From THE VAULT! 20 Questions With JASON REEVES!

By: Lulu D.

Original interview by: Fridae Mattas published by 2006.

We have been deep in FRIDAE’s storage unit getting paid, while she galavants California undetected with her current boyfriend, 90’s heartthrob, actor: Ryan Phillippe. She loves hiding and fooling the paparazzi, until they make an official public appearance. Ironically, Fridae met her partner Ryan, covering his film Stop Loss while writing for this same magazine! Way in the back of the storage unit we managed to find some old interviews and other treasures, Fridae Mattas has stored away, maybe we’ll find the review on her boyfriends movie.

This interview was before the birth of FRIDAETV.CA but the photos were during. Jason Reeves was signed to a record deal with Warner back in 2008 thanks to Fridae, for discovering him when she worked as a writer for and was an A&R for Major Record Labels at the same time she was in college.

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