas


By: Fridae Mattas

Friday night in a city as unique as Toronto of course there was no shortage of events and parties to hit up. Decided to cover Six Side Die, it was the bands official collective launch onto the Toronto music scene and I was a super curious little kitten anticipating the set. Along with bands The Bloody Five, Last Bullet and Sam Ferguson Band; Six Side Die made their most welcome debut, I even saw a little mosh circle among the cheering fans. Crouch mentioned during the set that one of the fans came all the way from Texas! Now that is a dedicated supporter!

Bryan Crouch (Vocals) former “Hail The Villain” frontman was told he would never sing again…He definitely proved everyone wrong Friday night! The whole band seemed to mesh well on stage, not too many technical issues it was a super entertaining first show! Wow! Pat Kavanagh on Bass came out of his shell on stage, he surprised me the most! I’m looking forward to seeing Mike Liske jam out on that Rhythm Axe, Mr. Kelly Voelkel destroy the bins and Anthony Xander shred that Axe once again! I will do a full review on these larries at the next show with some better stills of course.

If you missed their debut do not worry, Six Side Die has another show in Toronto scheduled for sometime in July at the MOD Club, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open! Until then I will leave you with tunes from their debut record I filmed, Enjoy! For more super fantastic photos of the show you can click here, major thanks to my girl at Jaylyn Photo for the cool shots! You can buy the “My Enemy” EP Here

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