Street Pharmacy Returns to Reggae Rock Roots With New EP “Alimony”

New release caps the band’s Founding Fan direct-to-fan experience

Welland, Ont. – (Sept. 25, 2012) – Street Pharmacy today released a new EP, “Alimony,” marking a fan-driven return to the band’s reggae rock roots. Alimony is available immediately for download on the band’s Founding Fan site ( and iTunes.  The new recording, Street Pharmacy’s fifth release, was inspired by overwhelming fan requests to return to its popular reggae-rock sound. The EP follows the band’s Nov. 2011 alt rock-inspired release “Divorce.” Alimony also marks a return to Street Pharmacy’s original four-member lineup. After a few jams in their hometown of Welland, Ontario, it was obvious that the spark that initially ignited the band, and the friendships within it, are still there. They decided to craft some new songs that would deliver a fresh take on the band’s signature hip hop, reggae rock-infused sound.

The release of Alimony caps Street Pharmacy’s Founding Fan experience – a new and unique way for fans to connect directly with the band online and in person. For just $10, fans can download a high quality digital copy of Alimony plus the band’s entire back catalogue, exclusive videos and other content. About the New EPSix new songs were recorded for Alimony over six days at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. Highlights include the title track “Alimony”, which tackles the crumbling institution of marriage in today’s society.

The first track, “Step Outside,” has fan pleasing, anthem-like qualities similar to the band’s 2007 release “Free Delivery,” with a country-inspired bridge that is new to Street Pharmacy. The second track is a unique reggae version of Blind Melon’s “Change” that fuses intrinsically folk instrumentals with reggae grooves and tight vocal melodies. Lead singer Ryan Guay demonstrates his strong but youthful pipes throughout the challenging vocals, staying true to both the original song and Street Pharmacy’s distinctive reggae sound. Songs like “Twenty One” and “Shepherd’s Pride” add more experimental song structures and arrangements to the band’s distinctive sound.  The final song, “It Ain’t That Crazy,” is a reggae-infused hip hop track that features verses from Welland-based rapper Sosa and A Plus from Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief, one of the band’s main musical influences.

A Plus anchors the final verse with his signature hieroglyphics West coast flow, taking the EP to an unexpected, energized level. The track was produced and engineered by Adam Tune of live hip hop remix act “KEYS N KRATES.” Tune has worked with Street Pharmacy since its inception in 2006. All of the other tracks were recorded and mixed by moon:and:6 and Marcone at Catherine North Studios, and produced by moon:and:6 and Ryan Guay. Alimony will appeal to fans of original Sublime, Pepper, illScarlet and Bedouin Soundclash.Founding Fan: the Best Way to Get Alimony and Much More.

Alimony is available for download on Street Pharmacy’s Founding Fan website. For just $10, fans get the new EP plus high quality, DRM-free copies of the band’s entire back catalogue, access to exclusive video content, and a Soundcheck Pass to a private show where they can meet Street Pharmacy before upcoming concerts. Founding Fan picks up the direct-to-fan approach of comedian Louis CK’s “Live at the Beacon Theater” special and takes it to the next level by offering fan a rich, multimedia experience built around the band’s music. During the recording of Alimony, fans joined Street Pharmacy via live streaming video, helping to shape the music in real-time by sending their suggestions on Twitter. 

Founding Fan is powered by Waterloo’s ArtBarn Media (, a collective of media and technology industry professionals. ArtBarn Media leverages social media channels to innovatively engage consumers. Founding Fan can be accessed at

About the BandStreet Pharmacy ( is a four-piece reggae rock band hailing from Welland, Ontario. Led by Ryan Guay, the band has written and recorded four full length albums since its start in 2006 and has gained a cult following in much of Southern Ontario. Street Pharmacy offers a fresh sound that combines 90s alternative rock with reggae grooves and lyrical flow reminiscent of Golden Age Hip Hop. The band has a solid and growing fan base, with about 7,000 likes on Facebook, an album that achieved sales of 10,000 copies, and a Walk Off the Earth/Street Pharmacy YouTube video with 1 million views.

Street Pharmacy was a recent co-winner of the popular MuchMusic series DisBAND. The band released its 4th album, Divorce, on the Handsome Boy/Fontana North label in late 2011 and plans to release a new album, Alimony, in June 2012. Lead singer and songwriter Ryan Guay started Street Pharmacy right after he was released from a Hamilton mood disorder clinic. This came after the discovery that he had been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia following a physical illness that had caused brain swelling. Ryan began writing songs about these experiences, which also inspired the band’s name. As a teacher in his native Welland, Ont., Ryan Guay goes the extra mile to share his knowledge and passion for music with students. A “School of Rock”-style music club he started released a single on iTunes to raise money for music education and was recently featured across Canada in National Youth Arts Week. 

Upcoming concert dates:

Sept. 30 – Niagara Grape and Wine Festival, St. Catharines, Ont. (with Walk Off the Earth)

Oct. 7 – Busholme Inn, Erin, Ont. (with KO)

Alimony Credits

Ryan Guay – Vocals/ acoustic, electric and lead guitars/ mandolin

Dan Fretz – Drums

Brandon Ventresca – Bass

Nate Triano – Rhythm guitar

Additional instrumentalists:

Leon Furs – Mandolin, pedal steel and banjo

Marcone – Organs and synthesizers.

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