“An epic tale of second chances, the inner struggle between good and evil, where ultimately, goodness prevails. Based on the true life story of the ” Gangster of The Gospel” Terrell Johnson, a hardcore street thug who went from the street to the Whitehouse.”

Who else better to play Terrell Johnson than DMX? Johnson was a former Insane Gangster Disciple leader who went from making a gross fortune on the streets, to being incarcerated for 35 years to life. A couple of years after incarceration, Johnson was hired as the first convicted felon in America to become a police officer with the Memphis Gang Task force. At this point, the hardened criminal started a crusade not only to change his life, but the lives of so many others.

Today, TJ, is both an anti-violence motivational speaker as well as minister. He went from street thug to convict to being one of the only convicted felons invited by the Clinton Administration and two other bipartisan administrations to receive awards for the work both he and his wife Lisa do in communities across the united states.

Terrell Johnson beat all of the odds and has been honoured by the Whitehouse five times. Either Hollywood doesn’t know or is not interested in telling his epic story, but it’s a story that must be told. Pan Entertainment, based in Louisiana has been diligently working to bring this story to the world and the public is starting to respond. Two weeks ago, members of Pan Entertainment have reached out to their friends and 23,000 people have responded. 23,000 people have forwarded their name, phone number and email address to be added as supporters of this project. They expect to have a quarter of a million people in their database within the next two weeks, bringing them closer to their immediate goal of 2 million supporters.

The story is one of reality, hope and overcoming adversity…The message is one of positivity. Other than casting DMX (Earl Simmons) as Terrell Johnson there is one thing that makes this “Gangster Of The Gospel” stand out from the crowd and that is changing peoples’ lives for the better.

Perhaps this one issue is so blatant in the United States of America in the year 2012, that it overshadows the fact that this film has generated interest and has had pre-sales in over 20 different countries outside the United States. This prevalent issue overlooks the fact that an innovative method of distribution will guarantee any investor their principal within the first three months of premiering. The only one issue is the same one that George Lucas was up against when attempting to fund Red Tails. Yes, unfortunately, there is a myth that exists in the United States, that films with a predominately minority cast doesn’t do as well as other films. But it is just that, a myth and that myth must be broken! Marketing is the key with the success of any film or product.

Is this a case of African Americans playing the “race card”? Absolutely not, as this writer is a white Canadian Female who finds herself thoroughly amazed with this story and the people involved. I am spell bound by this tale as others  before and after me have been mezmorized just the same, such as, The President of Liberia whom has issued letters requesting the film to be shown in her country as a way to inspire the former child soldiers of Liberia. Pakistan, Angola, Brazil, Dubai, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and many more. Now comprising about 32 Countries requesting this film to be dubbed in five languages and screened in their countries.

The story itself is incredible, but the story behind the story has to be told as well. Thus the reason why DMX, who is no stranger to adversity and overcoming odds is perfect for this role, he has a passion burning within him and is capable of capturing Johnson’s essence second to none.

For more information on king Dog, the story, the cast list as well as the project plight please visit the website


  1. Curtis Nichols is a good friend and an awesome and giving filmmaker. I’m extremely excited about his latest endeavor and I’m wishing him a ton of success!!!!!!!!

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