LOS ANGELES – Best described as ‘the musician’s multi-tool,’ Jamn is a revolutionary new application based on the building blocks of musical theory. Compatible with iPhone and iPad, this brand new app just hit iTunes stores around the world to both critical and consumer acclaim. Equal parts visually stunning and user engaging, Jamn demonstrates the relationship between music theory and the actualsounds emitted from a multitude of instruments in a simple way.Inspired by the color wheel, Jamn’s creator Johnny Quattro utilized the same circleformat to reveal how keys, chords, scales and notes are correlated and in turncompliment one another.

“The Jamn Wheel is fundamentally very simple. Instead oflaying music out in the traditional linear way, the circle rotates to reveal the harmonyand dissonance in scales and chords.” said Quattro of the design. In addition, Jamndemonstrates the tonic, major scale, relative minor scale and diminished triads in anintuitive and logical way. Jamn embraces all levels and types of musicians regardless of expertise or knowledge.Whether it’s your first time picking up a guitar or your a platinum selling artist on theroad, Jamn shows the underlying structure of abstract music theory. The debut version of Jamn has interactive window patterns that match the physical scale and fret patterns on traditional guitars and pianos.

It is Jamn’s ability to show music, its’ riffs and melodies from a new perspective that makes it a valuable tool for singers, songwriters, music teachers and other educators.Quattro, an Australian native and avid guitar player, developed Jamn out of anexperience he had while attempting to accompany a friend on-stage. “The lead guitarist leaned over to me during the concert and said the next song in the set should be played in a particular key. A key I had never heard of!” said Quattro. Trying to make the best of it, Quattro, who has a background in engineering and design, struggled to follow along, but was determined not to find himself in the same situation again. “I figured that this was a problem that all musicians must face on a frequent basis, so I kept thinking about music’s core aspects and theories to come up with a solution.”

Six months later, Jamnwas born. Now available for $0.99 on iTunes, the multi-tool app provides users the opportunity to reexamine music theory, add unique, personal style to songs, improvise and explore combinations freely, construct different chords and learn scale patterns, transpose keys instantly and much more. Developed by musicians for musicians, Jamn embraces anyone with a passion for music and the curiosity to learn more. Quattro summed it up best when he said, “With Jamn people quickly realize that everyone possesses the ability to not only play music, but play music really well.”  

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How to Jamn…See Jamn in action. Learn the ins and outs of the app in less than 2 minutesJamn Multi Tool HD
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