August Burns Red

Live in Toronto

Editorial Review

By: Joanna Glezakos

 On Saturday February 25th presented by Live Nation, August Burns Red with special guests Silverstein, I The Breather and Texas In July took over the Sound Academy. August Burns Red, a Metalcore band from Manheim, Pennsylvania has been together since 2003 they are: JB Brubaker − Lead Guitar, Brent Rambler − Rhythm Guitar, Matt Greiner – Drums/Keyboards/Piano/Programming, Dustin Davidson − Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals and Jake Luhrs − Lead Vocals. I was a little surprised to see the combination of a Metalcore band like August Burns Red playing a show with post-hardcore band Silverstein.

Now I haven’t heard much of Silverstein’s newest work, I did really enjoy their last album but they kind of fell off the radar for me. The band is from Burlington, ON and having played most of their shows in Toronto than in any other city, you would think there would be more support for them. Although it seemed that very few in the crowd were enjoying themselves as much as those pressed up against the barricade, from where I stood at the back of the Sound Academy, many grumbled and booed as the band played. I was pleased to hear a few of older songs, and even a sneak peak of their new album. I must admit one part that I was a bit confused about was when Silverstein decided to trade instruments back and forth with one another multiple times. I remember listening to Silverstein in high school, in what I confess were my more “emo” days but never the less it was nice to see them perform.

Finally the stage was being set up for August Burns Red and the crowd was getting antsy. The people soon squashed forward and began to cheer “ABR, ABR.” Finally after a few seconds the lights dimmed and August Burns Red started to play. I must admit they are a joy to watch every time and never cease to amaze me. Jake Luhrs, is probably one of my favourite lead singers because of his ability to fill a room with his energy. Unfortunately for me, my time in the media pit ended early because of how crazy the crowd got but I enjoyed it just as much from the back of the club. August Burns Red finish their tour in the US on the 24th and will move on to tour Asia, Europe and Australia for the next few months, I would expect a great show every night and they definitely deliver! You can view more photos from the show HERE!

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