Lady Gaga attends the UK Premiere Of "House of Gucci" at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on November 09, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Universal Pictures )
Lady Gaga attends the UK Premiere Of “House of Gucci” at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on November 09, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Universal Pictures )

Prologue — What a whirlwind weekend in LA! The main M.E.G crew went on our annual holiday retreat and this year it was back to my 2nd home, Los Angeles. I don’t live with any of my men and didn´t renew my sublet lease for the the last half of year, so we stayed at a hotel on the Sunset strip, one of my favourites. The last time the crew and I were together in LA was in 2020 during the pandemic closures. This time, everything was open and Hannibal was not in LA, we really needed this impromptu adventure. Nothing was planned, I just let the universe guide us as we flew by the seat of our pants and had a fantastically incredible weekend, of priceless memorable fun. Normally we don’t discuss gossip here but since my personal life has been the subject of a few SNL episodes now, the cats out the bag right?! Before delving into the surprise review of the House of Gucci movie in theaters now, we’ll clear some things up. Have never been one to broadcast my relationships, especially when dating men in the industry.

Chris Evans and his secret Canadian Psychic Alchemist “Jill of all trades” Fridae Mattas

That’s up to them because I have kept myself as low profile as possible for the majority of my life but am no – stranger to crazy fans. My men are lucky to even get a mention that I am in a relationship to people in my life, never mind dropping their names in my work. They don’t mention me directly anywhere in their public platforms but follow basics and expect to have a future with me? This is not my first crazy fan rodeo, I dated Nick Carter in his prime, it’s absolutely hilarious to think I’m like anyone else and am tired of being a secret we’re not teenagers. If you don’t add happiness to my life and only bring drama…That won’t be the reality for long because I don’t need a man to fund my life or make me happy, I love myself and enjoy my own company. Wasn’t even going to come back to the entertainment world or date anyone in this industry, let alone two of the same type of man and procreate with one of them. I know one hundred percent Chris Evans, is not interested, dating or replying to dm’s that have anything to do with gremlin Selena Gomez. Chris, like I, doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. When we’re not together, he’s at home with his Dodger, hanging with family and friends or he’s working on films and his newest informational source A Starting Point. Evan’s created the website to help educate, the uneducated small minds of stupid Americans, like Selena Gomez. Sometimes though, Chrissy baby should speak up and clear his throat chakra, if he wants to keep this Goddess in his life…

Chris Evans and his secret Canadian Psychic Alchemist “Jill of all trades” Fridae Mattas

That creature Gomez, is a desperate drag queen (I won’t call you or any other of my crypto stalkers a woman, until you tell people the truth, that you are a transitioning woman with balls and sausage that blackmails men for publicity, exactly like that Ashley Moore dragfish but he is in desperate need of cash, he hit up your ex boyfriend Justin Bieber for some.). Both of you gremlins fiending for some talent, energy and attention, like the incubus crackheads you are. How desperate, boring, sad and lonely can one, money rich drag queen be? To sit there and send hundreds of thirsty messages to someone in a relationship, who has absolutely no interest in you whatsoever and leaves your messages unread. Selena is still hoping for a reply, to collect some evidence and back up his lies as proof to share all over social media and leak something real to the tabloids. But, he hasn’t sent you back any replies, no evidence so you just photoshopped your own pictures for hours and created a fan fiction with someone else’s man. Funniest part is how you lie about it being the fans whispering the rumours, we all know it was you because you Joe, don´t have any real fans or friends, just publicity bots like the other Hollyweird drag queens. I’m not Hailey Bieber, you can’t intimidate me gremlin, I’m a legit psychic boss, not psycho like you and half of Hollywood on the wrong meds! I have been running my business on the low since 2006, have been in so many films and T.V. shows as background by choice, will be hitting the studio again before the end of the year and have no time for your bullshit with my man! I’m an actual certified indie director and producer, who was re-certified by Michigan State again last year, during my University stint to get a Criminal Justice/Humanities major from Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. Karma and her son Karmo (I know them personally, they’re like mi Famiglia) are going to be handling all the gremlins, for my fellow Toronto lil homie’s Justin Bieber and The Weekend, who you made up your relationship with too and he had to play along. This time like the other drag queens from the summer sausage fest, you fucked with the wrong one, you’re trying to do that with my main boyfriend, my real twin flame and the universe including my ancestors is not having any of it.

Actor Chris Evans and secret Canadian girlfriend songstress/director Fridae Mattas enjoying some time in Jamaica in Dec 2021.

Like wow, as the late Leslie Carter once sang (she hated that song, Leslie told me this backstage once before her set, when I dated her brother Nick). You´re so cool salami and paid friends, you have the most insta followers but no real life love or happiness. Those things, like talent and rhythm, money can’t buy and I don’t even have an agent, imagine if I did?! You can’t keep a real boyfriend because you don’t love yourself and you’re not real period, everything about you is fraudulent. Money did buy you a few things, your career and boobs but that still doesn’t make you a real woman, where’s the taco? I know for a fact you have balls, some big ones too trying to ruin a refreshed relationship. Back in July, I somewhat cooled things off with Chris because I was trying to work on my relationship with another man. I don’t put up with bullshit and decided I deserve much better than how I was being treated, Chris was my side piece but they switched places with no benefits and only adopted until he fixes his Beast situation so I can release him back into the wild. Selena Gomez, you have been very aware about Chris Evans’ current relationship with this Canadian, Greek, Macedonian, Italian, Goddess from Toronto. My name is Fridae but you already know that, did you know that I am a real Journalist? Among many other talents and skill sets.

Chris Evans and his secret Canadian Psychic Alchemist “Jill of all trades” Fridae Mattas

Fridae comes, before the Weekend, “The fans” say, Salami Gomez stalked us all last weekend, as we frolicked in and around LA´s famous shopping strip, Melrose Ave. We posted a video clip of our early morning adventure on our instagram, can you spot Selena Gomez? Gomez was following us in search of my office sweater, el capitán Jim, to get the new fan photo with Captain America, like the random Halloween Vegas girl. Our social media specialist Jeffy, was the look out for any the nutzo, Hollywood, crypto stalkers and wishwitches of weho, like my oldest fan boy, Paris Hilton. Thank God he was on his honeymoon because he’s still obsessed with me, I mean its only been a 17 year obsession…Paris dated the same Backstreet Boy after me and was rejected by my other boyfriend who he is also obsessed with. We’ll end this rare personal glimpse of Goddess life here and get to the reason I’m even writing this article, The House Of Gucci movie!


Al Pacino, Lady Gaga and Jared Leto @ the LA Premiere of House of Gucci movie 11/18/21 Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneu
LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 09: (L-R) Jared Leto, Adam Driver and Lady Gaga attend the UK Premiere Of “House of Gucci” at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on November 09, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Universal Pictures)

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